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My favorite leaders- and why! by Creationkit

Creationkits lists their favourite leaders.

Art by owls1999

Hello BlogClan, it’s me, Creationkit, and I’ll be talking about why these cats are my favorite leaders.

Spoilers ahead for; Goosefeather’s Curse, Bluestar’s prophecy, Dawn of the Clans, and A Vision of Shadows

Let’s start with number three.

3- Pinestar

This cat became disillusioned with clan life soon after the battle. It was fueled by Goosefeather eyeing him, which was part of his gift, which was from StarClan. Oh boy. This guy has my favorite ship- Pine X Shanty. He also makes the decision to save Shanty from a monster hurtling toward her, but he fails, and they both die. EXCEPT, he has an extra life. The twolegs come rushing out and howling with grief, and Pinestar feels really bad. When his mate has kits, he feels ambivalent towards this, and StarClan rushes him to kill his son. He refuses, and the pressure is so bad he goes to Jake. He tells him everything and then goes to eat some two-leg food. He is caught by Lionpaw, then asks Lionpaw to tell the Clan he is dead. Lionpaw refuses and says that he must tell the clan himself. What does he do? He faces his decision with courage, then goes off to live with Shanty’s housefolk to comfort them. A leader not only to the clans but to the outside world.

2- Mistystar

This cat suffered great loss and is universally wanted to join StarClan because she’s so old. Well, she loses her kits and keeps a great secret. The secret is her friend’s boyfriend being Graystripe from ThunderClan. Her friend dies giving birth, then, a few moons later, she fishes her mother from the river and forgives her, before Bluestar joins StarClan. Soon later, she becomes a mentor, and her brother, Stonefur, is appointed deputy. Wait- Did I mention Perchkit? Yeah. One of her kits died, and we’ll get to the other ones later. So anyways, Stonefur is made deputy and mentor of Stormpaw. Then, in The Darkest Hour, he dies. He DIES. Mistyfoot hasn’t just lost one of her kits, she loses her brother as well. Then, Mistyfoot’s OTHER kits die, leaving Reedwhisker as the only survivor. Then, now we can’t forget the cat she mentored, Feathertail. Her friends’ kit dies. The cat she mentored dies. Then, Stormfur leaves for the mountains. Oh, in The Fourth apprentice, we can’t forget Blackclaw, Mistystar’s mate! He dies too! She is briefly reunited with her kits in her leadership ceremony. And at the time of writing, she hasn’t died yet. Personally, I think she should keep suffering, living, on and on and on, and maybe kill off her only surviving kit, Reedwhisker, as well. She carries this with her and keeps going.

1- Clear Sky/Skystar

We’re gonna keep this section short because it might get cut off.

This cat had to go through so much and doubted himself. He tried to be honest, he tried. But failed. In his early days, he left the mountains, and his little brother, Jagged Peak, follows him. Gray Wing follows Jagged Peak. ANYWAYS, this is about Clear Sky. So, then a bunch of hawks starts threatening the traveling cats. Clear Sky makes a plan, then Bright Stream gets carried away by a hawk. Unbeknownst to the group, Bright Stream is carrying Clear Sky’s kits. Clear Sky blames himself, and when they get to the majestic forest, he gets over Bright Stream’s death and gets a new mate. Storm. Then she dies. Clear Sky is thrown into a chaotic state and rejects his only surviving son, Thunder. Then he goes into an overprotective, greedy state. Then he finally moves on from Storm’s death and gets a new mate, Star Flower. Oh, I forgot to mention Rainswept Flower- Um- yeah she dies. At Clear Sky’s paws. But then he changes and becomes a good cat, and a capable leader.

Thank you for reading my article, and hope you have an amazing day! – Creations

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  • It seems you have not read the book Moth Flights vision which takes place after Dawn of the Clans.
    When you said that Clear Sky changes…

    He didn’t

    He is still the same terrible leader as before. He attacked his Medicine cat He let an elder get sick and he almost died . He broke Wind Runner leg violently almost killing her .He let warrior’s hold Gorse Fur back from his wounded mate .Right after he broke Wind Runner’s leg and clearly won the battle but he went over to Willow Tail and killed her , in one of the most painful deaths

    A screech sounded behind her
    Willow Tail staggered, a wail rolling deep from her belly. As she swung her head around, Moth Flight Gagged.
    Long gashes streaked the she=cat’s face. Blood streamed from her slashed eyes and dripped from her whiskers. Willow tail moaned as her paws buckled underneath her [..] Moth Flights paws trembled. He’s blinded her […]. Willow Tail dragged herself feebly across the earth while the Clan cats backed away from her, their shocked gazes darting away. […] Her nose twitched . Whimpering, she tried to crawl away her head jerking one way, then the other, as if though she was chasing glimpses of light.

    Willow Tail died afraid , blind to the world and in shock , from blood loss.

    This shows that Clear sky did not change and perhaps skyclan leaders generations after acted the same. It was Skyclan’s own fault they were cast out from the there Clans. Mainly it was Clear sky’s fault , he clearly did not change after Dawn of the Clans.

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