Things people don’t realize about warriors by Spottedpaw

Spottedpaw points out some things about the series.

Tw: Incest
In the article I will be talking about things people forgot or don’t realize about warriors!

1: Patchpelt and Willowpelt being mates hasn’t been canon in years. Kate said it was a mistake, it is not canon anymore.

2: Windclan family tree
In fire and ice, windclan has 12 cats. I am going to list of the cats that didn’t have kits:
Gorsekit: Dies later on
Tallstar: Is gay
Barkface: Is a medicine cat
So that it’s now basically 9 cats.
Onestar, Ashfoot, and Morningflower are siblings. Ashfoot and Deadfoot became mates and has crowfeather (and others that mean nothing.) Deadfoots parents have no relatives.
Mudclaw and Tornear are brothers. Barkface is their uncle. Their cousins are Onestar, Ashfoot, and Morningflower. Onestar, Ashfoot, and Morningflower are Tallstars half neices and nephew. All the apprentices at this time have no parents.
Windclan now has 24 cats. Out of all of them, 12 of them have no parents.
Does anyone see the problem hear?!! To fervent all out incest, they had to make characters appear out of thin air. Even then, heathertail and crowfeather are cousins!

3: there are 4 robinwings. huh.

4: They need to kill more cats, Especially is thunderclan, Skyclan, and Shadowclan. The ghost mentor cats have been the same in every single series.
These are all the “main character” thunderclan deaths since the first arc: Cinderpelt, Hollyleaf, Firestar, Needletail, Sandstorm, Leafpool, and Bristlefrost. In the first arc alone, we lost 3 deputies, silverstream (who does a lot of ghost stuff) 2 medicine cats and 5 leaders. We need new cats.

5: Frecklewish doesn’t deserve the dark forest. Watch these: and please. Some people still think she deserves the dark forest. Watch these to realize you’re wrong.

6: Pinestar, who is as old as leopardfoots grandma, has a crush on her when she’s a minor. Don’t you dare say “bUt THeY arE CAts”. That is so disgusting no one can tell me other wise. Pinestar is almost/is as bad as thistleclaw.


8: Bluestar had more chemistry with crookedstar than with oakheart. Prove me wrong. (I don’t ship either I am just saying oak blue is a bad ship)

9: Sweetpaw was not buried alive

10: Pinestar, Thistleclaw, Feathertail, Dustpelt, and Bumblestripe are all creeps.

11: AVOS is underrated. No one talks about it.

12: You can tell I am running out of things to say

13: wait I just thought of this: since they got to the lake they don’t take apprentices to the moonstone/pool anymore. That’s a plot hole in the broken code. I am a ✨genius✨

Okay bye

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  • Leaf ( Leafwind from WindClan or Leaf That Falls From Tree From the Tribe of Rushing Water) Avatar: The Last Airbender fan says:

    Cats need to die, and also there is something else you missed.
    THERE ARE TWO ASHFURS!; one in Into The Wild ( ShadowClan elder) who magically disappears, and evil Ashfur who threatened to kill Leafpool and Crowfeather’s kits.

  • feathertail and crowfeather were around the same age when they fell in love, so imo its fine. the others, however, not fine. also apprentices havent visited the moonstone since tpb/bluestars prophecy so it goes even farther than that

    • Finally! someone who can see that they are around the same age! I thought I was going insane. Maybe I still am

    • Sorry, they where NOT the same age. Crowpaw was around 15 and feathertail was around 26. She had a stated she had a crush on him when she died, when he was a minor. It’s creepy.

      • Crowfeather [Well, I won’t go. I’ll be made a warrior soon. I’ve worked hard for it, and I’m not leaving the Clan so close to the end of my training.” Midnight page 104 ] Feathertail receives her warrior name in leaf-fall in a Shadow in Riverclan. She gets the dream about the sundrown place from Oakheart in new-leaf at the very end of the book meaning Feathertail was a young warrior when she met Crowpaw and Crowpaw ether already completed his final test or was about to. It seems you have not read Shadow in Riverclan and that shows you have no evidence and spoilers don’t count. You might often use the oh! Their to old! This cheap trick may work on other people but it most definitely not me. Your also wrong about Feathertail being a creep if she wasn’t there when Crowfeather got knocked out in Crowfeather’s Trial he would have died , so be thankful. Also. People these days seem to forget the fact that Dead Cats Can’t Age!!! Go read Cats of Clans for Starclan’s sake Bluestar’s dead kit Mosskit who does not age at all in Starclan! If anything they age on the inside and become more wise for old cats they are reverted to there younger age or there most favorable . And who said they were born on the same second? They are about 3-10 moons apart. Compare to human ages Crowpaw was 27 to 30 when he met Feathertail who was 29 to 32. ( Including the long moons they spent together on the journey ). Concluding this Feathertail and Crowpaw were actually very close in age. If you still disagree go complain about Ivy x fern and Blossom x Thorn. Dare to go on disbelieving or shall I prove some more?

        • I am talking about when she meets Crowpaw during the journey. And yes, i have read a shadow in Riverclan.
          “ Compare to human ages Crowpaw was 27 to 30 when he met Feathertail who was 29 to 32. ” no. Crowpaw, 30?!? No.

          Kate has said that aprentices are middle to high school age, which makes sense in the context of the books. And please don’t use Crowpaw saying “I’ll be a warrior soon!” To defend yourself. Even Crowpaw is made a warrior when they are in the tribe, going to live in the forest, about 2 months after her death. When being made a warrior, he would be about 18. So, when the started the journey, he would be about 16-17. Now consider feathertail, who was made a warrior in leaf fall. And, keep in mind, he warriors ceremony was probably put slightly later because of the tigerstar situation. So, when she is given the prophecy, she would be about 21-22. They then go on their months long journey together. Then, when feathertail dies and says she loves Crowpaw, he would be about 17, and she would be about 23. That is a ~six year age gap between a minor and an adult relationship.

          Even if it was four years, that is still VERY creepy, especially since Crowpaw is shown to be immature for his age. I am sorry, I dont understand your logic.

          • I decided to do a rough guess before looking at the cat to human comparison. When you said Crowpaw was 16 , you were incredibly wrong. Let me put it here again “Well, I won’t go. I’ll be made a warrior soon. I’ve worked hard for it, and I’m not leaving the Clan so close to the end of my training.” [ Midnight page 104 ] Let me repeat this again “I’m not leaving the Clan so close to the END of my TRAINING” Now all I am asking you to do is go to your bookshelf , grab Midnight , go to page 104 , and most important of all actually read it. This is something true from the text, you made a lie saying Crowpaw said “I’ll be a warrior soon” so that I can defend myself? I never even said that! The book never even said that!
            Now lets get to the evidence why you were wrong. Search the images of cats compared to human age. A Junior is about the age of an apprentice 7 moons- to 2 years so its 12 to 24 years in human age. If Crowpaw didn’t go with the 5 other young cats he would have received his final test shortly after and would go on to receive his warrior name. Again “Well, I won’t go. I’ll be made a warrior soon. I’ve worked hard for it, and I’m not leaving the Clan so close to the end of my training.” . Age 16 is way too young for an apprentice to become a warrior . Crowpaw was at the end of his training when he left , so in human years he is 24 – 25 years when he left the clans to go on the journey. Feathertail is a Prime cat 3 – 6 years. In human age it is 28 – 40 . Feathertail is a very young warrior, younger then Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt who would be about 35 at this time and they were young. Therefore she is 29 and a half to 30 and a half years. If you still somehow disagree go complain about these older ships age difference. They are far worse Squirrel x Bramble , Thorn x Blossom , Fern x Ivy , Dust x Fern , Squirrel x Ash , Dove x Tiger , Snow x Thistle.

  • Personally, this isn’t my favorite article. Very few of the things in here are true. It has never been confirmed that Tallstar is gay for one. If it has, please tell me where so I can find this information for myself. Also, the reason there are cats that apear randomly is because Vicky states herself that they only put relevant cats in the character description. This does not mean there are not other cats in the clan, it just means they are not of relevance.
    Thistleclaw and Bumblestripe I can see what you mean by them being creeps, but how are Feathertail, Pinestar, and Dustpelt creeps? Would you please explain that to me.