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Who will Crowfeather choose in StarClan, and will his choice return his feelings? by Leaflight

Leaflight wonders who Crowfeather will end up in StarClan.

Art by Cherivinca

Hi, it’s Leaflight! This is my first article, where I’ll be talking about a strongly debated topic – who Crowfeather will choose in StarClan.

First, of all, after the events of Crowfeather’s Trial, we can all agree that he won’t end up with Nightcloud. They will gladly remain friends.

Next, Feathertail. A lot of the different reasons why Feathertail isn’t Crowfeather’s true love is because of the age gap between them. It’s confirmed that if Feathertail lived, their relationship wouldn’t have worked out, since Crowfeather – Crowpaw at the time, was still an apprentice. Another reason why this relationship wouldn’t work out is because Feathertail walks in two skies, StarClan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting. If Crowfeather did choose her in StarClan, he would have to spend half of his time waiting for her to visit the Clan’s resting place. Lastly, Feathertail gives her blessing to Crowfeather, telling him to love other cats and to not be blinded by the rest of the world.

” ‘I thought we left you with the Tribe of Endless Hunting, ‘ Leafpaw meowed. Feathertail shook her head. ‘I walk in two skies now, with the Tribe’s ancestors as well as my own. But wherever I am, I shall never forget the Clans.’ She hesitated for a moment, then added, ‘Especially Crowfeather.’
‘He misses you very much. He chose his warrior name for you.’
‘Yes, I was watching, ‘ Feathertail purred. ‘I was so proud. He will make a great warrior.’ She bent close to Leafpaw again, her warm breath stirring the apprentice’s fur. ‘Tell him not to grieve. I will always love him, but there will be many, many moons before we meet again. For now, he must live with his Clanmates in their new home. He cannot be blind to the cats who are around him for all that time.” Starlight, pg. 264.

There’s also another quote in Twilight, ” ‘I’m a medicine cat!’ Leafpool protested. Her fur tingled with delight that Feathertail wasn’t angry – more than that, she seemed to want Leafpool and Crowfeather to be together – but she knew it was more complicated than that. ‘I wish I could make him happy, but I can’t.’ ” Twilight, pg.91-92.

These two quotes prove that Feathertail does approve of Crowpool, and that she does walk in two skies.

Now that we’ve established that both Feathertail and NIghtcloud would be unlikely choices for Crowfeather, this is why I think he’ll pick Leafpool!

First, of all, Leafpool made Crowfeather love again after Feathertail’s death. She healed his heart and made him start to open up to the outside world again. There’s also many instances of where Crowfeather still loves Leafpool even after they both return to their respective Clans.

In Crowfeather’s Trial, it states,

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    • Happy B-day! Well, very late birthday…

  • 🌊✨💖 Streampaw is impatiently waiting for summer! Feather x Crow forever! 🌊✨💖 (Streampaw/lark, she/her) says:

    Great article! I like the evidence and how you included the ‘will his choice return his feelings’ part. However, I disagree.

    *goes into Feather x Crow defending mode*

    Primarily, there actually wasn’t that large of an age gap between Feathertail and Crowpaw! Feathertail was around 2-5 moons past her naming ceremony as a warrior, and Crowpaw himself was old enough to be one, so it’s not that large. And even though Feathertail might ‘walk two skies’, as shown in Outcast, she can control where she goes very easily and Crowfeather wouldn’t have to wait long. And yes, she told Crowfeather to love again – but she probably meant Ashfoot or his Clanmates, in a friendly, non-romantic way! Feathertail wouldn’t want Crowfeather to be swept up in a forbidden relationship with a medicine cat that would just bring more pain.

    Yes, Leafpool made Crowfeather love again. But Feathertail was the first cat who understood him for who he was, the first cat who ‘brought him out of his shell’, the first cat to open up and let him open up about emotions. They loved each other completely and honestly, and didn’t try to hide their relationship! Meanwhile, Leafpool and Crowfeather both changed themselves slightly to be a ‘better image’, they didn’t talk about their feelings, and they both weren’t accepting of the other’s choices. And their relationshpi harmed so many cats other than just themselves!

    However, that’s just my opinion. I hope will all my heart that he’ll choose Feathertail… but amazing article!

    • You dont need to worry Steampaw , Crowfeather is OLDER then Feathertail. Crowfeather was born in Fire and Ice , the book BEFORE Feathertail was even born. Take a look at Croweathers littermates who were seen when Firheart went to save windclan. Your welcome 🙂

  • HEY!!
    2dy is my first day as a member of blogclan 🙂
    great article Leaflight!!
    I personally think crowfeather will pick leafpool. i always love them 2gether. i do think however that he did love feathertail alot and i wish she had not died so soon in thier relationship. but I’m all Crow x leaf.

  • I think Leafpool would be the right choice for Crowfeather because he bonded more with her than any other cat and still thinks of her occasionally.

  • I think Leafpool would be the best choice because Crowfeather spent the most time with her, running away with her because of his love for her, and thinking about her occasionally.

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