Greystripes losses by Avery

Avery discusses Greystripe’s losses in his life.

Artwork by Forever_Ebonycloud

I don’t usually write articles, but I just felt like doing it this time, sorry if it’s horrible, thanks! 😻😹

Greystripe is a long hair, brown cat. He has a deep sence of compassion and a lot of pride. But Is it just me, or does graystripe go through a lot of pain and loss? I mean when you think about it it’s a lot.
First his first mate, who was a Riverclan cat named silverstream, died tragically and unexpectedly, having his kits. Then those kits had to live in riverclan, With their grandfather. then he left his clan just so that he could be with his kits. But After being kicked out he eventually realized that his heart lies is thunderclan. Then his daughter, feathertail, dies on a journey to find midnight, saving the tribe of rushing water from sharptooth. He then gets kidnapped by twolegs(humans) trying to save his clanmates, who had been trapped and then when he gets free, after a long time, he realizes that the clans had left the forest. To find the clans he has to say goodbye to his close friend ravenpaw. He then has to embark on a huge journey, with just his new mate, to find the clans. When he finally finds the clans he finds out that a different cat had been made deputy instead of him, and that his son, stormfur, had stayed with the tribe of rushing water, we’re his sister was buried. After all that grief, his son finally comes and stays in thunderclan, after being kicked out of riverclan. But only for a littlewhile before going back to the mountains for good. Then it’s heartbreaking to watch him really terrified for his new mate, Millie, giving birth,( because is first mate, silverstream, died in childbirth) and then to top it all off his best friend and his leader, firestar, who he had known since he was barley an apprentice died in battle. I feel like there was a lot more loss in his life then gain.

But then he also had many amazing kits, Two amazing mates, and a loyal best friend. And years of happiness serving his clan. And he was really happy in star clan too.

❤️ Thanks for reading!

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  • So.. summing up Graystripe’s losses!
    • Lost his mother, Willowpelt
    • Lost his mate, Silverstream
    • Lost his daughter, Feathertail
    • Got captured by twolegs
    • Lost his son to the mountains
    • Had to watch his mate give birth
    • Had to watch Millie just leave to go to the twoleg house due to a greencough outbreak, not knowing if she would survive
    • Have his daughter, Briarlight, permanently injured
    • Have his daughter, Briarlight, die
    • Lose his best friend, Firestar
    (Comment if you have more!)

    • This is why Graystripe is one of my favorites… he lost so much! He’s still a lovable goofball though, after all that!
      Only a fox-heart wouldn’t feel sorry for Graystripe!

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