The REAL warrior names I hate and like, and why by Lakeshine

Lakeshine lists names they like and dislike.

Art by ashkey

Hi, I’m going to explain the warrior names I hate (that are real) and why.
1. Mumblefoot – what mother names their kit Mumblekit? Seriously, who does? It’s so STUPID, so Mumblefoot’s mother must have hated him. Maybe his name should be Mudfoot instead.
2. Flametail – it’s not as bad as Mumblefoot, but Flametail is all orange, not just his tail. Maybe Erin could have named him Flamefur?
3. Yellowfang – I love the character and all, but my brother keeps joking that Yellowfang’s name is Yellowfang because she has yellow teeth. AND SHE’S NOT EVEN YELLOW SHE’S GRAY! So why did they name her Yellowkit instead of Blackkit or something. Or Russetheart. I don’t know, I’ve got no good names for her. Just, that name doesn’t suit her.
4. Rock – SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE POWER OF THREE ARC. Rock is just a bad name. It just is. I don’t know why, but I just hate it. Maybe it’s because he’s blind and his name should have been Storm (because of his blue eyes and attitude in the Last Hope). I just hate it and Rock the character I hate. Me: HEY ROCK, JAYFEATHER WAS RIGHT TO BREAK THAT STICK!
5. Hollyleaf – a good character without a good name. A holly’s leaf is green. They should have named her Hollybranch or Hollytwig.
6. Alderheart – Does that mean he has the heart of a cruel adder? It sounds like it.

Now that I’m past all the names I hate, let’s go to the names I like

1. Jayfeather – His name fits him well. His eyes are the color of a jay’s wing and his father is Crowfeather. Leafpool named him well.
2. Half Moon – She’s white, like a shining moon, and without Jayfeather, she was just half a cat.
3. Gray Wing – He’s gray.
4. Graystripe – he’s gray with a darker stripe on his back. For his love, though, he should be called Grayheart—wait, scratch that. Grayheart would mean he has a gray heart, high means he’s mean
Silverstream – It’s a beautiful name. Just beautiful.
5. Star Flower – I sort of hate it and love it, but it’s a nice name
6. Fireheart – we can’t forget good ol’ Firestar, can we? It’s a nice name because it describes his courage and willingness to keep peace.

Welp, that’s all. Good bye, sorry it’s long. Sooooooooo long.

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  • Actually, it’s not “Adderheart” it’s Alderheart. Suffixes are chosen based on personality and sometimes looks. Take Fireheart, he showed courage and kindness, hence, his suffix, “Heart”. Sandstorm, “Storm” because she was quick and sharp tongued, but could be very kind. Raggedpelt, “Pelt” his fur was ragged from the start, it suited him well. (Can’t really say anything about Mumblefoot lol) You also forgot Loudbelly. (This name is pretty funny when you think about it!) In Crookedstar’s promise, some cat (I forget which one) says that Loudbelly’s name is Loudbelly because he liked to eat- kinda rude, but in a teasing way, I don’t understand the concept of calling a kit “Loudkit”.

  • I never realized that about Half Moon’s name representing her relationship!