A Starless Clan: What I Want Our POV To Be Like by DawnZoid

DawnZoid shares what they want the POV to be like in the new arc.

I read the sample, and dang this arc seems promising!

What I want our characters to be like

FrostPaw: as we already know, FrostPaw is a fun, energetic she-cat, however, prepare the angst…It’d be cool if whenever she had a dream of the future, soon enough she’d try to change it and prevent it from happening, but alas, fails every time. I can also picture her getting visions and telling cats to be careful, and then they don’t listen to her at first, and eventually die. It’d be pretty cool if cats started blaming her for the problems, and FrostPaw losing her trust in herself! I’d also like it if that ended up having the other clans mistrust river clan, especially when it’s breaking apart and they have to hide it. The coolest thing though, for me, would be like I said before, if goosefeather spoke to her! I’d like to picture he’d be anonymous and tell FrostPaw she can’t do anything about the future and she Denies it, but then eventually she accepts it and keeps having dreams and visions. Perhaps she would stop being a medicine cat for a while to stop these visions, but they’d keep coming back, so she would switch back to her role and accept her “curse”

FlamePaw: I definitely want him to become a heavy-pressured Tom with an attitude! We saw in the preview that he has a distant relationship with his mother, I can DEFINITELY see him snapping at his brother, finch paw, who gets more attention than him. Ooo, the angst! I can also picture that some of his friends may leave him, as he thinks of his own ideas, such as thinking leaders should switch per moon. I feel like eventually he’d grow a bit resentful at the fact that he can’t be his own cat, and crack under the pressure of living to his clan’s expectations. imagine the angst he’d have if he fell in love with let’s say, a different clan cat, but eventually had to throw that love aside to dedicate himself to the clan? It’d be amazing if in the end, he proved himself to be his own cat!

SunBeam: We already saw that she’s close to the code, and that her freind, lightleap, was a bit hesitant and reckless towards her, dismissing her wounds. I can picture sunbeam struggling with the thoughts of thinking if lightleap cares about her or not! And it’s basically been confirmed (in the alliances) that one of the forbidden love cats is her brother, SpireClaw. Why else would it be her own brother? I feel like she’ll find out eventually and try to reason with her brother, eventually becoming angry with him and then he tells her that she needs to loosen up or something, and then, their friendship fades. I can definitely picture her growing apart from her clan because she’s so close to the code, while the code is changing itself. I feel like she’d loosen up a bit eventually though, which would be nice.

Anyways, that’s all for my article! I wonder if the book will be out the time this gets released. Goodbye!

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