Why i believe sand x fire by Ripple’Moon

Ripple’Moon shares their opinion on Sandstorm and Firestar’s relationship.

Art by Valcanous (tumblr)

hi hi! it’s Ripple’Moon here.
i believe that firestar and sandstorm should absolutely 100% be mates forever. honestly, sandstorm was always there for firestar. even though when firestar first joined and sandstorm was mean. sandstorm was trying to protect her clan, honestly. and she was also going through a lot!

forever and always, firestar and sandstorm!
sandstorm was an amazing mother and an amazing mate. i’m sure firestar adored her. in fact, i KNOW. okay. im going to get to the point.

spottedleaf was not- she- she was not good for firestar. 1. she was a med cat 2. she wasn’t interacting that much with firestar. she only did when firestar came to visit. 3. sandstorm was the one who was always there.

another thing:
cinderpelt? nuh-uh! no way. she might have been nice.. but.. she was also a med cat. she might have been there for firestar. but still.. sandstorm was the one that made the spark of .love and hope in firestar’s heart. they were meant or each other. i dont mean to offend anyone. in “rising storm” cinderpelt had said to fireheart, “while your thinking of her (spottedleaf), theirs another cat right under your nose, one whom is still alive, that you should be thinking about instead.”
fireheart replied, “what do you mean?”
“sandstorm is quite fond of you.” (thats not the exact sentence cinderpelt said)
fireheart then had realized how he felt about sandstorm. it said, “then he imagined the soft sparkle in sandstorm’s eyes when she was licking his paw pads.”
so sweet, right? i’ll always love sandstorm. to the sandstorm and firestar lovers:
Sandstorm was a brave, kind and loyal cat. i was devastated when i learned that she died. i think it’s decided, then. sandstorm is the one for firestar. i hope you guys agree, and i hope i didn’t offend anyone. you guys are so awesome, by the way. alright, i’ll stop talking now, ha ha.
i hope you guys enjoyed my article! stay tuned for more! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 bye now, lovelies! <3 <3

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