[Bramblestar and Squirrelflight bare their teeth at each other angrily]

Why Bramblestar is abusive to Squirrelflight by Crowpaw

Crowpaw looks at Bramblestar and Squirrelflight’s relationship and determines who might’ve been a better mate.

Art by Sadie Pryor

Hi everyone! I’m Crowpaw/flight and I joined BlogClan earlier this year. This is my first article so don’t mind me being unsure about what to say.

So today I’ll be looking at Bramblestar and Squirrelflight’s relationship from TNP (the new prophecy) and POT (power of 3)

First of all, when they are not mates at the start of TNP, Brambleclaw finds Squirrelpaw annoying. She is stated as a nuisance, and Brambleclaw doesn’t like her. However, when the 6 cats set off into the mountains, Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw grow closer as friends. At this point, Stormfur already has a crush on Squirrelpaw. Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw increasingly spend time together throughout the journey, and when they get back to the forest and find ThunderClan at sunningrocks, Squirrelpaw is unhappy that she cannot spend time with Brambleclaw in the warriors’ den. When they reach the lake territory, Squirrelflight is made a warrior and she doesn’t trust Hawkfrost. She is right to not trust him. But Brambleclaw does and he sides with Hawkfrost against Squirrelflight even though she is constantly, seriously saying that he is evil.

Note that Bramblestar has almost always been in a higher position than Squirrelflight. He was a warrior when she was born, and not soon after she was made a warrior, he was made deputy. There has only been a short period of time when they have been at equal power.

Now, onto POT.

Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight are mates and have 3 kits; Jaykit, Hollykit and Lionkit. They are in a period of peace. During the 3 kits’ kithood and apprenticeship, they are in a peaceful relationship. However, when Ashfur sets the forest on fire and Squirrelflight reveals the secret that Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze are actually not her kits, but instead Leafpool’s, Brambleclaw gets angry at her for keeping the secret. He doesn’t understand the 2 sisters’ connection, even though he does later when Tawnypelt is in trouble. He doesn’t understand her struggles. Wouldn’t a loyal mate at least *try* to understand? Later, if we are following the cycle of abuse, a crisis happens and they make up.

Sorry, this isn’t very long or very good, but I hope you can see things from my point f view a bit better now. This article was heavily inspired by Moonkitti’s Bramblestar is Worse, so go check that out!


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  • Great article, Crowpaw! I know it has been a long time since this article came out, but if anyone is still here, I would just like to stay that if people could (in general) try to be a bit kinder when commenting about sensitive topics like this, that would be great 🙂. Everyone is perfectly entitled to have their own opinion, and to share their opinion, though I know it would be appreciated if when sharing your opinion you could keep in mind that other people have other opinions, and when you’ve finished writing, maybe ask yourself; is any part of the comment I have just written going to be offensive? I’m sorry if this comes out sounding bossy, and I’m not speaking to anyone in particular 🙂.

  • Ehhhh I’m on a mixed opinion on bramble and I got bramble star a few years ago on what cat are u quiz, im bramble star u guys 😂

  • I disagree. It’s not Brambleclaw’s fault that Squirrelflight can’t spend time with him back at Sunningrocks. Brambleclaw had warrior duties and Squirrelflight had apprentice training. And, Squirrelflight pretty much went out on a limb when she blamed Hawkfrost for being “sus”. If i’m remembering correctly, she had no proof, she just had a “feeling” that Hawkfrost was evil. Brambleclaw never sided with Hawkfrost against her, he simply wanted to get to know his half-brother. Squirrelflight was blinded by her wild accusations to understand that Brambleclaw only wanted to get to know his half-brother. In the end, it’s really Squirrelflight who was being abusive. And why does it matter that Brambleclaw was deputy, then leader? Warriors are just as valuable as any other cats, including deputies and leaders. In PoT, Brambleclaw had every right to be mad at Squirrelflight. He never was against calling them Squirrelflight’s to save Leafpool, he was mad that Squirrelflight didn’t tell him when she should’ve told him. She was foolish. The secret couldn’t stay kept forever, some cat had to tell the truth. What did Squirrelflight think would happen? He never doubted the sister’s connection. He was mad at Squirrelflight, it had nothing to do with Leafpool. I wouldn’t call the silent treatment a “cycle of abuse”. Brambleclaw had every right to be mad. It was fair if he wanted to break up with her. She was the one who lied and kept secrets. What did she think would happen?

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