[image description: a collage of Rusty sitting, Graypaw on his hind legs, Bluestar calling out, and Brambleclaw's eyes above them]

If warriors could use emojis by Stormsteam

Stormstream assigns emojis to characters from Warriors.

Official art from the official Warrior Cats site (Illustrator: Wayne McLoughlin)

Hi! Im Stormstream/Smokesong, but you can call me Storm! In this article( my second one) i will be saying what emojis some of the cats in warriors would use, sometimes one emoji, sometimes a combo. I will be doing only the protagonists from series 1 to3 but if the blog likes this I could do a part two with other cats! Leeeeeeeets go!

Firestar- I think it’s obvious he would use ❤️‍🔥 bc of his name. Yet think about how he was ” ThE GREatEst LeADer ThE ClANs EvER kNeW” he would have used a regal, royal-like combo( don’t get me wrong, I like Firestar as a leader) so I think 🧠❤️👑 would be good.

Brambleclaw/star- ok let’s start with his looks, like his father he is a black( brown) tabby so🤎. Next personality: snappy, impatient, caring and quick to make decisions, like a tiger( which compliments his tabby stripes) so 🐅 and since he’s a leader he also gets the👑 emoji. Next:

Squirrelflight- she is a dark orange kitty with a white paw and bushy tail. So I think☢️ is good bc she’s mischievous too. Her role is a deputy so I would give her an emoji of power that’s not a crown like this📝 bc a deputy AND senior warrior is kinda like, the ultimate advisor.

I’ll just do Feathertail bc I don’t wanna do Stormfur.
Feathertail- she is ” THe SiLVeR cAt” a silver tabby. She is kind and sweet and * stop sugarcoating Storm* ferocious, impatient, distrustful, depressed and so on. 🪙🔥

Jayfeather- gray tabby tom. Blind. Grumpy, snappy, impatient. Mind reader- WHAT!😑👁⚫️💊🧠

Hollyleaf- black she cat, a Percy Weasley-clone. She is sympathetic and sweet, but also rule-happy and overly loyal ( srsly gurl, take it down a notch) ⚫️❤️👮🏿‍♀️

Lionblaze- a golden tabby tom wiff super strength. Uh huh, not much to work with here, seems like your average Joe with an op superpower, two op superpowers: super strength and super attractiveness, I guess. Whelp, not really and average Joe anymore: 🥇🗡🧡

Now for the round- up * GrAnDKiD RoUNdUp*

I think that’s all for today folks, I will be seeing you in my next article witch could very well be pt. 2 of this very article. I’mma end now soni don’t get cut off. Byeeee Stormstream out.

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