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Why StarClan’s Prophecies Don’t Help at All by Wildfrost

Wildfrost talks about the usefulness (or lack thereof) of StarClan’s prophecies.

StarClan is the place where cats go when they die. They foresee the future and help the Clans. Or they try to… most of StarClan’s prophecies don’t actually help the living Clans at all. In this article, I will be analyzing some of the prophecies StarClan has sent and will be explaining why they actually don’t help the receiver. Enjoy!

Fire will save the clan
Sounds mysterious right? Well, it was pretty obvious who the fire was. But unfortunately, the actual fire didn’t realize it until his leader told him. But anyways, if Spottedleaf had never received the prophecy, Bluestar still would’ve recruited Firestar. ThunderClan needed more warriors and it didn’t help the Clan accept Firestar considering they didn’t know about the prophecy. In fact, the prophecy made it worse because it made Bluestar mistrust StarClan (when the fire burned through their camp.) Also, the prophecy was largely unspecific and didn’t bother to explain who the fire was, what was going to harm the Clan and how fire would save the Clan. If they’d just said: That kittypet will save the Clan from Tigerclaw and Scourge. They could’ve helped so much more. They could’ve prevented Stonefur and Whitestorm from dying. But that’s not what happened because… plot convenience, I guess.

Beware a warrior you cannot trust
Ok, first of all, this prophecy was basically an excuse for Spottedleaf to visit Firestar in his dreams. But anyways, the prophecy makes no sense. Of course you’d beware someone you can’t trust. Also, Firestar knew that Tigerstar was evil. It also made things worse when Firestar misinterpreted it and mistrusted his best friend. This prophecy could’ve been a lot more helpful if it had been sent to Bluestar and they could’ve said: beware Tigerstar or something like that. Instead, this prophecy did nothing to help anyone and only made the book have more plot.

Four will become two, Lion and Tiger will meet in battle, and blood will rule the forest
The only thing this prophecy changed was LionClan’s name. And that might’ve been the same. Firestar and Tallstar never would’ve bowed to Tigerstar. Firestar didn’t even kill Tigerstar, that was Scourge. So, if Firestar had never received the prophecy, Tallstar, Firestar, Leopardstar and their clans would’ve had the same battle. And they would’ve won.

Before there is peace, blood will spill blood and the lake will run red
All this prophecy did was make Leafpool mistrust Bramblestar and Hawkfrost. Leafpool didn’t even tell anyone about it, so, if the prophecy had never been delivered. Bramblestar still would’ve killed Hawkfrost. Bramblestar still would’ve been deputy. Leafpool even said that she didn’t understand the prophecy until it actually happened. Which means this prophecy changed nothing.

There will be Three, kin of your kin who hold the power of stars in their paws
The great prophecy of Three. Yes, this prophecy helped Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Dovewing discover they were the Three. But even if the Three never found each other. Even if they didn’t even have powers. The Clans still would’ve won. Yes, without the Three, Lionblaze wouldn’t have killed some nameless Dark Forest cat. Yes, Dovewing would never have heard about the Dark Forest plans and yes, Ivypool never would’ve been a spy for the Three. But even if none of that happened. The clans still would’ve won. Why? Because the Three and Ivypool do nothing to help the battle. Ivypool does convince the Dark Forest trainees to fight on the Clan’s side but there weren’t that many Dark Forest trainees so the Clans would’ve won. They had StarClan on their side, and the living clans which means the Dark Forest never would’ve won anyways. So, yeah, this prophecy is really not helpful.

The end of the Stars draws near, three must become four to battle the darkness that lasts forever
This prophecy didn’t help because, even if we didn’t know who the fourth cat was, Firestar still would’ve killed Tigerstar and won the battle. The prophecy didn’t even tell them who the fourth cat was. Bluestar literally told Jayfeather who the fourth cat was. So, even if Firestar only killed Tigerstar because he was the fourth cat; this prophecy wouldn’t have helped at all.

The dark sky must not herald a storm
Again, the medicine cats didn’t understand this prophecy until it happened. Which means it didn’t change anything. All this prophecy caused was fear and stress among the Clans.

I hope you enjoyed this article! If you disagree, that’s totally fine! Thanks for reading!

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  • I mean, StarClan doesn’t even know what their talking about. And which of you said StarClan can see the future? NO. There is ample evidence that disagrees with you. StarClan has even said, “We can’t see the future.” What does that tell you? It tells you that StarClan receives these prophecies from some weirdo wearing Flipflops, they don’t even bother to figure out what it means, and they hand it over to the Clans! I do though, think StarClan has a purpose, (The Broken Code) but also can be used in ways that are very not good. So what I’m saying is, StarClan, does not know EVERYTHING.

  • great article! technically, you could argue that without the prophecy of the Three, Lionblaze would have just assumed that he was strong, Dovewing would have assumed her senses were normal, and Jayfeather would have assumed jumping into dreams was normal and no big deal…. but i agree with you

  • I mean, StarClan would help the Clans WAY more if they didn’t say complete balderdash(found it on Thesaurus.com, synonym for nonsense) to the Clans. If they had meetings in StarClan, the leader would say, “All cats old enough to deliver unclear prophecies to living cats that only make them stressed and uncertain gather round the nonsense prophecy tree to hear my words!”

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