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10 Random facts about warrior cats by Snowstorm

Snowstorm shares random facts from the series.

Hi,I am Snowpaw/storm,and today I’ll be stating some random facts about random warrior cats,ten facts to be exact.This probably will contain spoilers so…..you have been warned.

1.Shadowsight is the ‘middle child’ of his litter

Dovewing’s kits have been born in the order of she-kit,tom,and she-kit,and he’s the only tom,so pretty self explanatory.

2.Onestar made his older sister the deputy.

Yes,Ashfoot is Onestar’s sister.His parents are Wrenflight and Stagleap and so are Ashfoot’s.(Morningflower is their sister too in case you’re wondering)

3.Dustpelt and Ravenpaw are littermates

Oddly enough,they are.Its confirmed by the Warriors Website Family Tree and also by the Warriors Wiki.I actually originally thought Dustpelt and Sandstorm were siblings and Ravenpaw was Graystripe’s brother,but we don’t talk about that.Im not actually sure if it was ever stated in the books though,and I’m pretty sure they stated that Ravenpaw was apprenticed later,but I might be wrong.

5.oops,I skipped number 4.anyways. Um,Tornear and Crowfeather are tied for being the WindClan cats who have been mentors the most.

Crowfeather mentored Heathertail,Featherpelt,Fernstripe,and temporarily Hootwhisker.So that’s 3 1/2(he didn’t fully train Hootwhisker so).Tornear mentored Runningbrook(good name,dissapeared without a trace),Tawnyfur(also dissappeared without a trace),another cat who’s name k accidentally forgot,and Harestar.

6.All of Ivypool’s kits got confirmed eye colors.

This is true.Thriftear(dark gray she-cat)was confirmed to have amber eyes,Flipclaw(tabby tom)was confirmed to have golden eyes,and Bristlefrost(pale gray she-cat,R.I.P)was confirmed as having blue-green eyes.

7.All of Dovewing’s kits got confirmed eye colors as well

Dovewing has 3 kits(as of when I wrote this):Lightleap,Shadowsight,and Pouncestep.Shadowsight(dark gray tabby tom,medicine cat)has amber eyes,Lightleap(dark brown tabby she-cat)has dark amber eyes,and Pouncestep(gray tabby she-cat)has amber eyes.

8.All of Dovewing’s kits have amber eyes.

As stated in the paragraph above,they all got confirmed eye colors.Lightleap’s are dark amber,while Pouncestep and Shadowsight’s are regular amber.

9.Daisy’s favorite prey is vole

This was stated in Bramblestar’s Storm,when Amberpaw/moon brings Daisy prey after her and her brothers startle Daisy(‘and I brought you a vole.i know that’s your favorite’)

10.Snowbird of ShadowClan actually has more kits than Ferncloud

People bash on Ferncloud for ‘having too many kits’.She has seven:Spiderleg,Shrewpaw,Hollykit,Larchkit,Birchfall,Foxleap,and Icecloud.Meanwhile,Snowbird has nine:Rippletail/Buster,Cloverfoot,Berryheart,Beenose,Yarrowleaf,Bluebellkit,Conefoot,Frondwhisker and Gullswoop.And nine is wayy more than seven(basic math lol).So yeah,Ferncloud does NOT have the most kits out of the whole warriors series.

That is all for today.Bye!

Snowwy out.

2/12/2022-when I wrote this.

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