The Saddest Moments in Warriors by Streak of Shooting Star

Streak of Shooting Star shares some of the most heart-wrenching moments from the series.

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The warriors series starts out pretty timid, and playful. Let’s be honest: while Graypaw and Rusty fighting is intriguing, it isn’t exactly tense, or tragic. No real wounds are dealt, and none would be even if Rusty offended Bluestar in their encounter later on. But as Firepaw becomes more and more accustomed to clan life, we realize that life in the clans isn’t as peaceful as he thought. His first moments in the camp are followed by the death of Redtail, which the readers have no real reason to feel heartbroken about, but as we get to know him more through Super Editions and Novellas, we can understand why his death shocked the clan so much. This death is the first of many sad moments. Here are some of the most saddest in the series:
1 – Silverstream’s Kitting.
While the whole Silverstream + Graystripe combination doesn’t really thrill Fireheart, nor does the idea that they are having kits together, the whole relationship serves as a major plot point in Fireheart and Graystripe’s social lives and loyalties. While the actual kitting might not have been sad, Graystripe’s reaction to it is purely heartbreaking.
2 – Feathertail’s Sacrifice.
The New Prophecy arc is not really a fan favorite, but the first three books, i think, really are much better than the last three. One main reason for this is that the whole Sun-Drown-Place Quest plot point is much better than the Sus-Hawkfrost point. The 2nd book also introduces new characters, the Tribe of Rushing Water. These are cats who the questing cats risk their lives for, in an attempt to make theirs better. Feathertail killing sharptooth and dying from the fall is one of the most tragic moments when you understand all of Feathertail’s connections. Graystripe loved her as a father, with no mate to turn to. Stormfur loved her as a brother, with no parents to turn to. Crowpaw loved her as a mate, the strongest kind of love. All of these connections, when you see how strong they are, make the death of Feathertail very heartbreaking.
3 – The Great Battle’s Toll.
The Great Battle was one of the most tense, action-packed, and unpredictable moments in the whole series.

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  • Great article! Assuming the great battle is referring to the Dark Forest one, then yeah that was really sad. I mean all of the Great Battles were but that one specifically

  • Honestly, it could be any Great Battle. The only two I remember right now are the battle against the Dark Forest and the one against Darktail and his rouges. I wish the article wasn’t cut off, so we could tell.

  • 🌊✨💖 Streampaw is impatiently waiting for summer! Feather x Crow forever! 🌊✨💖 (Streampaw/lark, she/her) says:

    Amazing article! The introduction was compelling and very well-written, great job! I certainly agree with these – it was so heart-wrenching to view every cat’s grief. I was especially sad because of Feathertail’s death, as she is my favorite Warriors character. The Great Battle is also so full of grief and loss.

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