My favorite warrior cats characters by Foxfang

Foxfang shares their favourite characters from the series.

Art by Warrior Cat Designs (tumblr)

Hey everyone! This is Foxfang and welcome to my article! So I want to talk about my favorite warrior cats. So lets get to it!

#1 Grey Wing
I just loved him so much, he is kind, caring, and nice. He was my first favorite cat, and I just liked him as soon as the book introduced him. He decided to travel to a new place because of his little brother Jagged Peak and I thought that was really nice of him to do that. I was really sad when he got his asthma, and before he died, he named all of the clans. Clear Sky, your camp will be called Skyclan, Tall Shadow, your camp will be called Shadowclan, River Ripple, your camp will be called Riverclan, Thunder, your camp will be called Thunderclan, and Wind Runner, your camp will be called Windclan. Then it said that his chest loosened and then he was not in pain, and the cats gathered around his body. It was just sad.

#2 Moth Flight
I really liked Moth Flight because she is just like me. She gets distracted really easily, and when her mother Wind Runner sent her to go hunting, Moth Flight returned with a cool looking plant. Her mother was angry with her, and Moth Flight decided that no one wanted her in Windclan, so she just ran away. She found a barn to stay in, but dogs chased her and almost got her, but then Micah chased away the dogs and helped her. (Micah is also my favorite character.) Moth Flight and Micah became friends and Micah left his barn and friends to travel with Moth Flight. She then discovered the Moonstone and met Starclan. She came back to Windclan and told everyone about the moon stone, and then shared it with the other clans, that is the reason leaders have 9 lives. Without her, there would have been no such thing as 9 lives. (Also Micah joined Skyclan but died falling off a tree and got crushed by branch.)

#3 Yellowfang
At first I saw her as a grumpy old cat, but after I read Yellowfang’s secret it just made a lot whole sense. Her son Brokentail killed his father and lied that it was a Windclan patrol. Brokentail is now Brokenstar and banned Yellowfang from Shadowclan, so Yellowfang joined Thunderclan instead. She became more happier there

#4 Whitefang and Sunfish
When I started to read Leopardstar’s Honor, I just really liked these cats for no reason. Maybe the way their name sounds like, I don’t know, but they were such a strong warriors, so I don’t get how they were easily killed because of the little fight of Sunning rocks.

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  • 🌊✨💖 Streampaw is impatiently waiting for summer! Feather x Crow forever! 🌊✨💖 (Streampaw/lark, she/her) says:

    Nice article! I haven’t read DotC, so I can’t say anything about Moth Flight and Gray Wing, but they sound nice! As for Yellowfang, I love her! She’s definitelly in my top five favorite medicine cats. I find her grumpiness and soft side entertaining to read about and slightly relatable. I’m uncertain on Sunfish and Whitefang as I haven’t read Leopardstar’s Honor yet.

  • Same here! I’ve always liked Yellowfang, but when I read Yellowfang’s secret, she became one of my favorite characters!

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