Why I love “Leopardstar’s Honor” by Nightwind

Nightwind shares why they love Leopardstar’s Honor.

Hello! Today, I’m gonna say why I love “Leopardstar’s Honor”. This book is one of my favourites super editions, so I want to explain why. I was inspired by Mountainstorm’s article ‘Why I love Crowfeather’s Trial’. Let’s go!


I know he is a background character. When I readed “Fire and Ice”, he was just a background warrior to me. But he has an interesting story! His mother and mentor died when he was an apprentice! Poor Whiteclaw. His relationship with Leopardfur/star…It was great! I was really sad, when Whitepaw telled Leopardfur that Sunfish is dead. I need more scenes like it in Warriors! I was really happy when he got his warrior name. I was really sad when he died. His death was heartbreaking… His crush on Silverstream… It was funny to read about it. He was so nervous about her! But I’m sad that when he died, he fighted with Graystripe. Graystripe was a cat, who will be Silverstream’s mate. I was happy when I saw him in StarClan. He deserved it.

Leopardstar’s and Sunfish’s friendship

That friendship was so good! I was happy, when Sunkit defended Leopardkit from other kits. I was happy to see, how Sunpaw helped Leopardpaw stop being “drypaw”. I’m glad, because even if they were warriors, they were friends! But when Sunfish telled Leopardfur to take care of Whitepaw… It was heartbreaking.

Background characters

When I readed “Crookedstar’s Promise”, cats like Whitefang, Skyheart and Sunfish were only normal RiverClan cats. But when I readed “Leopardstar’s Honor”, I started to like them (except Skyheart). I loved to see background characters, who had important roles in Leopardstar’s super edition.

Tigerstar’s and Leopardstar’s relationship

I was happy to see how manipulating Tigerstar was. When he was deputy, like Leopardfur, he was so manipulating! And when he was leader… He started to be… Different, than as a deputy. He was… worse. At that moment, Leopardstar realized that she made a mistake. It was interesting to read how Tigerstar can manipulate someone.

Seeing TigerClan’s rise from Leopardstar’s POV

I hated Leopardstar, before I readed that super edition. She was a selfish leader, who thinked that joining to TigerClan would be a good idea. But now, I think, she was manipulated. She trusted Tigerstar and she thinked that it’ll be a good choice for RiverClan. And when Mudfur telled her about his dream, she thinked that is her destiny. But as we know, she was wrong. She couldn’t do anything. She could only watch. I was happy, when she telled her warriors, to don’t fight so much, when they attacked WindClan.

Leopardstar’s and Frogleap’s relationship
I liked Leopardfur x Frogleap. They would be a good pair together. But, Leopardfur wanted to be a deputy. I was happy to see that Frogleap wasn’t like Ashfur. He understanded her choice. I was happy to see that Leopardfur tried to don’t be so jealous. Even, she and Frogleap were friends!

Story from old territories

I love reading new stories, on old territories! It’s good to see Sunningrocks, Fourtrees, Moonstone… And old characters! Bluestar, young Firestar, young Graystripe and more!

Seeing RiverClan

I love reading books about RiverClan! They have interesting territory, camp and abilities! And their dangers are interesting, too. Pike’s attack was an original idea for danger.

Seeing Graystripe’s life in RiverClan

I was glad to see Graystripe’s life in RiverClan. I know we saw him in the “Crookedstar’s Promise” manga, but it was too little. And, we saw it from Leopardfur’s POV! She was Graystripe’s hater, so it was interesting.

9. Stonefur’s and Mistyfoot’s reaction to be half-Clan cats

I was happy to see their reaction. I was really mad at Tigerstar, when he was really bad to Stonefur, because he was half-Clan cat. Half-Clan cats are good, too! Stonefur and Mistyfoot were loyal warriors! No one should say that they are disloyal, because of their birth.

That’s all! I hope that article was nice to read 🙂

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  • Gryffinkit/dusk||she/her||looking for a mentor!|| Blog sis of the amazing Onyxkit!|| I LOVE FROGGOS 🐸 🐸 says:

    Great article! I love it and I think my mind just changed about Leopardstar! Love it! Go Frogleap (he’s my fave)

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