[Scourge licks his muzzle while he sits on his haunches on a black and red background, lit by a red moon and a trail of feathers]

Why to hate and love Scourge by Jaymoon

Jaymoon takes a look at Scourge.

Art by Midnight19488

Hello cats! I think Scourge is a great character to add. I will list two reasons why I think Scourge deserved to be loved and maybe one or two reasons why he shouldn’t. So let’s get this started!

To love
Scourge was originally called Tiny, because he was really small. He was getting bullied by his bigger littermates Socks and Ruby, they continually did it. Scourge, obviously didn’t like this experience as none of us would have either. He wanted to show them that he wasn’t just a play toy or scratching post. He went into the woods where (unfortunately) met Tigerpaw who will eventually become Tigerclaw. Tigerclaw was aggressive towards him and used him to sharpen his claws. Well, that didn’t work.

To love
At Scourges size it would be very unfortunate. His size lost him most things, he was an easy target to his brother and sister. They’d pick him out and bully him, Scourge was very tough at this point where he tried not to let the insults get to him.

Now, This is the halfway point. Where we go on to meeting the bad side of Scourge.

To hate
Dog teeth
Once Scourge had abandoned his home he came across a little clearing where a dog lay. The dog seemed vicious, not wanting to leave. Scourge attempts to get his collar out and in the midst a dog tooth gets in it and the dog fled. After this happened he found some cats eating, one of them asked where he got the dog tooth. Scourge lies and tells them that he killed the dog and grabbed its tooth to remember his victory. The cats believed him and let him eat.

To hate
Scourge probably killed a lot of cats over his reign. Viciously taking the lives of others and getting loyalty, especially from Bone. One day two skinny little cats happen to walk into Scourges home and ask for food. Those two happen to be Socks and Ruby. I would have thrown them away to starve to death. But Scourge was a little nicer and gave them a nibble. Then when Tigerpaw, now Tigerstar asks for Scourges help. Scourge recognized him and when the battle started Scourge turned on Tigerstar and ripped all his nine lives out of him at once. Then again, where the real battle begins Firestar manages to take Scourges life.

Now, you have to pick a side. Love or Hate? Or maybe just forgiveness and hate? Scourge went through a lot in his life. While being bullied a quarter of his life and the rest deserving a break from it and killing cats (Viciously).
Now this is the end of the article and I’d love to see your opinions on Scourge!

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