Icemist defends cats in Warriors by Icemist

Icemist defends some commonly hated characters from the series.

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Hi! I’m Icemist, and today I’m going to defend cats who are commonly hated. I’m going to start with..

She’s too overrated for her relationship with Firestar. And personally, I don’t like it either. But it’s not fair that people are only looking at the bad side of Spottedleaf. Because Spottedleaf is a caring, thoughtful, & hard – working medicine cat. Spottedleaf has helped many cats not only when she was alive, but in StarClan too. She is what I like to consider Leafpool’s StarClan bestie. Seriously, she helped Leafpool A LOT. Finding the Moonpool was essential! People don’t like her because she is considered a Mary Sue. But Spottedleaf isn’t perfect. Her relationships with Thistleclaw & Firestar were breaking the code. (Not really Thistleclaw, but still)

People hate her because she’s whiny about losing her powers. Well, being able to see & hear really far was like a part of her. Look at Longtail! I know I will get hate for this, but I like TigerXDove. I don’t see why a lot of people hate it so much. And she left ThunderClan to join ShadowClan. However this is different from Tawnypelt. Tawnypelt left because she didn’t feel like she belonged to ThunderClan, and it took time for ShadowClan to accept her(cough Tigerstar l cough). But Dovewing did feel belonged in ThunderClan. She didn’t have a hated father(Birchfall did train in the Dark Forest though..) She did it to be closer to Tigerstar ll. Like seriously, do you want her to be heartbroken? The whole Bumblestripe thing is annoying in my opinion. Like who would talk about kits after Purdy’s death? Tigerstar is so caring, and they are both great parents. Lastly, people think that Ivypool is SO much better than Dovewing, but in reality, she’s not. When Ivypool trained in the dark forest, she was jealous of Dovewing. Ivypool wanted to be special. Dovewing never even asked for her powers. But I still like Ivypool.

GrayXSilver is my second favorite ship so this should be fun! First reason people hate her. “She’s always saying she’s the leader’s daughter so she gets away with anything.” Not true. She didn’t say that. She only said that her kits will get accepted. But if you think about it, Crookedstar wouldn’t banish his daughter’s kits. She’s not a Mary – Sue. Falling in love with Graystripe was a fault. Her kits are NOT perfect. In “A Shadow in RiverClan’,’ Stormfur is kind of mean & unsympathetic to Feathertail. Feathertail on the other hand, isn’t perfect.(I’ll talk about her later) GrayXSilver did kind of break up Firestar & Graystripe’s friendship, but they got back together.

I love Feathertail, and CrowXFeather is pretty good. The main reason people don’t like Feathertail is because she’s too perfect, or a Mary – sue. This is really wrong, because Feathertail has flaws. Sure, you may think that her death was too heroic & she’s pretty, & sweet. Yes she does have a forbidden relationship with Crowfeather, but that can be a fault too. Yes I agree that Feathertail is pretty & sweet. Her death was heroic, but she saved Crowfeather. Another big point. Read “A Shadow in RiverClan”. As you can see, Feathertail doesn’t hang out with RiverClan cats, depressed, & uncertain. She’s not perfect. I mean, look at her childhood! Her mother died in childbirth & her father is ThunderClan. Then, Feathertail & Stormfur almost(we shall remember Stonefur’s sacrifice forever) died as apprentices! They both had to move from clan to clan. So, yeah, I think Feathertail isn’t a Mary – Sue.

I LOVE LEAFPOOL!! CROWXLEAF IS MY FAVORITE SHIP!!! Anyways… Leafpool is disliked for CrowXLeaf. People claim SHE started it. Um, not true. CROWFEATHER is the one who first confessed to her. Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze(his name should have been Lionpool LOL) were meant to be! Just imagine a world without Jayfeather. How peaceful it would be, but very sad. Hollyleaf is important I guess… And Lionblaze is a good warrior. So if CrowXLeaf didn’t happen, then say goodbye to Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, & Lionblaze’s kits. And their kits. Wait actually, if Jayfeather didn’t exist, then the clans wouldn’t exist either because remember Jay’s Wing(Jayfeather) cast the stone to leave to become the Tribe of Rushing Water, who later became the Clans. So… yeah. Leafpool is a good character because she is a caring medicine cat, & she suffered through way too much.

That’s enough for the girls LOL, lets go to the boys.

Bramblestar is really only hated for when he was leader. I agree he was a bad mate to Squirrelflight in Squirrelflight’s Hope, but just because of one book, he does not deserve all the hate that he gets. The New Prophecy is a great series because of a lot of things, but personally, Bramblestar is an important character because you can see how he struggles with Tigerstar & Hawkfrost. I love reading the first two series honestly, & then the rest of the other series don’t live up to it. Anyways I’m getting off track lol. I do agree that Brambleclaw was better before he became leader, but seriously, it’s just one super edition!

I uh don’t really know any others, well I guess I could do Firestar & Lionblaze…. But I’m too lazy to do them. Post in the comments what article I should do next!!

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  • Rustkit/spark the Mapleshade lover❤️‍🔥🍁🕶💖 (tribe name: Rust that makes Sparks on Stone) who is weirdly proud of her terrible copy of her Purrsona. says:

    Great article! I like TigerXDove too!

    • Ooh, your a Mapleshade lover? Me too! Yay! Anyone who’s a Mapleshade lover please tell me why. I would like to know.

      P.S. also, tell me if you like Dovewing, Firestar, Spottedleaf, Silverstream and Feathertail. Cause I like those characters a lot. Bye!
      Oh, and great article! <3

  • Great article! I agree, especially on what you said about Bramblestar! He does not deserve all the hate he gets!

    Anyway, nice article!

  • Sisters over mates! Sisters over mates! Snowfur , Morningflower, Dovewing, Leafpool! There all terrible siblings. Leafpool didn’t even think about her sister when she left with Crowfeather. Morningflower had a mate who tried to kill her brother! Those listed here were all terrible siblings

    • Uh Cloudrunner never tried to kill Onestar. Also it’s love, lots of cats don’t think about their family when they go to love.

      Sorry if that sounds rude

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