Overlooking warrior cats and what they’re breeds might be by Ashenpaw

Ashenpaw wonders what cat breeds these characters from the series may be.

Artist unknown (Source: Family of Warrior Cats Wiki)

Hello! I’m Rabbitpaw/wing and I’m here to look at some warrior cats and what they’re breeds might be! Keep in mind these are just guesses so count none of this official!

Let’s start with Firestar!

Art by ClimbToTheStars

I think he’d be an American Shorthair. It fits his ‘basic’ vibe for the first arc, and he’s never described to have a ‘flat face’ or any other characteristics of another cat breed. And in most of his artwork, even in the official artwork, he looks like an American shorthair.

Next, lets do Bluestar!

Art by unicorncat

Some people say she’s russian blue, but I disagree with that. Russian blue’s almost always have green eyes, and Bluestar is described with blue eyes, not green or any other color. I think she’s a british shorthair.

Third, also my favorite, Hollyleaf!

Art by Cytroplex

I think she’d be a norwegian forest cat. These cats are large and fluffy, like Hollyleaf. She’s not big enough to be a maine coon, but not small enough to really fit any other cat breed. She’s definitely not a persian, seeing as she doesn’t have a flat muzzle like Yellowfang.

Speaking of Yellowfang, let’s determine her cat breed!

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Is this arguable? I’ve said several times ‘a flat muzzle like YELLOWFANG’ and you know what breed has flat muzzles? Persians. That’s why I think she may be a persian.

Now…a fan favorite…Jayfeather!

Art by maryvirgin

I think he’d either an American Shorthair. My reason on that is that in book 1 of the 3rd arc, ‘The sight’, he’s described to be smaller then both his siblings. American shorthair’s are generally small, so that means it’s possible that he’s an American Shorthair.

To complete the siblings, Lionblaze!

Art by xxNightfirexx

I think he’d be a Maine coon. He’s bigger then both Hollyleaf and Jayfeather, I labelled Hollyleaf as a Norwegian Forest cat, so that’s why I think he’s a Maine Coon.

Lastly, Brightheart!

Art by Songsteps on Warriors Amino

I think she’d be a british shorthair. Not really anying to back it up, I just think so because I swear two Amerian Shorthair’s is plently.

That wraps up my article! Have a good morning/day/noon/afternoon/night/dawn/etc+

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  • Great Article! The Erin’s need to add some more Persian cats to this books (Not making a Persian cat appear out of nowhere that have parents are not Persians ) I’m keeping my hopes up!

  • Rustkit/spark the Mapleshade lover❤️‍🔥🍁🕶💖 (tribe name: Rust that makes Sparks on Stone) who is weirdly proud of her terrible copy of her Purrsona. says:

    Great article !

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