[Jake lounges on the ground with one eye cracked open]

Is Hal Jake’s Father? By Mistypool

Mistypool wonders if Hal is Jake’s father.

Art by Redfall on Warriors Amino

Hello everybody! Today, I have a new theory, is Hal, Jake’s father?
I am the first to think of this, I just, thought about it, and I thought it could make some since. I know that Hal is brown, but, he could have had another mate, who is red, I like to call her Pepper. So I would also assume that Pepper would have had green eyes, because how else would he get them? Also, I know warrior cats don’t really follow genetics, but whatever. And I know what your all saying, “But Hal’s mate is Featherstorm!” You would all be right, but, how do we know that Featherstorm was his ONLY mate? He could have gotten with Pepper like, a year or two before he got together with Featherstorm. He could have left Pepper, for some reason, and he would have rejected Jake.
Just a quick note, I just thought about this, even though its very bad, and that is why Hal is a VERY bad father, is that he found out his son was gay, (Tallstar’s Revege) and hes like; “Heck no!” and then left.
So, anyways, I feel like that Hal could be Jake’s father, and that would make… Raggedstar… Firestar’s Half uncle, as Jake and Raggedstar would be half brothers, and that means that Brokenstar and Firestar, are related, like, cousins twice removed. Then, after being rejected, Jake met Talltail, all the stuff with Tallstar’s Revenge, and the ‘Revenge’ part happens, and then they sadly left eachother. Then Jake decided to change… you know what… and then got together with Quince. Then didn’t want to see his children get sold, so he left, had kits with Nutmeg, then, I guess died of being old, or hes still alive somewhere. Because; “Jake is everyone’s father, Jake is my father, Jake is your father.” There is the quote from Moonkitti, not exactly.
You can believe this if you like, but if you don’t, that is fine, I won’t feel offended, I just thought I should share this.
Justanother fast note, it also says one of his kits is Russetfur, but that could of been Jake’s sister, and it also has an unnamed she’cat as one of his mates, so that could be Pepper.
Bye, bye, everybody! See you guys another time!

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