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Jaymoon lists characters they think should have the chance to tell their story.

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Hi there! I went back to see the old articles and spotted quite a few of these, it seemed like a good idea so I decided to do it!
So let’s get on with it right now!

1. Barley
I think Barley deserves a Super edition, after Scourges Manga I wanted to see what his clan looked like, why Barley left and maybe how he found the farm. Barley seemed to hate Bloodclan and fought bravely against them, I wonder how he felt, barleys backstory could be cool, the name would have to suit it though.

2. Ashfur
Ashfur especially needs a Super Edition, maybe focusing on how he felt when he was blocking off the path to safety when he was about to kill Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf. Also when he was in Starclan and the determination he felt to win Squirrelflights love. An Ashfur Super Edition would be very interesting if you ask me.

3. Briarlight
She does need one, one about her struggles through not able to walk properly. Not becoming a warrior either.

4. Ferncloud
She also needs a super edition. How could a mother cope losing nearly all her kits?! She must have been feeling quite alot of pressure and caring heaps for Birchfall and how he survived. She must be brave and encouraging and willing to not give up hope. I see the books cover to be called: Fernclouds desire.

5. Sol
He needs one very badly! His anger towards the clans took a hold of him and he got really mad! Maybe one about this, how he coped and his travels, meeting Midnight and seeing the other clans. I picture the cover: Sols grudge.

6. Thornclaw
What happened to Thornclaw? Where did he “wander” he was alone and he survived? Hunting for himself and caring for himself. That argument with Lionblaze must have tore a hole in his soul.

7. Half Moon
This isn’t too urgent. But how did she feel travelling to the mountains? Jayfeather suddenly dissapearing? Jayfeather coming back and telling her to become the first Stoneteller? All these questions in wait of an answer. Maybe we’ll find this out in: Half Moons love. I mean love for Jayfeather gave her the trust she needed to becoming a Stoneteller and travelling to the mountains.

8. Mudclaw
Mudclaw was about to become leader when suddenly Onewhisker did? I would feel betrayal too. This is what Mudclaw needs, a Super edition. How did he feel to react? That’s the question. I think: Mudclaws deed

That’s all! I think Ashfir needs one most! Who doesn’t want a look into his life?
Anyway, please let me know down in the comment section which you think was needed most!

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  • Ithink we need one of Barley most because all his stuff with bloodclan. it should be called Barley’s Shadow.

  • Great article! I agree, Barley does need a super edition because he was a former cat of Bloodclan and in the Manga he helps Firestar with there Bloodclan problem. Barley is quite the warrior out of the clans.

  • Great article! With Mudclaw I feel like we already know his story, The Winds of Change was released last year and with the Onestar super edition coming this fall, i’m sure we’ll see more of him there. Overall, i really agree with these! Background characters need more attention!

  • I agree!

    I definitely think Ashfur needs a super edition each to show how he felt when Squirrelflight told him about the kits being Leafpool, and it would be interesting to see his emotions and how he reacted to Squirellflight choosing Brmablestar over him.

  • 🌊✨💖 Elegant Lark Soaring Over Shining Stream. Feather x Crow forever! 🌊✨💖 (Streampaw/lark, she/her) says:

    Great article! I agree, it would be very captivating to read about the backstories and emotions of all these interesting characters!

  • I would say for Briarlight’s maybe “Briarlight’s Struggle” or “Briarlight’s Wish” they could have multiple meanings
    Also totally agree I also think Swiftpaw should have one he is the BEST!!!

  • I came up with titles for all of these <3
    1. Barley's Choice (Because he had to make a tough choice between staying in BloodClan and running away; choosing between doing what's easy and doing what's right.)
    2. Ashfur's Obsession (Because of his obsession over Squirrelflight.)
    3. Briarlight's Sorrow (Because of Briarlight's sorrow that she could never become a warrior after she lost use of her back legs.)
    4. Ferncloud's Scars (I like Ferncloud's Desire, but I feel like Ferncloud's Scars would be a better story title, describing how losing her kits felt like getting scarred in the heart.)
    5. I think Sol's Grudge is the perfect title!
    6. I haven't read past Dawn of the Clans (and don't plan to), so I don't know what argument you're talking about (sorry!).
    7. Half Moon's Love is the perfect title!
    8. Mudclaw's Envy (Because he was envious that Onewhisker was made deputy and believed that he, Mudclaw, should've been leader.)
    And I would just like to add that I think that Stormfur should have his own super edition too! I think it should be called "Stormfur's Soul". And I think it would answer a lot of questions. Did Stormfur ever get over Feathertail's death? Does he blame anyone in particular for Feathertail's death? Perhaps, himself? Does he ever miss the clans? Does he imagine what would've happened if he had stayed with them? Another character that should totally have a super edition is Mousefur. In the first and second series she didn’t get a lot of page time, so to speak, and by the third series she was already an elder. I would love to see a super edition about her life as an apprentice and a young warrior, and what she thought of the other cats, especially Firestar. Maybe it could be called “Mousefur’s Mind” or something like that.

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