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Nightcloud, the cat that everyone seems to dislike by Cheetahclaw

Cheetahclaw takes a look at Nightcloud.

Art by smoltoxin

Nightcloud is my favorite out of all the warrior cats.
Why? Okay, I’ll admit it. She’s not very kind, but i can relate to the feeling of being used. I dont know what kind of person you are, but im sure you know that wouldnt be all rainbows and marshmellos if you found out the person you thought was the love of your life, was using you to get over a ex after you had their child. I dont want you to feel bad bad her, but she never deserved hate.

I find myself in NIghtcloud:
I’m tall
I can be cold
I get jealous
Im loyal
Im often polite

She is mostly shown with Crowfeather, and with him, she’s mostly mean.
But she had his kits, so she did not leave him. So before Crowfeathers trial, this was what i disliked about her, but now that they are broken up, i dont see why everyone dislikes her. But i see why she didnt break up with Crowfeather earlier, she was afraid to hurt Breezepelt, and tried to make it work. She cared about her son, and stayed strong and tried to raise Breezepelt. But Breezepelt wanted to prove for his father and himself-and that’s why he joined the Dark forest.
NIghtcloud wasn’t always mean and cruel to Crowfeather, for example.
( Read the word wasnt always agian, i dont want you to go say she was mean to him)

“Is everything okay?” Nightcloud was asking. “Who were you talking to?”
“No one important,” Crowfeather grunted, and Leafpool felt her heart crack. “Come on. Let’s finish our patrol.”
-Leafpool’s wish, page 149
She wasn’t cruel from the beginning. But Crowfeather was. He didn’t tell her about Leafpool, and said it was no one important.
And after Crowfeather’s trial, I thought people would like her more after she and Crowfeather became friends. But they still hate her!! I mean, no one hates Nightcloud for her personality, or her story, or anything else. People say she was horrible to Crowfeather and Breezepelt.
Okay, it’s obvious she was mean with Crowfeather, but she wasnt with Breezepelt!
I can’t find the page, but remember that time when she calmed Breezepaw and Lionpaw when they had been at the light gathering. Thats nice of her,and proves that she´s not completly cold hearted.
Honestly its sad that people rarely likes her, just cuase shes more of
“ Crowfeathers no love”
And if he had enough space in his heart for Leafpool, Feathertail and his mother, he could have enough for Breezepelt and Nightcloud.

Okay, its okay if you disagree, but if you agree, all i have to say is…

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  • Awesome article!! I don’t love Nightcloud, but I definitely like her. People hate her just because she was ‘Crowfeather’s False Love’, while Leafpool and Feathertail were ‘Crowfeather’s True Love’. People also seem to say she was a bad mother, when the only thing she did was love and care for Breezepelt.

  • I like Nightcloud fine! She’s not my favorite character but I don’t no why people hate her so much.

  • Great Article!! I really think it was well written!! I totally agree with this and I think NightCloud is a great character!! Please reply if you like MapleShade I think she is another one of those misunderstood cats.

  • 🌊✨💖 Elegant Lark Soaring Over Shining Stream. Feather x Crow forever! 🌊✨💖 (Streampaw/lark, she/her) says:

    Great article! I agree – the amount of hate shown to Nightcloud by the fandom is honestly quite unreasonable and a bit excessive (in my opinion). While she’s not my favorite character and I can’t claim that she did nothing wrong, I do enjoy reading about her personality and character development… she’s unique and different from a lot of Warriors characters! I also think, like you said, that she was very caring towards Breezepelt besides being overprotective.

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