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Hello there! I’m Vinecloud and I will be talking about Mapleshade. Was she really evil? (Warning! Contains spoilers of Mapleshade’s Vengeance). Most people would say that she did deserve the Dark Forest, and well, she half did. She did break the code more than once, and murdered three cats. But why? Was she like Tigerstar, power hungry? No! Mapleshade didn’t do what she did only because she wanted power. She was just heart broken! She acted because of her grief and this lead her to killing three cats that she blamed for the death of her kits. Like any other queen, Mapleshade was just heartbroken and upset. She wanted revenge, not power.

Firstly, the cat she loved with all her heart turned his back on her, and blamed her for their kits dying. That’s just horrible. And once Mapleshade crossed the river and stepped into RiverClan’s camp, she got turned away because she ‘broke the code’. Didn’t Appledusk break the code too? Didn’t he have kits with a cat from a different Clan? But he still was forgiven! She was probably shocked and already filled with rage. No wonder she killed Appledusk.

And what other cat is to blame for the death of Mapleshade’s kits? Well, Oakstar. Oakstar didn’t act wisely when he found out about Mapleshade and Appledusk. He also broke the code, because in the warrior code, it says, “No warrior can neglect a kit in pain or danger, even if the kit is from a different Clan.” This means Oakstar had no right to exile Mapleshade because of who she loved. He didn’t care about what would happen to her kits. Leafpool had kits with Crowfeather, but she was forgiven. She wasn’t exiled, nor were her kits. So why was Mapleshade exiled, along with her kin? This all led to her getting driven by her grief. She was heartbroken and alone. All the cats she had once loved were gone. There was no other way she could have acted without feeling that urge for revenge. So in my opinion, Mapleshade wasn’t evil. She was just grieving. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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  • People really need to start thinking about MapleShades feelings
    I think she was really mainly evil beacuse she was heartbroken, i mean
    she lost her kits,was rejected by TWO clans, her mate cheated on her and her mate
    dumped her AS WELL.
    Start loving MapleShade guys

    • it doesnt matter that she had feelings. She still killed and manipulated many cats. She is not misunderstood, she is evil. Like i said i LOVE mapleshade she is awesome, but she is a villain

        • Yes she can, but those feelings dont justify murder. She also killed many cats in the Great battle, and was one of their main leaders. she is a bad person but yes she can have feelings

  • I totally agree with this article! I think it only made matters worse that StarClan sent her to the Dark Forest. Imagine what kind of cat she could’ve been if she had the care and warmth of StarClan to help her recover from all that trauma. I know she kind of becomes a villain later on, but she didn’t have to be. I think StarClan created their own enemy and made a huge mistake by sending her to the Dark Forest!

    • yes! If she had met her kits in starclan, and had starclan to help her recover and become good, then she would have been a useful cat in the great battle. She was very good at fighting, and could have easily fought fro starclan and the clans if starclan hadn’t made that huge mistake! Mapleshade killed cats, yes, but she did it only out of grief.

  • you’re right! frecklewish, oakstar, ravenwing, applesucks, and darkstar, the most, were all horrible to mapleshade and couldn’t expect their lives to not be taken away for the awful way they treated her. She was busted, exiled, helplessly watched her kits die, and was rejected by riverclan and who she thought was her mate and loved her. She was rejected by everyone, and everyone she ever loved turned against her. Mapleshade didn’t deserve the dark forest and only wanted revenge on the cats who wronged her so badly! But seriously, Darkstar, you forgive applesucks even though he mated with a cat from another clan, but reject an exile from thunderclan right after her mate rejected her and her kits died?

  • 🌊✨💖 Elegant Lark Soaring Over Shining Stream. Feather x Crow forever! 🌊✨💖 (Streampaw/lark, she/her) says:

    Great article! You have a lot of well-written points in here; great job! In my opinion, however, Mapleshade was evil. She didn’t start out like that, of course, but as her yearning for revenge, sorrow, grief, and anger continued to be amplified, she thought the only solution was to have her revenge – as, in her perspective, it was the right thing to do. Alas, all (most) villains see what they’re doing as right, as the only way to fix things, and this is what Mapleshade thought as she murdered 3 cats. Sure, she was heartbroken, but that’s not exactly an excuse or a certain label of innocence when one kills three cats (4, counting Spottedleaf’s 2nd death). She had a choice in the matter – she could forgive and move forward with her life, like Leafpool did – but no, she decided to torment, not just kill her victims, leaving them in suffering. And she enjoyed the pain she caused while it lasted.

    Now, someone driven with anger could want revenge, but to cause so much agony and suffering while being happy about it? That’s the mark of a true villain, what Mapleshade was. If that’s not enough, she also brought her revenge upon the offspring of her mate’s children’s children’s children’s… a cat who was entirely innocent and had nothing whatsoever, other than his kin, to do with Mapleshade or her kits’ death.

    Mapleshade is a great villain and she’s not innocent (nor are the ones she harmed in her life, however) but I respect your opinion, and once again, great article!

  • Mapleshade was one of the Broken Villains of Warrior Cats – along with Ashfur and Tigerclaw, all of them were broken by the ones they loved/cared for and/or their clans – in Mapleshade’s case, it was base her loved ones and her clan – Tigerclaw was broken by his father’s abandonment of him as a kit, and Ashfur was broken by Squirrelflight’s rejection of his love.

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