Did Tigerstar really lose? by Finchclaw

Finchclaw takes a look at Tigerstar’s goals and whether he succeeded in them or not.

Artwork by Coinn8

Hi, I’m Finchclaw and this is my first article! Today, I’ll be speaking about Tigerstar. Tigerstar is probably one of the best villains of the series, due to his strength and overall fear-inducing actions throughout the series. As we all know, Tigerstar was finally beaten in the end in OOTS, thanks to good ol’ Firestar! But here’s the question; did Tigerstar really lose?

What do I mean by this? Well, Tigerstar had many goals throughout his lifetime. These being;
1: take over the clans
2: make Firestar suffer.

And unfortunately, Tigerstar may have won these goals.

Now, let’s go over to Tigerstar’s son, Bramblestar. Bramblestar isn’t a very good character nowadays in my opinion, due to his treatment of his deputy and other clanmates. Bramblestar isn’t evil, but he isn’t exactly good either. However, Bramblestar’s reign over Thunderclan is the exact reason as to why I believe Tigerstar has won in an even worse way. Let’s look at goal 1, Take over the clans. While Bramblestar is only the leader of Thunderclan, his clan definitely has a large grasp on the rest of the lake. Think about it; their responsible for things that’ll force the other clans to repay their debt. Shadowclan’s Darktail problem in AVOS, Skyclan’s return in AVOS, Windclan’s Darktail problem in AVOS and yet again, Riverclan’s Darktail problem in AVOS.

I have a feeling that Bramblestar is definitely gonna use these debts to his advantage, as we’ve seen how cruel he can be in some situations. For example, driving out the sisters was a horrific and terrible choice on his part. He should’ve just told them to not take up as much territory and everything would’ve been fine and neat. Plus, Bramblestar’s a hypocrite, which he shares with Tigerstar.

Tigerstar had a forbidden relationship with a kittypet, so did Bramblestar (almost).
Tigerstar attempted to drive out a clan, Bramblestar successfully drove out a group.
Tigerstar attempted to have two half-clan apprentices publicly executed, it’s only a matter of time till Bramblestar follows suit.

But what about goal 2? This is where it gets tricky. Bramblestar and Firestar were on heavily good terms, so Tigerstar isn’t getting his wish here, right? Well, we’ve seen that if Tigerstar can’t get the real thing, he goes for the second-best option. For example, he kills Redtail first instead of Bluestar. In this situation, Bramblestar is the killer of Squirrelflight’s happiness.

In the end, Tigerstar won through his son’s future actions. Bramblestar’s Thunderclan has a strong grasp over the lake and makes Firestar’s kin suffer in the process.

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  • Omg, I hate Tigerstar SO MUCH. 😠 He is the worst cat ever!!! But, I do kind of agree. I mean, Bramble did a lot of Tigerstar-ish stuff, and Squirrel NEEDS to break up with him. If I could meet any warriors cat, I would meet Squirrel, so I could tell her to break up with Bramble. I mean, it should happen.

    Tigerstar =😈
    Bramble =🙄
    Squirrel =😃

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