[Heathertail and Breezepelt look at each other lovingly]

Loving and defending Heather x Breeze by Mountainstorm

Mountainstorm shares why they ship Heathertail and Breezepelt.

Art by winterberry132

Hello kits, apprentices, warriors, elders, medicine cats!
This time I will be discussing one of my favorite ships and why I love it, plus, defending it, because it does get a lot of hate and unhealthy accusations. The original version of this article was titled “Why I love Heather x Breeze”, but I decided to re-write most of it after I re-read it and found it wasn’t written all that well.
I’ve also been reading old articles on BlogClan and have gotten more perspective on other people’s thoughts on this pairing; most of which aren’t that great so I think I need to not only explain myself better, but also stick in a little defending.
Let’s dive right in!

I like the ships I like mostly because of kindness. For example, with Feather x Crow, it was born out of kindness and support, or Moth Flight and Miach, or Brightheart and Cloudtail. It’s kinda the same thing with Heather x Breeze!

Heathertail always supported Breezepelt, even when the rest of his Clanmates shut him down and accused him of wild things, like murdering his own mother, or just making him relive the hardest emotional times in his life, reopening partly healed mental wounds.

Heathertail defended him through it all, standing by him, and letting him lean on her. Which is a part of a healthy relationship.
And kindness.
Standing by your partner’s side through good and bad.
Of course, you could argue that Heathertail only defended him because she loved him. Which is true, but it probably isn’t the whole reason. Keep in mind that though Breezepelt had been padding after Heathertail since he was an apprentice, Heathertail only became interested in him after the battle, probably feeling bad for him while he was in his depressed and broken state. (Though as an apprentice, I thought she was a really good friend to Breezepelt and I already thought they were pretty cute back then :3)

She wanted to help, she wanted to see him happy again. Thus she stood by his side through it all, proving that Heathertail wouldn’t only stick by Breezepelt when things were good, but also when things were bad.

I also like this ship because it was more like a background romance- the book where it really started to bloom, (Crowfeather’s Trial) didn’t revolve around their relationship, like some other books did. It was sorta refreshing to have a big ship happen in the background and not flare up suddenly and squeeze it’s way into the main plot. It made the ship seem well developed, not too rushed, not too unrealistic.

Not to mention how Heathertail was the one who brought Breezepelt back from his mental isolation after the great battle. After such a long life of family trouble and mentally abusive parents and mentors and friends, Breezepelt finally found someone who actually made him happy, accepted him for who he was, and made him become a better cat later on in life. It was nice to see him happy again, and have an actual healthy relationship with someone at long last; to have a kind cat love him for once.
Not that Nightcloud wasn’t loving of him, though she did often toy with his emotions and was quite possessive of her son till Crowfeather’s Trial, when she became a better mother, and a better friend to Crowfeather. I must admit, I do like Nightcloud in Crowfeather’s Trial! 🙂

Heathertail and Breezepelt are a healthy and cute couple, all in all. They support and love each other when times are hardest, and even during sunny days. They listen to each other, even before Heathertail became romantically interested in Breezepelt and they became mates.

The two WindClan warriors flanked them as they crossed the moor. No one spoke, but a low growl rumbled occasionally in Breezepelt’s throat. Heathertail swung her head and glared at her Clanmate.
“Will you stop making that noise!” she growled.
“Do you want to make them feel welcome?” Breezepelt snapped back.
“I think they got the message from Onestar,” Heathertail pointed out. “They don’t need you snarling at them all the way to the hollow. They’re just apprentices.”
“It’ll teach them not to do it again.”
“Just shut up!” Heathertail snorted. “No one died and made you a leader.”
Breezepelt let out a hiss, then was quiet.
– Fading Echoes

Heathertail stood up for the apprentices. And, best of all, Breezepelt listened to her. He snapped his jaws shut and stopped what was annoying Heathertail without arguing. This quote proves he has respect and submissiveness for her. Which is really good; he doesn’t seek control in their relationship like Bramblestar is Bramble x Squirrel, who would have probably snapped at Squirrelflight for daring to tell him what to do.

Heathertail and Breezepelt have conflicts, but not too many, and they clearly don’t just keep quiet to please the other, like most other couples in Warriors do. Heathertail isn’t afraid to make Breezepelt keep quiet, or to stand up to him, and yup, here I’m saying it again; Breezepelt listens to her, respects her, and so on, so on.

Thay have good development, all the cute moments they need, and a pretty nice healthy relationship which they both contribute to dearly.

Now time for a few cute scenes, which really made their relationship blossom!

I really liked the part when Breezepelt dived into a whole wave of stoats to save Heathertail.
He was willing to sacrifice his own life just to save hers. I found it sweet and inspiring. A relationship is about putting aside your own selfish reasons and putting your mate first. Seeing them happy will make you happy. And as if that action wasn’t noble enough, Breezepelt was also terrified of the tunnels. Crowfeather noted he was trembling beside him the whole time, reliving the moment in his life when he had nearly drowned down there, and the dark probably wasn’t helping his nerves. Overcoming his fear and sacrificing his life just to find and help Heathertail is…just…awesome!

So while I do like Breezepelt, I’ll admit any day he was incredibly selfish while training in the Dark Forest. The moment when he dived into the stoats and rushed into the dark felt like the moment he was brushing off all that, leaving behind his egocentric self behind and risking his own life to save the cat he loved. Seeing Heathertail happy and alive made him happy- he knew that when saving her. Which is why he did it and why that is a big leap for him.

He didn’t matter. He would join StarClan in a heartbeat- so that the warrior could keep on going in the living world, proving Breezepelt has really changed and would become a stable mate and father, willing to sacrifice his life and happiness for the better of others.

“Heathertail!” Breezepelt exclaimed horsley. “She’s in danger!” He sprang forward, but Crowfeather was faster, leading the way into the passage. Breezepelt pressed up close behind him, with Crouchfoot and Larkwing following. […] Crowfeather’s heart pounded harder with every paw step. He could hardly bear to think what Breezepelt must be feeling. But Crowfeatger could detect no signs that his son was panicking; he could hear Breezepelt’s paw steps flowing steadily behind. If he had any impulse to bolt, he was doing a good job fighting it. […] “But we have to go on,” Breezepelt protested. “We have to do whatever we can to save Nightcloud and Heathertail.” -Crowfeather’s Trial

And then he saves her 🙂

I also liked the moment when Breezepelt was acting all tough about his injuries after the battle. Crowfeather comes up to him and tells him that Heathertail isn’t around so he doesn’t have to act all tough anymore. After that Breezepelt kinda deflates. I find it cute and funny that he tried to act like a strong lion when he’s a bunny from the inside just doesn’t want Heathertail to see that.

“You know, Heathertail isn’t listening. You don’t have to act tough.”
-Crowfeather to Breezepelt, Crowfeather’s Trial

I think after spending a lot of time with Heathertail though, he changed and probably showed Heathertail the real cat he was inside; it would be impossible not to do so after being together for so long and living through so many difficulties and adventures. Still a cute scene!

Heathertail and Breezepelt are also incredibly loyal to each other. Breezepelt not only saves Heathertail from the sotoats, but he’s also looking after her when they go to rescue Nightcloud; Heathertail insists she can look after herself, which is some awesome female-power, and healthy- Breezepelt’s loyalty and love is till touching and tender in this moment.

“No, don’t hurt them,” [Heathertail to Gorsetail] “Climb the fence. I’ll hold them off.”
Breezepelt instantly stepped forward to stand shoulder to shoulder with her. “I’m not leaving you.”
Heathertail gave him a shove. “Go on, mouse-brain. I’ll be fine.”
-Crowfeather’s Trial

And let’s not forget how loyally Heathertail stayed by Breezepelt’s side when he was gravely injured in the battle with the stoats. She kept checking on him every chance she got, comforting him, coaxing him gently to eat his herbs when Breezepelt wouldn’t take them from Kestrelflight.

“Most of his wounds are healing nicely,” Kestrelflight told her, while Heathertail coaxed Breezepelt to eat the herbs.
-Crowfeather’s Trial

Or when Breezepelt was injured before that. She immediately offers to stay with him, and doesn’t want to leave.

Heathertail hesitated, casting an uncertain glance at Breezepelt. Crowfeather could tell that she wanted to stay with him. -Crowfeather’s Trial

Heathertail and Breezepelt make a great team, too. They combine their strengths and work together to overcome small and big challenges; from fighting off savage animals to getting the Elizabethan collar off Nightcloud when they free her from Pickle and the twolegs.

Breezepelt and Heathertail had teamed up, clawing and biting at the white thing until they finally tore it off.
-Crowfeather’s Trial

We have some more proof of how affectionate, kind, and supportive they are towards in each here too:

“And after all that, we didn’t have time to do them all,” Breezepelt complained. “Onestar insisted on stopping when the sun went down. That means the stoats can still get out so it was all for nothing. I feel like every scrap of skin has been scrapped off my pads.”
“It’ll be fine.” Heathertail gave Breezepelt a friendly nudge.
-Crowfeather’s Trial

“I’ve got an idea,” Heathertail meowed before Crowfeather could start looking for the best place to cross the stream. [Heathertail explains her plan to roll in ThunderClan scent markers] “That’s a brilliant plan!” Breezepelt exclaimed.
-Crowfeather’s Tria;

”You’re sure you know what to do?” [Heathertail] asked. […] “Yes, we’ll be fine,” Breezepelt replied. [Heathertail nervously explained the layout of the tunnels] “We’ll be careful.” Breezepelt promised her.
-Crowfeather’s Trial

Breezepelt and Heathertail had leaned closer together, speaking softly to each other when Onestar padded up. Crpwfeather suppressed a mrrow of amusement when he saw the two young cats guiltily jump apart.
-Crowfeather’s Trial

And one of my favorite moments; when Breezepelt really sinks into the mental pain of his past actions and believes determinedly that Heathertail would never really want to be with him, and is truly shocked that she does indeed. He’s so insecure, which is pretty tragic.

“How do you feel?” Crowfeather asked. “You’ve been really ill. We were all worried about you.”
“I’m fine…,” Breezepelt murmured, he raised his head and looked around him, blinking in vague surprise to see the sleeping kestrelflight and the darkness outside. “You’ve been here all night?” he asked.
“Yes, well…” Crowfeather felt uncomfortable as he realized that Breezepelt was touched to see him there. “Heathertail was watching over you,” he went on rapidly, “but she got so exhausted that I talked her into going for a rest. She and Nightcloud will be back at dawn to see how you are.”
“That’s good,” Breezepelt responded. “Heathertail is…amazing.”
“She certainly is,” Crowfeather agreed.
“I can’t believe she actually wants to be with me,” Breezepelt continued, a bewildered but happy expression on his face.
“Why on earth not?” Crowfeather touched Breezepelt’s shoulder with his tail- tip. “You’re a loyal WindClan warrior, and one of the bravest.”
Breezepelt met his gaze, disbelief in his eyes. “You really believe that?”
“I really do.”
-Crowfeather’s Trial

Okay, time for defending next! People find lots of reasons to hate this pairing, but most reasons, in my opinion, aren’t very valid. Most are more like assumptions and theories and misinterpretation than actual reason, logic, and real fact. Take, for example, a theory video from Pinkbunnygirl43. I watched that video…and honestly? I don’t think it’s true. It was said there that Vicky said Harespring had a crush on Heathertail, but Breezepelt threatened him at a Dark Forest training session, so he decided to back off. But…three things.

1.) It isn’t backed up by solid facts
The only thing people can find in the books about this possibly being true is that Harespring never took a mate. But…I don’t think that’s all that big a fact, or a coincidence. Many cats don’t have mates, and since Harespring was busy with Dark Forest stuff, and later deputy stuff, and then leader stuff, there probably wasn’t a lot of time for things like falling in love, getting a mate, and having kits. You might argue that Firestar managed to do so, but Firestar wasn’t going to a terrible place every night and getting mangled by scary, evil ghost-spirit cats.
If the Erins wanted this to be true, they would have written it in the books, not beaten around the bush by saying it somewhere behind the curtains.
For example, Tall x Jake was confirmed by the Erins; but it had a lot of hints in the books too, while with the Breezepelt and Harespring moment, the only thing there is to prove is a tom not having a mate. So far- Harestar is still alive with quite a lot of lives.

2.) It wasn’t confirmed
So…it was said…but it wasn’t confirmed. And I looked through every Erin Hunter chat, and it wasn’t there. It might have been said elsewhere, but why say it so obscurely? If it’s such an important thing?

3.) Opinions in Warriors contradict
Since there are a lot of writers involved in Warriors, opinions often conradice. One book says this. The other one does the opposite. For example, Jaypaw promised to let his love for Half Moon go and be a true medicine cat; but a few books later, he wants to take her as a mate.
Or this, in one of the chats:

Question: Does Heathertail still like Lionblaze? Or are her and Breezepelt really in love?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Poor Heathertail, I suspect part of her heart still belongs to Lionblaze even though she knows it is an impossible love (yay, one of my favorite things!). No way are she and Breezepelt in love! Although their relationship is more complicated than “just friends”

Vicky confirmed Breezepelt and Heathertail aren’t in love, yet in Crowfeather’s Trial, they become mates. If Vicky “confirmed” Breezepelt threatened Harespring, can we really believe it’s true, when even chat confirmations don’t often come true? I don’t think so. And I don’t think it’s fair to judge their relationship based entirely on opinions instead of solid fact written down on paper.

What else do people hate on this ship? Here are a few more things I found after digging though BlogClan:

-He’s controlive of Heathertail
Nah, I don’t think so. Breezepelt visibly has difficulty expressing himself, and Heathertail knows that too. There’s a quote at Lionpaw’s first gathering, which many people interpret as Breezepaw being cruel towards Heatherpaw, and Heatherpaw too afraid of him to do anything but be kind towards him at that, also proving that Breezepelt is a bad father and mate.

“You’re not going to waste your time chatting to these two, are you?” The black-pelted WindClan apprentice sat down beside Heatherpaw. “Ivypaw and Owlpaw have just challenged Berrypaw to a competition to see who can jump the highest.” He licked a forepaw and drew it over his ear. “Why don’t you go and watch it, then?” Heatherpaw replied. “Why don’t you come with me?” A challenging glint sparked in Breezepaw’s eye.” – The Dark River

Here, Breezepaw is inviting Heatherpaw along to watch the competition with him. He just has trouble expressing himself- and again- Heatherpaw knows this, which is why she isn’t angry at him. People also hate him for being rude and judging the cats she hangs out with- but what about Dustpelt? Or Sandstorm? They are both unfriendly, like Breezepaw, to outsiders. That doesn’t mean they are bad mates or parents.

Next is probably this: Smokepaw, Breezepelt’s daughter is noted to be very shy, staying close to her mentor, by Alderheart. Many people immediately jump to the conclusion that Breezepelt is abusive to her, and it’s the reason she’s so afraid.
But- really? There are multiple things to go against this, like Breezepelt has another daughter, Brindlewing, who isn’t shy, and that if the writers really wanted to paint Breezeoelt as an abusive father, they would have showed us a scene where he was abusive to his kits, instead of claiming Smokepaw is shy. Not to mention Smokepaw probably wouldn’t be shy of cats from other Clans because her father is abusive…that doesn’t really make much sense. Not to mention further books imply proof that Breezepelt is indeed a good father. Claiming Breezepelt is abusive just because one of his daughter’s is shy, is a really far stretch, in my opinion.

These are the reasons I could find; Breezepaw was bossy and “possessive”. But if you think about it; this was the time Breezepelt was being brainwashed by evil-murdering-scary ghost cats, turning all his bottled up anger into violence.

Now we have proof, as the books glide on, that Breezepelt isn’t a bad father or mate, that he’s changed and is not a bad cat; he’s a cat who is crying when his father leaves for the Dark Forest to save StarClan, yet doesn’t turn away- he’d rather let others see him cry than take his eyes off his father- doesn’t hesitate when it comes to the choice of swapping places with his father at a dangerous quest, and accepts Tree’s kind words with love and appreciation instead of snapping at him like he would have done before.

His relationship with Heathertail isn’t toxic. He isn’t an unstable father, or mate. Instead, quote the opposite. He’s kind, and loving. He shares a healthy relationship with Heathertail, and with his kits; everyone of them, from Woodsong and Appleshine to Brindlewing and Smokehaze.

Before wrapping up this article, (and adding a bow :3) I’d like to share some of my favorite Warriors comics about this power couple!
(Part 1)
(Part 2)
(Part 3)

So there you have it! In conclusion, I love this ship because of the love, kindness, support, the selfless actions and loyalty that is an everlasting flame between Heathertail and Breezepelt. Heather x Breeze forever! 💖💖💖

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