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Dovewing Rant by Brackenpaw

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Brackenpaw rants about Dovewing – what do you think of her?

Hello, Brackenpaw here! Today I will be doing a rant about Dovewing and why she is selfish, ungrateful, and just a straight-up jerk to ThunderClan and her family! This is just my opinion, it is perfectly ok to have your own opinions.


First of all. I’d like to point out that (as I said in my previous article, “Least Favorite Characters”,) Dovepaw was almost completely oblivious to the fact that her sister, Ivypaw, was being hurt and feeling lonely and left out. Keyword: almost. She knew very well that she was training in the Dark Forest, and wanted Ivypaw to stop, but did she do anything to help? NO! Well, mostly nothing. All Dovepaw did was tell her to stop. Um, that does not help at all (or at least, in this situation, it doesn’t)!!! She doesn’t even try to make her sister feel better! True, she does cover for Ivypaw, but she doesn’t do anything to make her feel better.

After the battle with the Dark Forest, things go back to normal and Dovewing, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather lose their powers which must have been a traumatic experience. Jayfeather and Lionblaze had trouble adjusting, but they didn’t react to it like Dovewing did. She thought it was the end of her life, that she was utterly useless, that she had no worth to anyone anymore. And do you know what Dovewing did? She complained about it! Instead of doing the responsible thing and move on, she dwelt on it long after it happened! And she took it out on poor Bumblestripe when he was just trying to comfort her! In Bramblestar’s Storm, Bramblestar overhears Dovewing and Bumblestripe talking in the tunnels. It went something like this (I’d do a quote, but I don’t have a copy of Bramblestar’s Storm handy, and I couldn’t find anything on the fandom):
Bumblestripe: Hey, Dovewing. I can tell something’s wrong, wanna talk about it? It would be good for you.
Dovewing: Leave me alone!
Bumblestripe: Are you sure? You seem really worked up-
Dovewing: Get off my case! It’s none of your business!
And then she brushes past him. So yeah, Bumblestripe was trying to help, and Dovewing was being just a teeny-tiny bit rude.

Skipping to AVoS, when Dovewing and Tigerheart(star) leave their Clans. She pressures Tigerheart(star) into coming with her! WHY IN STARCLAN’S NAME WOULD YOU DO THAT?!? Dovewing was expecting kits at the time, so why would she run away??? With almost zero chance of survival and no medicine cat?!?! This is another reason that Dovewing is an awful, selfish cat who was not just endangering herself and Tigerheart(star), but her unborn kits as well! She was lucky that Shadowsight, Lightleap, and Pouncestep survived. Another thing that really makes me mad is that StarClan granted Tigerstar nine lives. True, it wasn’t entirely his fault that he ran away, but he was the one that left his Clan when they needed him the most! And barely any ShadowClan cats distrusted him for it!!
Also, in AVoS and TBC, it looks like Dovewing almost entirely disregards her daughters. She was under a lot of stress, yes, but this is where she acts kind of like Millie. Almost completely ignoring her other kits for one who was (mentally or physically) injured in some sort of way. Even after Shadowsight stopped having seizures, Dovewing kept doting on him. Mothers do need to keep tabs on their children, but… yeah. One of the only interactions she has with her daughters is when Leapflight volunteers to go to the Dark Forest, and Dovewing’s all like “No!” But when Shadowsight ends up going, she’s all like “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GO!” See what I mean? She is also super whiny about it.

Another thing about her is that she’s literally always at Tigerstar’s side! Always right there with him on the Great Rock (or whatever ShadowClan’s meeting thing is), always counseling him on important decisions, and always with him in important leaders-only things! Leaders-only. Meaning ONLY LEADERS! *sigh*. I mean, I get that she loves him and stuff, but all of those are mostly Cloverfoot’s job, not Dovewing’s.

Now I’m going to get more into the TigerXDove ship a little bit.
Usually, I’m all for forbidden romance! But this… this is just not my cup of tea. Mainly because of how both of them used each other, like when ShadowClan took Ivypaw hostage, and Tigerheart told Dovepaw about it and told her to convince her Clanmates to give up some catmint, otherwise they wouldn’t give Ivypaw back. That is a HUGE red flag! At least Dovepaw broke up with him for a little while, but then why did she go back to him? Things were fine with the two until, like I discussed before, they ran away and abandoned their families.

I think this wraps up my rant about why I think Dovewing is a jerk. This is just my opinion, so I’m sorry if I offended you with anything I said. Until next time, Brackenpaw out!

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  • I mostly agree, but I feel like the rift between Ivypaw and Dovepaw was caused by Ivypaw. Ivypaw assumed that Dovepaw didn’t care about her anymore, even though she did. What Ivypaw assumed was what had them slowly drift apart. And I sympathize with Dovewing a little bit when she lost her powers, because it would’ve been hard to adjust to not really being able to hear as much.

    Anyway, nice article!

  • I agree , Dovepaw lied to Ivypaw that she wished she didnt have her powers . Ivypaw was right not to trust her . Then Dovewing wines about losing her powers and then decides to run off with Tigerheart into the sunset like her sister never existed. Definition of a pick me girl: Dovewing

  • I honestly love Dovewing. This article is a bit cliche considering the fact that Bumblestripe was the one that was desperate for Dovewing and even stalked her. Also, Dovewing loved her powers and imagine something being taken away from you that you were so attached with, yeah, I would get upset. Also, Dovewing was kind to Ivypool and never bothered to ask her if she had powers or not. It wasn’t Dovewing’s fault, it was the Erins because they literally force this poor thing to choose either Tigerheart or Bumblestripe, and none were a good choice.

  • I. Love. This. Article! I agree 100% Dovewing was so annoying and I always hated her mainly when she became a apprentice. Then the cherry on top she was to whiny!

  • I HATE DOVEWING TO NEPTUNE AND BACK!!!!!!!! She’s so annoying JUST DIE ALREADY!!!!!!! She’s whiny and should have drowned Ashfur instead of Bristlefrost. IVYPOOL IS A GAZILLION TIMES BETTER!!!!!!!!!!! She’s like Kara in Aru Shah OMG I HATE HER!!!!! She’s so annoying she betrays then destroys there weapons and then says sorry to them. Kara and Dovewing are alike because they both have a rift between their sisters Ivypool and Aru. Aleast Kara was not whiny, unlike Dovewing. Man I have to do I rant on Kara and Dovewing. Read Aru Shah and make up your mind about Kara she’s the worst.

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