Giving “Heathers” Characters Warrior Names! by Wilted’eye

Wilted’eye gives Warrior names to Heathers characters

Hello BlogClanners! My name is Wilted`eye, and I’ll be giving my favorite “Heathers” characters warrior names! I hope you enjoy! Also, beware that this article contains spoilers for both the movie and musical. Please do not spread hate in the comments section and respect my nd other people’s opinions 🙂

1. Veronica – Olivehiss
I thought that since Veronica was a snarky kind of person, the suffix “hiss” might have fit. But Veronica is also a person who just wants people to be nice to each other, I gave the prefix “olive” because the olive branch is the symbol of peace. Veronica’s name alsooooo kinda ties in with J.D’s.

2. J.D – Flamecry
No need for an explanation. You can figure this one out. Just kidding, I have J.D this name because he tried to blow up the entire high school, just so him and Veronica could be together. I gave him the suffix “cry” because of the song “Meant to be Yours” he sang from the musical, which was initially him telling Veronica that he was meant to be hers. I also cried while watching that part of the musical.

3. Heather Chandler – Iceheart
This is pretty self explanatory. Heather Chandler is a stuck-up, cold-hearted person, so this name is perfect for her. The only other name that would have fit her was Foxheart.

4. Heather Duke – Bitterjade
Since Heather Duke is usually seen reading Moby Dick in the movie and is relatively a quiet girl. Her prefix, “bitter,” comes from her envy of Heather Chandler. I don’t know why anyone would envy Chandler, but oh well.

5. Heather McNamara – Dovescar
Heather McNamara was seen as the most docile of the Heathers, representing the prefix “dove.” But later on she planned to spread a rumor, which represents the suffix “scar.”

And lastly, 5. Martha – Quietriver
Martha is the more quiet girl, who’s emotionally scarred from being bullied. Since Martha is quiet, that’s her prefix. The suffix “river” comes from her soft voice and her tendency to be more docile. Honestly, favorite character in the movie.

Thank you for reading my article, and I hope you have a wonderful day/night 🙂

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