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Names fallen kits and apprentices should have received by Galecloud

Galecloud gives warrior names to those who never received one.

Art by Leftysmudgez

There are many cats, especially in the first arc of Warriors, that never received their names because they died before the could, like Mosskit, or because they left Clan life before their ceremony, like Ravenpaw. I’ll be discussing my opinion on what five cats’ names should have been.

1 – Mosskit
Mosskit died in Bluestar’s Prophecy from hypothermia, but her siblings, Mistykit and Stonekit, lived on to become warriors.
Mosskit designs usually have her white with light grey patches, so Mosspatch could easily be a possible name. I wanted to include ‘Mossspot’, but that looks ridiculous.
Oakheart could also have suggested naming her after another cat, like Mossfur for Bluefur, or Mosspool for Graypool. Mosspelt also seems like a suitable name, just because it makes sense.
Mosswing is a cool-sounding name, too; don’t tell me it sounds funny. Don’t you remember Perchwing?

2 – Swiftpaw
Swiftpaw died what I believe to be an honorable death at the paws of the dog pack, fighting for his Clan, his friend, and his life.
If he had survived, it’s likely that he would’ve left with a horrible injury like Brightheart’s. Knowing Bluestar at the time, she probably would have named him after that, like how poor Brightpaw became Lostface.
I think Swiftclaw could’ve been a nice name, for his skill in battle, especially against the dogs.
Swiftbreeze or Swiftleap would’ve worked too, naming him after his speed.

3 – Ravenpaw
You probably expected everyone’s favorite barn cat to be on the list, and here he is.
One of the authors, Cherith Baldry, stated that his warrior name would’ve been Ravenwing, which works well, as well as Ravenfeather or Ravenflight, all similiar names.
Ravenheart or Raventail both work as well; it’s hard to come with a name that reflects his personality more than his appearance. I guess ‘Raventremble’ or ‘Ravenafraid’ might be accepted, if Bluestar was in one of her ‘moods’.

4 – Snowkit
Poor Snowkit died by being carried of by a hawk, a horrible, unexpected death for him because of his hearing loss.
‘Snow’ is a common prefix for white cats, so his name easily could’ve ended up being Snowpelt, Snowtail or Snownose.
Snowear would be a bit mean, since it’s obviously hinting towards his disability, and Snowfeather or Snowflight would be horribly ironic.
I honestly wish he survived the hawk attack for more reasons than ‘it was sad’; I might make an article about him some other time.

5 – Shrewpaw
Shrewpaw wasn’t in the series for long, but his death touched many fans out there. He was hit by a monster while chasing a pheasant across a thunderpath, hunting for his starving Clan.
Shrewclaw could’ve been a name, although there’s already a Shrewclaw in Windclan.
Shrewnose would’ve been a pretty cure name too, but Shrewfur, Shewpelt or Shrewtail are common suffixes, making them pretty likely to be chosen for him.

That’s all for now! Let me know what you think their names should’ve been. ๐Ÿ™‚

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