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Sandstorm vs. Spottedleaf vs. Cinderpelt. Who should Firestar choose? by Frostedcreek

Frostedcreek takes a look at the top three most popular hetero ships for Firestar.

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So, as you probably know, this is about who Firestar should’ve taken on as a mate. I’m starting with Cinderpelt.

Cinderpelt: So, we all knew she had a little crush on Firestar. Now lets look at Lionblaze. Lionblaze looked the most like Firestar out of the three. He became mates with Cinderheart, the reincarnation of Cinderpelt. Now Spottedleaf.

Spottedleaf: Spottedleaf. Firestar’s aunt-in-law, through Redtail. Had she lived long enough, would the have became mates? Well, Spottedfire shippers, I feel like Firepaw and Spottedleaf have too much of an age gap. The same goes for Ferndust. Dustpelt is a huge creep. I know Fernpaw was apprenticed late, but she’s still a child! Plus, that stops him from training Ashpaw! Anyway, back to Spottedleaf. I think they might’ve, but I find it very unlikely they’d have a healthy relationship. He’d be much better off with Sandstorm. Speaking of Sandstorm, it’s her turn.

Sandstorm: The mother of his kits. Sometimes they do disagree, like in Power of Three, they argue a bit. Sandfire is a good ship though. They have a long, healthy relationship. Back to Cinderpelt!

Cinderpelt: So, Cinderpelt herself told Firestar that Sandstorm was into him. Clearly, she really cares about his happiness, and wants him to be mates with someone he can have a healthy relationship with. I am definitely a Cinderfire shipper, and I do what I want.

Spottedleaf: I mean, I guess the two do love eachother. In Into The Wild, when Spottedleaf dies, this is what Firepaw is thinking. (DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT HAVE THIS GOOD MEMORY, THIS MAY NOT BE EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS) “He stopped and crouched by Spottedleaf’s body, drinking in her sweet scent in once more. ‘My sweet Spottedleaf. . .’ He wanted to claw whoever took Spottedleaf away from him.” So, I guess Spottedfire is a good ship. He does seem to truly love her.

Sandstorm: I do not have much to say about Sandfire, as I previously said, it’s a long, healthy relationship.


Cinderpelt: So, I really think, had Cinderpelt not been injured, this would be a very healthy relationship.

And always remember,
Grayfire is the best ship ever.

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  • Grayfire will live FOREVER. But ya back to reality, I don’t like Sandstorm. But she’s still a better ship then Cinderfire or Spottedfire. Spottedleaf and Cinderpelt are med cats. And Cinderpelt’s crush basically wore off after a while. Sandstorm is the perfect cat for Firestar, but she can also die now. She’s a background character. Just let her go. Please Erins- Please.

  • Don’t Fire x Cinder have pretty much the same age gap as Dust x Fern?

  • I don’t completely get Cinderpelt x Firestar. She had a crush on him since she was apprenticed. What did he do? Was it that he saved the kits from ShadowClan? No, then how come Brightheart didn’t like him as soon as she was apprenticed? Anyways if she loved Fireheart then why did she disobey him and go to the Thunderpath? She could’ve mistaken feeling sorry or concern as love but it wouldn’t work out that early. Maybe later in the new prophecy if she didn’t get injured. So while they could be great friends, it would’ve probably never worked out.

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