Who Will Each Cat Choose After They Die by Moonflower

Moonflower wonders which mate cats will pick in the afterlife.

Art by holly2001

Hey, everyone. This is my first Blog, and I’m so excited. These are just my opinions so, please respect them. Also, SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want spoilers, don’t read this, it’s simple. You will have to have read ALL the Warriors books to understand everything. I’m sorry if some of my information is wrong, I haven’t read the books in a while. I’m planning on reading all the Warriors books again. I read EXTREMELY quick, I finished The Broken Code #6 in less than a day, if I don’t count the breaks I took. So tell me in the comments how many months you think it will take me to finish all the books.

Who will Crowfeather end up with: Feathertail, Leafpool, or Nightcloud?
This is something all Warrior fans think about. Who will Crowfeather choose? Well, in my humble opinion, I think Crowfeather will end up with Leafpool. ‘Why?’you may be asking. Well, here’s my reasoning.
Nightcloud, really? Everyone knows they both never really liked each other. Nightcloud just wanted kits and Crowfeather just wanted to prove his loyalty. I don’t HATE Nightcloud, but she isn’t, and will never be, one of my favorite cats. I do feel bad for her, though. She can’t be called nice, though. She and Crowfeather just don’t go together.
Now, Feathertail and Crowfeather. I think it’s super cute. When I first read about Crowfeather’s crush, I thought it was super cute. Feathertail may not be WAY older than him, but she’s still sorta old for him. Also, I feel like the whole liking-Feathertail thing was more of a crush and I think after all Feathertail has been through, she would never have left RiverClan. But, hey, that’s just my opinion.
Leafpool and Crowfeather. Oh, where to start? This ship is amazing. I ADORE it! Who doesn’t like some forbidden romance? Yes, FeatherxCrow is forbidden, but Leafxcrow is even more forbidden! In Crowfeather’s Trial he almost went to ThunderClan after he was exiled, but Does everyone remember that one part in the Broken Code: A Light in the Mist when Crowfeather and some other cats went to StarClan to save the Clans as well as StarClan. Yeah? Well, he was super excited and stuff to see Feathertail, but when he saw Leafpool he was ecstatic. He left poor Feathertail to go see Leafpool. And good ol’ loyal Crowfeather left his clan for our dear Leafpool. I think he truly loved her and was heartbroken when they had to part.
I have no doubt he loved Feathertail, but I think he would 100% choose Leafpool. BUT if not Leafpool than Feathertail.

Who will Berrynose end up with: Honeyfern or Poppyfrost?
This was sort of a hard choice, I had to take a while to think. I think he loved them both very much. If he were to choose one, I believe we would choose…drumroll please…Honeyfern! And here is why.
Poppyfrost was his second mate, if he had really loved her more than Honeyfern he would’ve told her. ‘But he mated with Poppyfrost after Honeyfern died.’you might say. Well, it wasn’t that long after she died that he mated with her. He must have had SOME feelings for Poppyfrost already, right? Yes, I do think he loved Poppyfrost, but she was also Honeyfern’s sister. Maybe, one of the reasons, and the most unimportant reason, is that she reminded him of his dear old mate, who died ever so heroically. Berrynose was absolutely heartbroken after Honeyfern’s death but also very worried about Poppyfrost when she was carrying his kits, but he possibly just didn’t want to lose Honeyfern again. I also feel like Honeyfern really changed Berrynose. I used to absolutely hate him, he was horrible, rude, and self-obsessed, but he really did change, because of Honeyfern.
‘In silence, Hollyleaf and the rest of the cats shuffled backward to give Berrynose space to help Honeyfern on her journey to StarClan. The cream colored tom crouched over her, stroking her fur with, gone paw. “We would have had wonderful kits together,” he murmured. “Just as strong and beautiful as you. And one day I’ll see you in StarClan.” Honeyfern’s jaw moved and a rasping sound came from her throat, as if she was trying to reply. “You saved Briarkit’s life,” Berrynose went on, bending his head to lick the dying she-cat’s head. “Every cat in StarClan will honor you.” A long sigh came from Honeyfern. Hollyleaf watched helplessly as her friend’s limbs grew still and the rise and fall of her chest faded away. Finally, her blue eyes stared sightlessly into the sky.’
The Power of Three: Sunrise, Chapter 17.(I’m not completely sure if that’s the right chapter but I believe it is.)That’s the paragraph when Honeyfern died. Berrynose was obviously very heartbroken, if cats could cry, that strong, brave tom would be weeping.

Who will Greystripe end up with: Silverstream or Millie?
I think Greystripe will end up with Silverstream. He loved both of them, but, like Berrynose, maybe Millie was partially a replacement for Silverstream. He never showed as much affection to Millie as he did to Silverstream. Nor did he show as much affection to Millie’s kits, then to Silverstream’s. He may have spent a longer time with Millie than he did with Silverstream, but I feel like when he saw Silverstream it was love at first sight, but he was more friends with Millie at first. We can’t forget A light in the Mist when he went to StaClan, though. He did go to Millie once he saw her, like Crowfeather. I still believe he will choose Silverstream, but he’ll still probably spend a lot of time with both of them,

Who will Firestar choose: Spottedleaf or Sandstorm?
I think Firestar will choose Sandstorm in StarClan. After the New Prophecy we rarely ever say Spottedleaf(I think)or at least Firestar didn’t. Spottedleaf was an apprentice when Bluestar was a NEW warrior, she was Bluestar’s friend. She’s too old for Firestar. Also, when Firestar saw her In dreams he didn’t really show romantic love for her, more of ‘a mother’s love’ you could say. Maybe he loved her when she was alive, but I don’t think he loved her like that anymore. He had kits with Sandstorm, too, and stayed with her, lived with her, and loved her until HE died. His friendship with Sandstorm wasn’t very good as apprentices, so he also probably wouldn’t want to ruin their love.

Who will Jayfeather choose: Half Moon, The Stick, or Briarlight?
Ah, Jayfeather. The best and wisest cat in the series, who do you love? Well, let’s be real here, he’s a medicine cat he can’t mate, but we’re talking about when he’s in STARCLAN! Okay, seriously though, let’s take the Stick out of the choices. It’s a joke, but whoever made up JayxStick is very much of a genius. But for real, our choices are Briarlight and Half Moon. Well, when Jayfeather dies(If any Erin Hunter reads this, I beg you to let him stay alive, or at least make him die heroically)Jay’s Wing will go to the Tribe of Endless Hunting and Jayfeather will go to StarClan, correct? I think that’s right, I’m not sure. I forgot. Whatever. We’ll talk about both possibilities. But assuming I’m right, Jayfeather would mate with Briarlight and Jay’s Wing would mate with Half Moon. Boom. Everyone’s happy.
If Jay’s Wing and Jayfeather continue to be the same, then I think Half Moon would choose Half Moon. No matter how I love and adore JayxBriar, he just…I dunno how to say it. But he sort of just KNOWS Half Moon more, you could say. He was so sad after Briarlight’s death, though. I forgot how he reacted when he(He being Jayfeather, not Jay’s Wing) lost touch with Half Moon. So, maybe Briarlight. I’m not really sure. Wait, I am. He’d go to StarClan, so he’d mate with Briarlight.
Okay, I don’t even know my own answer anymore. You can tell me what you think in the comments. XD

Who will Thistleclaw choose: Snowfur or Spottedleaf?
Yes, I know Thistleclaw disappeared during the battle of the Dark Forest and the Clans, but let’s say he got into StarClan(LIKE HE DESERVED)then I think he would choose Snowfur. Spottedleaf is way too young for him, and she hated him when she found out he trained in the Dark Forest. Snowfur truly loved everything about him, and he literally WENT TO THE DARK FOREST BECAUSE HE TRAINED IN IT. HE DIDN’T MEAN IT. T-T

Who will Appledusk choose: Mapleshade or Reedshine?
I hope we can all agree on this. In every single way Appeldusk will choose Reedshine. Like, 100%. MAPLESHADE MURDERED HIM! I hope we’re all agreed. I don’t think Mapleshade is evil, just to clarify. I plan on writing another article on that, as well.

Wow, this has been fun. I hope you liked my article. Some criticism in the comments would be great. Not a lot, just a bit, so I can see how I can improve. Okay, bye. Until the next article, my friends.

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