My opinion on “Evil Cats” by Leafleap

Leafleap shares their opinion on antagonists from the series.

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Okay, here goes!

Hello!!! I’m Leafleap may be a familiar name may not. This will be the top 5 evil cats, from what I see. But as you have read the title this will be about my opinion! Let’s get started!

1. Ashfur- Of course he is on the top! But let’s go! He is very how do I say this… fan favor. But none of these cats are on my favorite list so, he was just rejected so he went Evil for love? Did I hear that right? Okay so… no, he did not go Evil because of love. He posesed Bramblestar’s body, I for one of many think he is Evil because he didn’t have to be a backround character!

2. Darktail- Okay he has gone through to much, I feel a little sympathy, I mean you would to, right? Anywhoo he is Evil yatayata let’s get to the TRUTH, his dad didn’t want him, his littermates died, he killed his father, he helped Ashfur try to kill cats… he BELONGS in the Dark Forest

3. Brokenstar- is this what you think is okay? Letting innocent kits die. Even when they are just born. Why!?!? You are the evilest cat. And you blamed it on your mother! You kicked her out of the clan, and you killed your father. But… you were killed by your mother. And you led the Dark Forest. You deserved it!

4. Darkstripe- okay, your… understandable. I guess that I kids get you. But you need to fix your act. You honestly deserved to die. But the way you died, you didn’t deserve. That death was to good for you. You betrayed Thundercats. And you helped Tigerstar 1. Dark Forest for sure.

5. Mapleshade- Of course no-one likes her, of course she’s Evil! Her kits died her mate betrayed her she was kicked out of her clan! And for what!?!? Because she had kits with a cat in another clan. Leafpool did that and she is a medicine cat, she had to step down from duties. She is a good cat in the end! But… she isn’t when she is happy she’s in the Dark Forest.

That’s all for today, if you have more, tell me! That’s a bye from Leafleap! There will always be more to read and I’m working on it too!

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  • Dark tail is more evil then mapleshade?? I don’t think he is a psychopath, his back story is basically 10% of children in the United stats who watched their father walk away and never saw him again

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