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Creating A Warrior Cat Story: A Guide by Mothstar

Mothstar shares a guide on how to make a Warrior Cats story.

Hi! Today I am going to be giving a guide to making a warrior cat story, which includes the characters, the plot, the clans and their territories.

Firstly, let’s create our territory. Think of a suitable environment for your clans – a swamp, a forest, a desert or a jungle island could work. Then, add in landmarks, like a circle of rocks for gatherings or a cave filled with crystals for the medicine cats to share dreams with the StarClan in your story.

Second of all, let’s go through how to make a decent character. Usually, I come up with a physical description of them first, for example – a black, skinny she-cat with blue eyes. Then, I think of a name for them, which could take quite a while. Let’s say my character is an apprentice- Darkpaw, Nightpaw and Blackpaw are too common, but still usable. I might want to use a name that relates to their territory- if they live by the sea I could name them Splashpaw, Wavepaw or Tidepaw. They might also be named after a family member, such as naming them Ravenpaw after their deceased father, Ravenheart. Now for warrior suffixes. You might want something that relates to their territory again, or maybe a unique suffix, like -flutter, -strike, -watcher or -spirit. Suffixes to avoid are -tail, -claw, -pelt and -fur, which can still be used in some names.  Now for their personality, you don’t want your character to be perfect, they must have a good balance of good and bad traits to be interesting, such as being kind, brave and generous, but also being irritable and short-tempered.

Next, we’re going to go through some clan names. Think about where the clan is – a desert clan might be DuneClan, SandClan or OasisClan. A jungle clan might be VineClan, RainClan or just JungleClan. You probably want four or five clans, a StarClan-like clan and a Dark Forest-like clan. The StarClan-like clan could be named something mystical like MoonClan, AuroraClan or SpiritClan. The Dark Forest-like clan may have a clan name, like StormClan, ShadeClan or DarkClan. It might also be called The Shadow Realm, The Place Of Endless Suffering, The Place Of Shadowed Figures or The Realm Of Endless Night.

Now for plot ideas. Most stories will have some sort of villian that tries to kill someone or take over a clan. They might want to be leader, like Tigerclaw/star or want revenge on someone, like Ashfur. Your ‘hero” character will probably have to find out the truth about them and make some kind of alliance with other cats. The main character themselves might be manipulated by the villian, such as with Shadowsight and Bristlefrost and don’t realise what they are doing until it’s too late. The main character and their friend might fall out at some point in the story, as they argue on whether or not what the main character is doing the wrong thing. In the end, the villian is defeated or runs away. However, they might return and force the clan(s) into submission by killing and injuring several or more cats to show their power. This would leave them as the leader of the clan and could inforce unfair rules like Ashfur did, until their defeat. The main character might also have to deal with loss in the story, so making a friend or family member die in the story could add more emotion to it.

That’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed it!

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