Three Cats that Don’t Deserve StarClan but Shouldn’t go to the Dark Forest Either by Brackenpaw

Brackenpaw shares why they think these three cats have no place in either StarClan or the Dark Forest.

Art by uneasywolf (tumblr)

Hello! This is Brackenpaw, back for another article! Today I will list three cats who I think don’t deserve StarClan, but don’t exactly need to go to the Dark Forest.


3) Star Flower
Star Flower isn’t a great cat. Even at first, she does seem a little sus, running off with Thunder and pretending to be his dream girl. And then she totally BACK-STABS poor Thunder and helps nearly kill a lot of cats with One Eye, her murderous father! But then she comes BACK and gets all lovey-dovey with Clear Sky. um, WHO DOES THAT?!? Break your supposed boyfriend’s heart and then marry his dad? And then she basically rubs it in Thunder’s face like “Oh, hi, Thunder, yeah. I broke up with you, and now look! I’m mates with your dad, so take that! HA!” Ok, maybe not exactly like that, but you get the point. Another thing: She spies on the groups and uses Thunder for evil. She learns about the sickness and tells One Eye, who uses the info to attack the groups when they are weakest, hence almost killing a lot of cats like I said before.

Why should Star Flower not be in StarClan?
Because she used the cat who was so deeply in love with her for nefarious purposes, which could have potentially caused a lot of innocent cats their lives, including kits. She also shouldn’t be in StarClan because of how jerky and manipulative she is! I know, I know, Berrynose is also in StarClan, but he wasn’t evil.

Why shouldn’t Star Flower be in the Dark Forest?
She isn’t particularly evil, per say. You may be thinking, “Didn’t you literally just accuse her of being evil? Ten seconds ago?” I never actually said she was evil. I was just saying that Berrynose never endangered kits or innocent lives, like Star Flower.
Anyway, after the whole One Eye fiasco, she’s ok. She’s super brave when she gets kidnapped by Slash and his gang, but her past actions keep her from being worthy of StarClan, in my opinion.

2) Frecklewish (TC)
Now, I know a lot of you guys out there will defend her at any cost and accuse Mapleshade of just about anything, but hear me out for a second: I don’t blame Ravenwing or Appledusk as much for Mapleshade’s kits’ deaths as I do Frecklewish and Oakstar. I’ll do Oakstar some other time, but for now I’ll focus on Frecklewish.
A lot of the defenses I hear for her are that Patchkit, Petalkit, and Larchkit were half-RiverClan, so Frecklewish thought that they would survive, and that it wasn’t her fault because she didn’t know what would happen and that she was still grieving for her brother, Birchface. True, the last part about Birchface is probably the only valid defense for her. As for the first defense, it’s a horrible one. Um, IT WAS STORMING!!!!! And yes, while they were born with natural talent for swimming, they had no actual training and were only at least two moons old. Also, she could have very well predicted that the kits needed help and would probably drown. MAPLESHADE CAN’T CARRY THREE WHOLE KITS, FRECKLEWISH!

Why should Frecklewish not be in StarClan?
Because she looked on as three innocent lives were taken away, when she could have helped save them. Even though she probably couldn’t swim very well, trying is better than just looking on and watching young kits die simply because of their parentage.

Why shouldn’t Frecklewish be in the Dark Forest?
Because, even though she did let the kits die, her mind was still probably blotted with grief from her brother’s death, and therefore not thinking straight.

1) Clear Sky
Yup, he’s on this list too. Why? Well, I’ll tell you why! Because he caused at least seven innocent deaths, maybe more: He caused Jackdaw’s Cry and Falling Feather to kill each other, and even worse, they were siblings. SIBLINGS!! Then one of his cats, Snake, kills a former Clear Sky cat named Frost in battle, who Clear Sky banished simply because he couldn’t perform his duties because of an injury. He also kinda murdered Rainswept Flower. In the Great Battle (DotC), Hawk Swoop is also killed. Fox was killed in Gray Wing’s paws, but only because Clear Sky was too stubborn to see that the borders would only make trouble. And finally, he killed Misty, who was nursing two tiny kits! Sure, Misty was an awful, horrible jerk to Petal and Fox, but Clear Sky never gave her kits the chance to know their mother.
His defense: He did redeem himself when he admitted to his mistakes later on in the books, and for the most part, he was a good leader! Also, he was the founder of SkyClan, so… yeah.

Why shouldn’t Clear Sky be in StarClan?
Because he killed a ton of cats and caused a rift in his entire family. He also banished his own brother because he got injured and “was a deadweight”. Similarly, Frost was also banished because of a burn injury that refused to heal. He was also a terrible mate to Storm. He was the cause of her death as well, because he was pampering her too much.

Why shouldn’t Clear Sky be in the Dark Forest?
Because he was a good leader after the whole battle episode and started to actually care about his family again. And because, since he’s one of the cats who founded the Clans, it would be super awkward if he was in the place where evil cats go.

Well, that’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed it, tell me what you thought of it in the comments! Until next time, Brackenpaw out.

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  • I disagree on Frecklewish because… how do you KNOW that she just watched? She could have gotten help, nettlepaw was very vague. And it was POURING down rain, she could barely see anything. And the river is AT LEAST 20 ft wide. She could NOT have saved the kits, even if she saw them, and even if she could swim.

      • `🟥⬛🟩-Dewtail writes a lot! [Happy African American Music Appreciation Month!] Dew/Dewy`🟥⬛🟩-` says:

        What would she have done?

        The RiverClan parol was there and she couldn’t swim.

        “Nettlepaw tells Mapleshade that Frecklewish had watched the kits cross the river. Furious, Mapleshade asks Nettlepaw why Frecklewish didn’t help her kits, and why she left Mapleshade’s kits to die. Nettlepaw is frightened, and he tells her that Frecklewish saw RiverClan cats helping them already. He leaves when a cat calls out his name, asking for him to come.” -Warriors Wiki

        Why would she get additional ThunderClan cats [who also can’t swim] if there were already cats there to help?

        Additionally, Nettlepaw never confirms that Frecklewish saw the tiny kits fall off the rocks through the rain and wind and river, only that she saw Mapleshade.

        That’s why she’s upset and regretful upon hearing that the kits died– she didn’t know.

        “Frecklewish protests that she didn’t mean for them to die, saying that she thought they would have been saved.” -Warriors Wiki

        She’s not lying– she thought the RiverClan cats would save them.

        The Warriors website simply plopped Frecklewish [the only female cat Mapleshade murdered, by the way, and arguably the least at fault [she was grieving and upset] into the Dark Forest and tried to justify it by retroactively changing the events of Mapleshade’s Vengeance and lying about it to our faces.

        • WHat does it have to do with Frecklewish being a female?????? I seriously don’t get it, you say that a lot about female characters

      • But it was a flash flood and flash floods are much more dangerous than normal floods. Do you really expect one cat to try save 3 kittens in flash flood?! It wouldn’t even make a difference because both Larch kit, Patch kit, Petal kit, and Frecklewish would have all died.

    • it’s not 20ft wide, or else how would have silverstream saw graystripe on the riverclan border from across the river in the original arc? Realistically, the river should be pretty wide but since it’s fiction, no. And it has been CONFIRMED that frecklwish DID see the kits! I think she said that she thought they wouldn’t drown, showing she did know. And if that’s not enough, the authors on the warriors website said that SHE DID see them. That’s coming from the authors! Also, I think they said that she only watched them drown because they were half clan???? If that’s true, Frecklewish deserves to be a ghost. (she shouldnt be in df because she could have just not thought straight, but I think the authors said she knew what she was doing and watched kittens drown purely because they were half clan. The authors confirmed it in Does Frecklewish deserved to go to the DF article. Soooo)

      • I mean at first, I thought she deserved to go to StarClan, but like I guess Frecklewish becoming a ghost is a more reasonable consequence for her. Sure, I did say she had no chance in a flash flood, and yes she did broke the warrior code and at least anticipated. Remember, she still suffered PTSD after her brother and his apprentice died in battle. Frecklewish got her emotions the better of her. So yes, since this issue is controversial and has both sides, both morally questionable and wrong, I think it is best that Frecklewish becomes a ghost.

  • Mods could you changed the use of cr*ppled in this article? It’s a word also used as a slur against physically disabled people.

  • I. Hate. Star. Flower. She’s a JERK and i would have applauded if she went to the DF.

    Great article! I agree with Clear sky, he did kill a lot of cats and/or cause the deaths of a lot of cats

  • Great article! I agree with almost all of those; I just think that Frecklewish could have gone to StarClan as it was only one bad act (although a terrible one, admittedly), and she seemed genuinely upset when she heard the kits had died.

  • I will never understand why some people like Clear Sky. He’s just like, “wEll, My mAtE DiEd, sO I’M juST GonNa Go KiLl SoMe PeOpLe” like what the heck

  • Honestly, I feel like Clear Sky should still go to StarClan. He may have killed a bunch of cats, but he thought he was doing the right thing. He was also doing it out of grief for his mate, Bright Stream, and he didn’t want it to happen to any of his cats

    • That’s not an excuse. He what he did was senseless and would have affected the Clan in the long wrong. I get so mad when ppl say he should go to StarClan! It’s like they forgotten how many people he killed. Did you not remember his last words to Rainsweptflower before she died: I’m not greedy, just strong. That is sicknening! So yes, he deserves to go to the DF

  • I AGREE WITH LEOPARD POOL! It’s not fair to say that Fire Heart and Grey Stripe jumped into a river to save some kits, heck they don’t even know how to swim! But when Frecklewish does something morally questionable, she is made an example like wth So what if she tried, there was no chance of one cat ONE CAT to save 3 kits in a freaking flash flood!

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