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Disappointing Warrior Names That Could’ve Been Better by Larchsting

Larchsting lists names that they think were less than stellar.

Art by Wolfjesyo

Heya, Warrior Cats! I hope you’re having a nice day. It’s Larchsting here, with my first article! This one’s all about warrior names.
Disappointing ones that could have been better.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!
1) Graystripe
Is it just me, or is this name a teensy bit disappointing? I mean, Firepaw became Fireheart, an’ all that. First up, Gray is a boring prefix, and ‘stripe’ is just that tiny bit better. Graypuddle or Graystorm would have been good.

2) Brackenfur
Now, ‘fur’ is just a bad suffix. It’s a shame, because Bracken is a good prefix, and young Brackenpaw was probably like: “Ooh, I’m so excited for my warrior name!” and the leader just said, “Brackenfur.”
It could have been Brackenheart, or Brackenfoot, but I won’t question what goes on in Firestar’s mind.
Moving on.

3) Mousewhisker
The ‘whisker’ suffix worked for Onestar, but I’m sorry, Mousewhisker just doesn’t sound nice. It’s too long to say nicely (Weaselwhisker is even worse because Weasel has two syllables). It’s unfair, because Hazeltail and Berrynose are nice names. It could of been Mousewing or Mouseleap.

4) Foxheart
That’s an insult! Cedarstar, get a grip. I can remember when cats said “You foxheart!” to a ShadowClan cat. It’s the same as ‘mouse-brain’, except ‘brain’ isn’t a suitable suffix for the Warriors universe. In my opinion, Wolfstep is a much nicer name, and he and Foxheart got their warrior names at the same time. Maybe Cedarstar just thought, “Step and heart are good suffixes” and then when he did the ceremony, he realized that he was condemning the ginger she-cat to an insult name for the rest of her life. Although she might’ve receive a terrible injury in her warrior life, and become something like Scarfur. Kind of like One-eye, who began as Whitekit, then Whitepaw, White-eye, and then she became One-eye when she moved to the elders’ den.

4) Twigbranch.
I was expecting something better than this. Twig is a nice prefix, and I’ve used it a few times in fanfics, but ‘branch’ doesn’t really work in this situation. I’m not so keen on Violetshine, either, but it’s better than Twigbranch. There’s not much I can say on this one, apart from what I’ve already said, so I think we’ll do one more.

5) Hollowbelly
What sort of name is this? It’s like Loudbelly. Two toms who are very hungry all the time. It could’ve been Hollowstep, or something like that.
I just realized that Hollowheart sounds really dark…
Moving on!

Sorry if this sounds like I’m beating all of these cats up, and I assure you that’s not what I’m trying to do! Brackenfur is actually my favorite character and the rest are all amazing, especially Twigbranch.
I hope you enjoyed it.
See you in the next one!

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  • I agree with hollowbelly and loudbelly, and foxheart and twigbranch too. Hollowbelly? Loudbelly? What kind of names are those? Foxheart is just plain rude. I mean, imagine someone going like, “Hey, Foxheart!” That sounds like they’re insulting her! And then Twigbranch. A twig. On a branch. SOOOOOO eXcItInG! Graystripe describes him perfectly, so i like that one, Brackenfur fits him too because his fur is the color of bracken and I just don’t like the suffix -pelt. Mousewhisker sounds young and lively, while Mousewing sounds like more of a she-cat’s name and Mouseleap…in my opinion, it just doesn’t fit him. Great article!

  • Twigbranch should have been called Twigshade. Twigshade and Violetshine have a nice contrast, and it’s what some of the erins wanted her name to be.

  • Honestly, I totally agree with most of these. Foxheart? Choose a new leader. Loudbelly? Belly shouldn’t even be a prefix. I mean, tell me one good and pretty name with the prefix “belly.” However, I think Greystripe is debatable. even though it does describe him, (warrior names should do this,) It could have been even better. I personally think Greyleap would have been great. Twigbranch I would have liked to been Twigshade or Twiglight. this is just my opinion though.

  • Ok. Foxheart, Hollowbelly, Loud belly (I MEAN WHO NAMES THEIR KIT LOUDKIT!) and Twigbranch. Twigbranch basically means the same word twice. Like, Twigtwig or Branchbranch. I think Graystripe is fine. And I feel like naming Graypaw Graypuddle would fit a blue-ish sort of cat like Mistystar or Bluestar. And maybe Brackenfur is Brackenfur because his fur is the color of bracken and his tabby stripes look like pieces of bracken. I haven’t read about Mousewhisker yet so I can’t judge his name.

  • I Agree 100% , when Bluestar named Greypaw and gave him the name Greystripe I was so disappointed. Where is the stripe on his back in the manga?? He is in almost every manga and he doesn’t have a Grey stripe! Why Bluestar why?

  • Agree with all of these except graystripe. I think that name is cute! Also, isn’t there a brackenfoot in riverclan or something?

  • The most disappointing name for me is Flametail, that name would be for an energetic and talented cat or jumpy. Flametail.. Never smiles

  • I do not mean to insult your opinions, but I feel like if we took away all the -pelt/-fur names (such as Brackenfur and Slatepelt), names that are cooler (such as Sandstorm) would lose their effect. Same with descriptive names (such as Graystripe and Lostface). Mousewhisker’s siblings have names that are just as many syllables long. Twigbranch was named after her growth, “just as a twig grows into a branch.” I perfectly agree with the others, though. Your opinions are valid, but I disagree.

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