[human designs of Graystripe, Fireheart, and Ravenpaw as young boys]

Warrior cats as People by Dragonpaw

Dragonpaw wonders what characters from the series would look like as humans.

Art by Languidcat

Hello everyone, this is Dragonpaw. This is my first article and after lot’s of thinking I decided to do Warrior cats as people!I am doing a character in the first arc because that is like the most important arc obviously.I am also doing cats only from Thunderclan because I don’t want to think about other cats because I’m lazy hehe not really but anyway. I am so excited so let’s get started.

#1: Firepaw/heart/star
Obviously we are doing him first. He is a ginger tom with a flame-colored pelt. So his real name would be Rusty, and he would have bright red hair, pale skin, a strong figure, and basically your classic Irish guy, no beard though, because honestly I do not think Firestar would have a beard.

#2: Sandstorm
She is a pale-ginger she with green eyes.I think she would be a pale, skinny lady with ginger-blond hair. I feel like she would look like a gazelle in human form. Honestly. Her name would be Astrid, because I feel like a gazelle-human would be named.

#3: Graypaw/stripe

He is a long-haired gray tom. So I have two human forms for him.
One: He has dark skin with shaggy black hair, and his name is River
Two: A pale dude with grayish black hair- his name is still River.
I feel like River is a good one, not because he is in Riverclan but because he is like a river. More on that later.

#4: Bluestar

I should have done her earlier! She is a sleek, lean, and sturdy blue-gray she-cat with piercing ice blue eyes and silver hairs tipping her muzzle and tail. So is human form, I feel she would be a dark skinned lady with dark hair and a blue streak- because she has sort of a wild streak, and her name is Bluestar. Her name would be Destiny, partially because there is a song by Destiny’s Child called “Survivor” and it is literally Bluestar if she was a song.Moving on.

#5: Whitestorm
He is a big, thick-furred, long-bodied, and muscular, snowy-white tom with yellow eyes, the color of sunbaked sand. I think he would be a very,what’s the word,(*thinks very hard*) buff dude with super whitish blond hair. His name would be…uhm…Rome! It’s unique, and so is Whitestorm. You don’t find a cat like him very often. Mk, moving on!

#6: Cloudkit/tail

Mk, so he is a heavy, snowy-white tom with blue eyes. So he would look similar to Whitestorm but he would be less muscular… hehe ok so his name would be Carter because I feel like his name would be that and my friend told me I should do that but anyway yeah. NEXT!

#7: Tigerclaw/star

I probably should have done him earlier because he is like the worst warrior in the entire book series and all the series EVER. He is a big, dark brown tabby tom with unusually long front claws, and amber eyes. In real life he would be a dark-skinned man with dark red- almost
brown hair. His name would be Kako, because it means “evil” in Greek.

#8: Spottedleaf

Maybe I shouldn’t be doing her because she died in like the first chapter but whatever. Ok,Spottedleaf is a small, lithe, soft-furred, dark tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with large, warm, amber eyes, and white-tipped ears and Firepaw/heart/star’s first “love”. (CRUSH)
Anyway, she would be a dark lady with dirty blonde hair.Her name would be Luna

#9: Ravenpaw

Ravenpaw is a sleek-furred black tom with white on his chest and tail and green eyes.Ravenpaw is one of Firestar’s good friends and one of Barleys very good friends…(I am absolutely obsessed with Barley x Ravenpaw) In real life he would be a pale-skinned dude with blackish-whiteish hair, and his name would be Max.

#10: Cinderpaw/pelt

I saved the best for last! Cinderpaw is a small and sleek-furred, smoky-dark grey she-cat with pale blue eyes, and a twisted hind leg.In real life she would be a pale-skinned lady with smoky black-grey hair and a fake leg.

Mk everybody, that is it for my article! I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you guys next time!

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  • Great article! Cinderpelt/heart’s name could be Cinder or Hope or Luna. I’ll just do some cats and what I picture them as humans. You should write way more articles, because your first one was awesomely fantastically amazingly INCREDIBLE!
    . Leafpool. She should be a brown-haired lady with hazel eyes, tan skin and glasses named Leaf, Wren, Brooke or Raine :).
    . Squirrelflight- She is definitely a tan-skinned lady with dark red hair and bright green eyes named Katerica (it means “squirrel”)
    . Hollyleaf – black haired lady with black skin and holly-green eyes. Her name is… oh a hard one HOLLY 😂!
    . Oakheart – he is a dark reddish brown haired man with brown eyes and darker skin named Darragh, meaning “oak”.
    . Jayfeather – small skinny man with ash blonde hair and blind blue eyes named Jay and Lionblaze would be a blonde man with hazel eyes named Leo.
    . Redtail – small man with multi coloured hair and brown eyes named Bodua, meaning “tail”. One more for the road – I mean Thunderpath :)!
    Dovewing & Ivypool – Ivypool would be a silver haired woman with blue eyes named Ivy, and Dovewing would be an ash blonde lady with green eyes named Chenoa or Dove (they both mean “dove”!)
    That’s all, thanks for your awesome article!!

  • Hawkfrost: Brown hair, pale skin, frosty blue eyes pointed chin.
    Jayfeather: Grey blue hair, Tan skin, Blind blue eyes , very skinny.
    Ivypool: A very fit women with a 6 pack and shredded leg fat, short grey wavy hair with black highlights, her skin is pale with deep blue eyes.
    Lionblaze : Basically Thor From marvel as melted ice cream showing he was once fit.

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