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Is Ravenpaw Overrated? by Blossomtail

Blossomtail takes a look at Ravenpaw’s popularity.

Art by weak-punk

Hello! It’s Blossomtail, and today I will be sharing with you my thoughts on Ravenpaw.
To start off, a few days ago I found myself scrolling through YouTube. There was a video by Bright Guardian Akira. He conducted an accurate survey and found that the #1 most favorited character is Ravenpaw. I was quite shocked by this. I don’t have anything against Ravenpaw and I like him. But I feel as if he should not be the number one most popular character.
Ravenpaw was a very good character. In fact, I can’t think of anything bad to say about him. He was sweet, kind, and caring. He was also one of the only LGBTQ+ characters in Warriors. It was such a shame such a great cat had to be pushed out of ThunderClan due to the awful Tigerstar.
However, Ravenpaw did not play a major role in the series. He was in and out of the books very quickly. It doesn’t make much sense for a character who is in such a few books to be favored to such an extreme amount. For an example relating to the real world: Who would you consider your best friend? A person who you have been friends with for a month, or a person who you have been friends with for two years and have always been close? You would most likely choose the friend who you have been friends with for two years because it makes the most logical sense.
In addition, there are about 451 cats total in Warriors. It would make a lot more sense if someone who had a bigger role was favored. This series also switches perspectives often. There are many cats whom we have read seeing their world through their eyes, yet Ravenpaw was not one of them. So once again, I am going to have to say that it makes more sense that one of those cats would be favored rather than Ravenpaw.
I think that Ravenpaw was a very good character with admirable qualities. He was always there for his friends and even returned to help shelter the clans on their journey to the new territories. However, due to the large number of other characters who played a larger role in the books, I must say that I strongly believe Ravenpaw is overrated. I hope you understand my thoughts and opinions. And thank you all for the helpful feedback you have given me on my recent articles. I hope you enjoyed this article!

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