Why I Hate Hollyleaf by Skyecho

Skyecho shares their opinion of Hollyleaf.

Art by Shadow-Ku

Hi everyone! This is my first article and all I could think of is ‘Why I Hate Hollyleaf’. First of all, sorry to all those that like Hollyleaf. So, one of the reasons why I hate Hollyleaf was when she was like ‘the Warrior Code is so important! Millie doesn’t belong to ThunderClan because the Warrior Code says so!’ It’s not like the Warrior Code says ‘loners and kittypets that join the clan must be kicked out!’ As far as I can remember, in Code of the Clans, a cat suggested to let all cat that are not clan born be kicked out, even the ones that are already there and it was refused to be in the Warrior Code. Besides, that means Firestar would be kicked out, and probably Leafpool, Squrrelflight, Jayfeather (Jaypaw then), Lionblaze (Lionpaw then), and she, Hollyleaf (Hollypaw), herself would probably get kicked out, too! Is that what she wanted? Hollyleaf, in my opinion, is like Clear Sky (Skystar) when he kept ordering who and who doesn’t belong. Skystar was like, “You don’t belong! You are just a rogue!” when River Ripple (Riverstar) tried to answer the question Storm asked in The First Battle in Dawn of the Clans. I mean, I guess Millie was mean to Blossomfall when Blossomfall went into the tunnels with Ivypool and Millie thought Briarlight was the only one important, since she lost the use of her legs, but that’s in the future! Besides, Hollyleaf had to kill a cat, Ashfur, to hide a secret, but then spoiled the whole thing in a Gathering! And she also broke the so important ‘Warrior Code’ by doing so! What’s the use of killing a cat to hide a secret and then spoil it like a moon after? Isn’t that just weakening the clan? She was mad at Lionblaze for breaking the ‘Warrior Code’ by meeting up with Heathertail, and breaks the rule herself? Meeting up with a cat from another clan is way better than killing a cat from the SAME CLAN! She was mad at Lionblaze for not telling the truth about being with Heathertail, and doesn’t tell them about killing Ashfur! The only thing I feel sympathy for her is when she dies. How she dies is sad. I hate Hawkfrost more than Hollyleaf, as a matter of fact. Oops. I’m going off track.

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