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Fixing Warrior Cat genetics by Dawnspirit

Dawnspirit takes a look at genetics in the Warriors series.

Art by MoonshadowArtworks

So this article is about Warrior cat genetics! I’m very good in everything cats and genetics is just one of them! By the way, requests are always welcome. You can ask what color kits your OCs might have. Anyways, let’s begin!

Firestar x Sandstorm: As we all know, Firestar is a red (ginger/orange) cat. Sandstorm is a cream cat. Now, there’s this gene called the dilute gene which changes the color of black and red cats. So a red cat will turn into a cream cat if it has the dilute gene, and black cats will turn into blue (gray) cats with the dilute gene. Diluted colors are recessive (weaker) to non-dilute colors.

Okay, so if two genetically red cats mate, all of their kits will be red like them. If they carry the dilute gene, the kits can be cream too.

Now, two solid (non-tabby like black cats) cats will only have solid kits bc recessive (weaker) genes can only have recessive genes. Oh, and to have a kit with white markings, one of their parents must have white markings too. From what we have seen in Warrior cats, Firestar and Sandstorm are both solid cats. This means Leafpool’s color is impossible. This also means Squirrelflight’s color is impossible too. Both of them must be red or cream. Likely red.

Leopardfoot x Pinestar: Like mentioned above, 2 solid cats can’t have a tabby kit. So Tigerstar has to be black like his mom, or chocolate like his dad. Chocolate cats are very rare so he’d probably be a black cat.

Leafpool x Crowfeather: Since Leafpool has no red on her and Crowfeather is black, their kits cannot be anything other than black or blue. This means Lionblaze is impossible. However, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf are possible. Jayfeather is blue tabby which is just a diluted black tabby. Also, brown tabbies are genetically black. They should be called black tabbies.

Tigerstar x Goldenflower: Bramblestar is impossible as male kits only get colors from their mother. This means he will be red. Tawnypelt, if tortoiseshell, is possible. Unless she’s calico, then she’s impossible.

Dovewing x Tigerheart: Shadowsight, Pouncestep and Lightleap are all possible. This is considering that Dovewing is a blue cat. Shadowsight and Pouncestep are both blue tabbies whilst Lightleap is a black tabby like her dad.

Whitewing x Birchfall: Soo this is a hard one. For this, Whitewing must be masking a genetically black color. If she was masking red, both the kits would be torties (tortoiseshells). BTW white masks a color. White is the absence of color, its not actually a color. I think that both Dovewing and Ivypool are possible but take this with a grain of salt.

Lionblaze x Cinderheart: So, they had 6 kits. Let’s start with Fernsong. Fernsong is a red tabby which is impossible as Lionblaze is solid red and Cinderheart is solid blue. He would be black or blue like his mother.

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