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Why I Hate Silverstream by Ivyshadow

Ivyshadow shares their thoughts on Silverstream.

Artwork by Wayne McLoughlin

Hi, this is Ivyshadow, or Swift, and this is my fourth article!
In this article, I’ll be talking about why I hate Silverstream. Enjoy!

Silverstream is a very popular character in Warrior Cats. She is known for her relationship with Graystripe, and is liked for her kindness.
However, I don’t particularly like her. Actually, I hate her, as you can probably tell from the article title. However, “hate” is a strong word… so why exactly do I hate her? Let’s find out!

First of all, she is a generic female character. She is kind, beautiful, and was in a tragic relationship. These are generic female character traits.

Let’s take a look at her wiki description. Silverstream is a sleek, soft, and thick-furred, slender, silver-and-black tabby she-cat with a finely shaped head, and piercing, bright blue eyes. Already sounds generic. Blue-eyed slender silver tabby she-cat.

The next reason I don’t like her is because she had a boring relationship. It’s very bland too, and love at first sight which is super generic. Basically, Silverstream saved Graystripe in the river, Graystripe fell in love with her, they eloped, and then Silverstream tragically died by giving birth at the foot of the river.

Her relationship with Graystripe had no development at all. I understand that Fireheart didn’t see it all, but based on what he heard, Graystripe just asked to meet her and then they fell in love. That’s it. No uncertainties or hesitations. Just “Yeah I love you now”.

If I’m to be honest, Graystripe should choose Millie in StarClan. Not just because I hate Silverstream, I hate Millie too honestly, it’s because Graystripe spent his ENTIRE life with Millie. He raised three kits with her, watched his kit raise her own kits, retired to the elders den with Millie, watched her fade away, and then tragically died himself in A Light in the Mist.

What did he do with Silverstream?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Silverstream just died, and that was the end.

Silverstream and Graystripe’s relationship was actually bad for the Clans too. If they had ever gotten together, Brackenfur would have been trained properly, and he probably would have been a much better warrior. (Admit it: Graystripe was a terrible mentor.)

We all love Whitestorm. But think about it. If Graystripe and Silverstream hadn’t gotten together, Whitestorm would probably still be alive. Because if Graystripe never fell in love with Silverstream, he never would have joined RiverClan, and ThunderClan would have trusted him again, which means Firestar could appoint Graystripe as deputy, and Whitestorm probably would have lived. That means his kits, Sootfur and Rainwhisker, might have lived too, and Sorreltail would have had a happier life in general.

Feathertail and Stormfur would also never have been born. And no, the Tribe wouldn’t have gotten destroyed by Sharptooth, because the Tribe of Endless Hunting would probably have sent a different prophecy saying something like “the ginger cat will save the Tribe” and Squirrelpaw would save everyone instead. And even if the Tribe DID get destroyed, nothing would really matter except the Erins would need a different plot for Sign of the Moon and stuff. The Tribe was kind of useless anyways, and Stoneteller was annoying.

If Feathertail and Stormfur were not born, Stonefur might also still be alive. Also, TigerClan might not have been formed in the first place. Because Crookedstar might still be leader. He did lose his ninth life due to greencough, but perhaps because his daughter died, he didn’t CARE anymore, or he didn’t fight against the greencough hard enough. Or maybe Mapleshade caused the greencough after Silverstream died.

Also, if Silverstream’s kits had never been born, the fandom would not be involved in shipping wars between FeatherxCrow or LeafxCrow (I ship FeatherxCrow btw!). And if Silverstream never existed in general, there would not be the SilverxGray or MilliexGray ship war either.

But Silverstream doesn’t have to be alone for the rest of her life either. In Leopardstar’s Honor, Whiteclaw revealed to Leopardstar that he had a crush on Silverstream. Perhaps Silverstream would have liked Whiteclaw back. Then they could have kits, and Silverstream would be happy.

Whiteclaw and Silverstream getting together would also have an impact on battles. Because Whiteclaw probably wouldn’t have died at the gorge, in which case Leopardstar wouldn’t be as mad at ThunderClan, which would calm things down a little bit.

Point is, a lot of things would change if Silverstream never got together with Graystripe, and it would change mostly for the better.

Now onto my final reason for why I hate Silverstream: she’s selfish and a spoiled brat. She thinks she can do whatever she wants JUST because she’s Crookedstar’s daughter. Well, that’s not how it works. Crookedstar’s going to DIE eventually, and then Silverstream will have NO control on the leader whatsoever. Silverstream has to grow up.

She’s also very selfish. She thinks she’s doing no harm in meeting Graystripe. Well, first of all, she’s breaking the warrior code. Does she have any sense of loyalty? She’s being disloyal to her Clan. What if there was a battle? What would she do? And it’s highly possible there WOULD be a battle because ThunderClan and RiverClan were always fighting over Sunningrocks.

Once, Silverstream said this to Crookedstar: “If the warrior code can’t deal with this… then maybe the warrior code needs to change.”

She’s talking about CHANGING the ENTIRE warrior code just for her! The code is the sacred law of the Clans. No one is going to change it JUST for her.

What bothers me the most is this conversation between Leopardfur and Silverstream:

Leopardfur: It’ll be easier for you if he doesn’t come anymore. It’s time you started to get over him.
Silverstream: I don’t want to get over him! I’m having his kits!
Leopardfur: What? You can’t be!
Silverstream: Yes, I can. I’m having them and I’m glad.
Leopardfur: How could you! Don’t you know the trouble this will cause! You might drag your Clan into a fight.
Silverstream: Don’t be silly. When I have these kits, the truth will be between me and Graystripe.
Leopardfur: How can you be so dumb? These kits will be half-ThunderClan. Where are you going to raise them? What if Graystripe claims them?
Silverstream: He’d never do that!
Leopardfur: Are you sure?
Silverstream: Of course I’m sure.
Leopardfur: How will you explain the kits to your Clanmates? You have no mate.
Silverstream: I have Graystripe.
Leopardfur: You have no RiverClan mate! Do you think your Clanmates will be happy to raise ThunderClan kits? Do you think ThunderClan will let you? We could end up at war over them!
Silverstream: Who would go to war over kits? They’re mine and Graystripe’s. Our Clans have nothing to do with them.
Leopardfur (thoughts): How had Crookedstar raised such a mouse-brain?
(Chapter 22, Leopardstar’s Honor)

Silverstream is being very naive, and just generally stupid. She thinks that the kits and her relationship with Graystripe wouldn’t harm anyone, but in fact, like Leopardfur said, it could start a war, and it almost did, until Graystripe gave up his kits to RiverClan. She also thinks that everyone will accept her and everyone will still love her if she reveals she broke the code, because that’s how she grew up: spoiled, and loved fiercely by Crookedstar (Crookedstar is amazing, by the way).

She also doesn’t feel ANY guilt at all. EVERY single other cat in a forbidden relationship felt some sort of guilt that they were lying towards their Clanmates. The only other exception is Mapleshade, and look where that got her.

Silverstream also doesn’t contribute much to anything. Her whole character is based around Graystripe, and her only purpose is to die, leaving not much room for anything else.

In conclusion, I do not like Silverstream at all, and I find her annoying, bratty, spoiled, and dumb. However, if you like her, I respect your opinion.

Tell me what you think in the comments! Do you agree or disagree? Or are you neutral? Feedback would be appreciated too, thanks!

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  • What you said about Silver being generic is completely valid. Warriors is almost completely devoid of good female characters, which is quite annoying and makes it much more frustrating when another one just adds to the pile.

  • It’s like in the very beginning you were describing her as a “Mary Sue”. How is she a Mary Sue?! A Mary Sue is a “perfect” character and would a “perfect” character fall in love and be mates with someone that is from another Clan? NO! That is against the code. Sure, Silverstream may seem like a brat, but could you blame her? Her father, CrookedStar was leader of RiverClan, so it would make sense she felt that kind of entitlement. Also, I find SilverStream’s character very strong and independent. I honestly laughed how sassy she was.

  • I think this article is valid and fairly developed, but I love Silverstream so I’m going to defend her to the best of my ability.

    1. I DO in fact agree that she’s a very generic and cliche character, but her being a generic character and dying a tragic death is what makes that section of the first arc exciting. Having character flaws is a crucial thing in almost every story; think of it this way: if Silverstream were nice and perfect in every way, that would be what you guys would complain about as well. I do recognize that liking or disliking a character is completely your choice, and nobody has to provide a reasonable explanation for anything. I dislike Millie (as well,) but not specifically because of her questionable parenting and her being Graystripe’s mate while I ship GrayXSilver, but I just don’t get vibes from her that I like.

  • 2/5 or maybe 6

    2. I think you’re putting too much of the clans’ problems on silverstream. I understand you feel very strongly about your dislike of her, but some of the points you listed are a bit short of evidence and assumed rather wildly. Nobody could say that the Tribe wouldn’t have been destroyed by Sharptooth or they would have seen a different prophecy for sure just because Feathertail and Stormfur existed. Stonefur died because of Leopardstar’s alliance with Tigerstar and her naive nature, not because of the existence of Feathertail and Stormfur. Following your logic, I theoretically could blame Stonefur’s death on Firestar for coming to the forest and disrupting all of Tigerstar’s evil plans, causing him to go mad and form Tigerclan with Leopardstar. You claim Crookedstar died because he was devastated about Silverstream’s death, and that he didn’t “care” anymore, but technically, you could blame Mapleshade more for manipulating him and taking all of his loved ones away. Brackenfur not being trained well is a fault of Graystripe’s, which I’m sure Silverstream wasn’t aware of, so it isn’t really fair to blame her for it either. I reread Whitestorm’s death again in The Darkest Hour, and there were no mentions of Firestar introducing Whitestorm as his deputy to Bloodclan whatsoever. This meant that even if Graystripe was appointed as a deputy, Whitestorm would still be one of the cats killed in battle, which isn’t Silverstream’s problem. Same with the battle where Whiteclaw was killed. Graystripe wouldn’t have not shown up even if he weren’t in a relationship with Silverstream. In general, I think you’re being unfair to Silverstream, as many of the things you stated have no direct contact with her, and never will. Why avoid the direct causes of the problem and dump it all onto Silverstream? Those can only be known as underlying consequences which in no way is her fault at all.

  • 3/6

    3. Her relationship with Graystripe wasn’t as developed because all the information we got was from Firestar and Leopardstar’s perspective. Firestar had Tigerstar to worry about, and Leopardstar was just paranoid overall because growing up, nobody showed her the love and affection she should have gotten. What’s most important is: she and Graystripe really did love each other, and Graystripe wailing to the skies when she died was really powerful to me, because I’ve never seen any death scenes so dramatic so far in Warriors. Silverstream was a good mate to Graystripe, and she visited his dreams twice when he was captured by Twolegs and advised him to find his clan again. Her visits made Graystripe determined “not to become a kittypet,” as well as take Millie with him on his journey back to the clans, which was crucial in the development of Graystripe and Millie’s relationship. Silverstream watched over Millie from Starclan when Millie was sick because she didn’t want Graystripe to be heartbroken again over losing another mate. This proves that she in fact isn’t selfish, as it takes a lot of mentality to see your mate loving and being with someone else. She put Graystripe’s happiness ahead of hers, which meant she was a very loving cat.

  • 4/6

    4. Her conversations with Leopardstar and Crookedstar The reason she thought she and Graystripe weren’t going to harm anyone was because first, she told nobody, so nobody’s feelings would be hurt over her love for him. What you didn’t mention in the conversation with Leopardstar was that she said she’d leave Riverclan to join Thunderclan to be with him if she needed to. Rather, Leopardstar continues pushing Silverstream to end her relationship with Graystripe. Earlier in the book, when Leopardstar reveals she’d been in love with Frogleap and had to give him up to become deputy, Silverstream tells her she wants her to do the same. Leopardstar strongly feels this way because she gave up her chance to be Frogleap’s mate and have kits to get her position as deputy. Silverstream didn’t want to because she didn’t have the same ambitions as Leopardstar did, so why should she make the same sacrifices? Silverstream only ever wanted to be a good clanmate and have a good life with whoever she fell in love with, and that cat was Graystripe, nothing more. Silverstream was ready to confess her relationship with Graystripe to Crookedstar, but Leopardstar stopped her from doing so just because she was afraid the clan leader would exile his own daughter. I think Crookedstar would much rather have found out about the relationship in person rather than having his daughter killed first. In the manga of Crookedstar’s promise, he also walks in on Silverstream and Graystripe together. Silverstream tells him she’s old enough to make her own decisions on who she likes and wants to be with. Crookedstar also admits that Silverstream was right about Graystripe being a fantastic warrior, and he isn’t seen thinking about how disloyal or selfish his daughter was, only hoping she lived.

  • 5/6

    5. Warrior code! What’s really controversial is when she says the warrior code should be changed. Personally, I don’t think Silverstream is dumb and selfish to the extent that she’d want to change something that was made during the dawn of the clans just for her specifically. I interpreted her saying she wanted a change of code for all forbidden lovers out there, for a chance to follow their hearts and be with whoever they like, because she really loved Graystripe and strongly felt that way. There’s also no mention that she wanted the code to be changed for her because she’s special in any way, so ultimately, it’s left up to interpretation.

    I want to mention that in one of the newer books, A Light in the Mist, the warrior code does end up being changed. Although the mating from different clans rule is still under consideration by the leaders, there’s no doubt many cats agree to the rule. Love is a part of loyalty itself; almost nobody can remain loyal to something they don’t love. Rootspring, a loyal warrior, also confesses how he loved a cat from another clan because he couldn’t stop loving her. It solves a lot of pain and drama to have the code changed. Mistystar also says “Starclan doesn’t see the divisions between us quite as clearly as we do; there are no borders in Starclan,” meaning that there should be no borders for love either.

  • 6/6!

    6. Spoiled brat (help I’m getting tired from typing)
    My opinion is, Silverstream is spoiled, but not to a point she should be hated for it. In the ultimate guide, she is said to be a feisty, headstrong cat who could bend her father to her will with little effort. But her impulsive nature was tempered by gentleness inherited from her mother, and she was loved by all her Clanmates. Silverstream was spoiled and loved by Crookedstar because she was his only kin left other than Oakheart, and a remnant of Crookedstar’s own beloved mate, Willowbreeze, who died of greencough along with his other kits. From what we know, Silverstream could “manipulate” Crookedstar easily because he loved her, but we have no evidence she used that privilege to her own advantage or do any evil things whatsoever. Did Firestar drive Leafpool and Squirrelflight out after finding out they were lying to the clan? Did Sandstorm punish Squirrelpaw for sneaking away with Brambleclaw on that mission to the lake? No, they didn’t. It’s natural for a father to love his kits and be biased towards them, there’s no exemption if you’re clan leader or not.

    In conclusion!!!!!! This is just my opinion, and my interpretation of the facts in the book. I respect your opinions and however you want to feel about any character is none of my concern. If you read until this you have my respect, you’ve read 1455 words 😀 Anyways, amazing article nonetheless <3

  • I totally agree with you! When I first read about silverstream and graystripe meeting, I wanted fireheart to give silverstream a cuff around the ear! I was even more annoyed when she just said that she was Crookedstar’s daughter, so smug. Great Article!

  • I mean it makes sense that she’s just a generic female character because this series lacks a lot of good and developed female characters. At least we got Sandstorm in the first arc, she’s actually a good female character.

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