[a full-body design of Juniperclaw walking with his colour palette]

My Sympathy by Jaymoon

Jaymoon lists cats they think deserve more attention.

Art by Warrior Cat Designs (tumblr)

Hello everyone! It’s me Jaymoon here, talking about some cats I think need more attention or more love. These are my sympathetic glances towards some cats who deserved some better things other than hate. So let’s get started!

Juniperclaw –
So yes, he did poison Skyclan prey, a VERY VERY bad deed. Though, he didn’t think was doing too much harm, just protecting his clan like a loyal warrior, his only problem was being a bit too loyal. He learnt his lesson and saved Shadowsight and went to the Dark Forest in misery. He really wanted to go to Starclan, but he did a terrible thing. Oh, Starclan I feel so sorry for him.

Leafpool –
She lived in misery as well, the secret of her kits had been kept so long, Leafpool had cared so much and yet, when the time came of the knowledge coming out she was hated for it. And what made it worse was her kits hated her too, and you know what made that misery X2? Her own kit leaving the clans because of it. She lived in pain for about half her life, only her father, mother, and sister did care about her. Lionblaze was a tiny bit sympathetic, but Jayfeather was full on hatred. Leafpool deserved more I think.

Mapleshade –
Yes, she was indeed cruel, for basically all of her dead life. Though, it’s not fair on her in my opinion, because like other cats, she loved a cat from another clan, just like LeafXCrow, BlueXOak, and GrayXSilver, but did they get exiled because of it? No, did their kits drown? No, were they rejected for the rest of their lives? No. Mapleshade was hated, even her mate rejected her. And she was forgotten so soon. Mapleshade needs more love, my sympathy goes a lot more to her than any other cat in the warriors universe.

So that’s all I really sympathise for actually! They all need more love and patience, they were rejected a lot. I really do have heaps of sympathy towards them, especially Mapleshade.

Let’s end it here cats!
May Starclan light your path, now and always!
(And hopefully you don’t end up like those cats)

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