If Firestar/heart hadn’t taken the long route! by Pinefur

Pinefur wonders what would’ve been the consequences if Fireheart had given a different territory tour to Cinderpaw.

Art by Graypillow

Hello again, this is another article. Now you might be wondering, what do you mean by the long route? Well, when I was reading the first series, Firestar/heart was showing Cinderpaw/pelt the territory, once he was finished with the main places, he decided to take Cinderpaw/pelt the long way to camp so that she could see tall pines. If he had taken Cinderpaw another way, like going straight to camp, it would make a big difference!

Cloudtail: Let’s see, when Fireheart took Cinderpaw the long way, he saw Princess. If they had headed straight to camp instead, Firestar would not have seen his sister, he would not have brought Cloudtail to the clans, he would be a kittypet. Cloudtail helped Brightheart recover from the dog pack by comforting her, they mates and got kits. If Cloudtail were to be a kittypet, Brightheart might not have made it and their kits would not be born.

Whitewing: Whitewing’s father was Cloudtail, her mother was Brightheart. If Brightheart died, and Cloudtail became a kittypet, Whitewing would not be born. Neither would Ambermoon, Snowbush, and Dewnose. Now I’m not far enough in the books to know what the other tree kits did, they were not even born yet. But I can use the warrior cat wiki to help, hold on a minute.

Ambermoon: Ambermoon had no kits according to the warrior cats wiki. Soo, Ambermoon… She… Yeah, I can’t say much about her. I’m sure she did great things, but, I don’t really know. Wait, no, never mind, Ambermoon didn’t do much, she died just after becoming a warrior, there is not much about her on the Wiki.

Dewnose: He had kits, but they died as apprentices, so I’ll look at them later. Dewnose did help during the Great storm, I have no idea what it is, but I’m fine, I always spoil things for myself.

Myrtlepaw and Baypaw: Uhh… They don’t do much. Or anything as far as I can see.

Snowbush: Snowbush didn’t do much, but he had kits. Leafshade, Honeyfur, and Larksong. Unfortunately, they didn’t do much, so… yeah.

Dovewing: Ok, now the good part, Dovewing. Her mother is Whitewing. I haven’t met her in the series yet, I’m still on Sunset. It’s fine though. Dovewing! Dovewing is, I don’t know, let me think… Hmmm, maybe, IMPORTANT! LIKE A LOT! I’m not even going to go into it. Dovewing would not be born, who knows what could happen. Ok, it seems like a bad article if I don’t go into it. I guess I’ll spoil myself. OMG, SHE IS PART OF THE TREE, yeah I kinda knew that. SHE’S IMPORTANT! NO DOVEWING, A HUGE DISASTER STRIKES! Dovewing has kits, I bet they did quite a bit too.

Ivypool: Ivypool, she is also VERY IMPORTANT! She was training in the dark forest until Jayfearther and Lionblaze caught her, she became a spy in the place of no stars. In the Great Battle, she is revealed to be a spy. She convinces some dark forest members to turn sides, and they do. NO IVYPOOL, A HUGE DISASTER STRIKES! She also has kits, that are warriors.

Wow, to think such a little decision can make a HUGE difference. I’m so glad Firestar/heart made it! Wow, what a difference. Who knows what would happen. Anyways, I’m out to see you in the next article.

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    • i just learned about that today! Just the flutter of a butterfly’s wings could cause a hurricane! Firestar decided to show Cinderpaw Tall Pines, and literally saved the CLAN AGAIN in a way no one has ever seen before! So good job, Pinefur, for uncovering such a small detail that made such a big difference!

  • Honestly, no not really, in Squirrelflight’s hope, Mothflight mentions that they could’ve chosen *any-cat else* to have powers, so Dovewing isn’t really relevant here.

  • ‘Dovewing has kits, I bet they did quite a bit too.’
    ‘She also has kits, that are warriors.’
    Just like smirking at this after reading TBC—
    This is a good article, and I think if you read more of the books, more can be said about these cats. I would give examples, but since they would be spoilers for you, I won’t:]
    Just going to give one – Larksong became mates with Sparkpelt, and one of their kits is one of the new protagonists.
    Dewnose’s kits didn’t die, and they become Myrtlebloom and Bayshine.
    Wow now I’m spoiling for myself.
    Just a reminder to everyone to NEVER SPOIL FOR YOURSELVES! It is very unhealthy, speaking from personal experience…

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