The most important warrior cats in my opinion by Foxfang

Foxfang lists who they think are the most important characters from the series.

Art by Warrior Cat Designs (tumblr)

Hello warriors, elders, kits, apprentices, Medicine cats! It’s Foxfang here and I want to share the most important warrior cats, in my opinion. Chances are that not every important can will be here, so if I miss a few, PLEASE tell me in the comments! Also they are not in order from the best to the worst.

#1 Grey Wing
I LOVE this cat, he was my first favorite cat! Anyway, I feel that he is important because he NAMED THE CLANS! Now THAT is important. Here, I also searched it up: Just before his death, Gray Wing created the term Clans for the groups of cats living in the forest, naming the moor group WindClan and the forest group SkyClan. Gray Wing’s children, Silver Stripe, White Tail, and Black Ear, named the remaining groups ThunderClan, ShadowClan, and RiverClan respectively.

#2 Moth Flight
She was the cat who said HEY WE NEED MEDICINE CATS IN EVERY CLAN. Well, not exactly but anyway, Moth Flight’s mother, Windrunner was so MAD at Moth Flight because Moth Flight gets distracted way too easily, and when Windrunner asked her to go hunting, she comes back with a plant and says ITS SO INTERESTING CAN I KEEP IT?! Anyway, Moth Flight thinks that no one wants her, so she runs away. I’m gonna skip everything, and now she is at the moonstone. (SHE IS THE FIRST CAT AT THE MOONSTONE AHH) Skip some more stuff, she told everybody about starclan, and now every leader has nine lives and has “star” at the end of their name. Without her, leaders would not have nine lives.

#3 Firestar
Yeah, everyone knows FIRESTAR, but he is SO IMPORTANT. If Firestar simply decided that he does not want to be in a clan, it would be bad. 1, Bluestar’s prophicy would not come true. 2, Yellowfang would have died of hunger, tiredness, or killed by another cat. 3, Tigerclaw would have killed Bluestar and become leader. 4, Tigerclaw would have ruled all of the clans. 5, Tigerclaw is killed in battle and everyone would probably leave the forest. 6, SCORGE WOULD RULE THE FOREST, and the clans would have probably fallen apart.

#4 Brambleclaw
I dont know THAT MUCH of Brambleclaw, but I know he had a prophesy that danger would come in the forest and blah blah blah.

Hope you enjoyed my 30 mins of work! Please tell the the cats I missed, if I missed any, and HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE

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