[a close-up headshot of Bristlefrost from the cover of Veil of Shadows]

An analysis on Bristlefrost: Is she really gone? by Junipershade

Junipershade wonders if Bristlefrost’s story has truly ended.

[This includes spoilers for the last book of TbC, so if you haven’t read it, I don’t recommend proceeding.] Hello! I was known as Cloverpaw/heart but my name’s changed, so if you didn’t know me, hello.. again. Nobody knows me anyway lol
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Bristlefrost was one of my favorite characters in the series, and when I read the last book, I shed a tear.

Today I’ll be explaining how Bristlefrost could possibly be alive without being in StarClan, and maybe even be somewhere out there, trying to reach contact with the Clans.

Bristlefrost trew herself at the river to bait Ashfur in it, and she died along with him. Since she died in the Dark Forest, she wasn’t able to go to StarClan, thus disappearing from existence.

But, did she really? Many would disagree, and I can see why. Bristlefrost wasn’t in StarClan, clarified by the dead cats. Rootspring also checked the Earth and his surroundings with his ability, but wasn’t able to sense her there. Thus, many people would agree that she’s gone for good.

But I feel like she’s still out there, looking for the Clans. Here are my reasons:

1. Those who don’t go to either good or evil become ghosts.

Now now, I know what you’re thinking. If Rootspring wasn’t able to sense her, why should she be a ghost? Well, the possibility of her not *spawning* in the close area is possible. She could have ended somewhere else, not close to the clans. That’s just a theory though, and I’ll have to wait to read the next book maybe find some evidence.

2. The alternative reality theory.

This one sounds CRAZY, but, it might still be a possibility. (this was also theorized by Stormpaw’s article and a few videos on Youtube). In her “last moments”, Bristlefrost had a vision of Rootspring and her having kits and hunting together. Now, this might have been just a dream she wished for, or her being confused of having it when she said that “memories of a life they must have shared”. But, might have this been visions of her future? Maybe, just maybe, in some kind of reality, where they had kits. Where they could be together and Ashfur never happened. Maybe we would get an explanation on a Novella or Special Edition or maybe even a short story, but that’s for the Erin’s to decide.

3. she’s just.. gone?

I guess this is what most people accept. She died, I’m sad, I got over it, I moved on. It is the most reasonable explanation that she just died, but that’s a little boring, ain’t it?

Even if it’s boring, it might be the correct answer.. who knows.
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You made it to the end! Good job, you get absolutely nothing. hope ya satisfied.

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