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I complain about warriors by Spottedpaw

Spottedpaw shares their gripes with the series.

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This article is a reworking of an article I submitted that was lost. Sad, but hopefully I remember all the points I made in that one. In this article I will be talking about stuff in warriors I dislike. Hopefully this article is long enough. I will also complain about fandom stuff.

1: Frecklewish doesn’t deserve the dark forest. Here is why: It. Was. Pouring. Down. Rain. And a river that was big enough to have BOATS on it was FLOODED now compare that to a cat. Frecklewish saw mapleshade stumble and could barely make out a riverclan patrol coming to save them. She didn’t know the kits where drowning. HOW ON EARTH COULD SHE HAVE HAD SEEN 2 MONTH OLD KITTENS IN THE MIDDLE OF A 30 FEET WIDE RIVER THAT IS FLOODED (so it is more than 30) WHILE ITS POURING DOWN RAIN AND SHE IS A FOOT AND A HALF TALL CAT!!!!!?!??!!?!!!!!She could not have helped at all, and even if she got thunderclan cats it would be way to late. Also, if Rainflower and Russetfur and Blackstar can make it into starclan, so can Frecklewish.

2: I absolutely HATE the “Who will Graystripe choose in starclan.” Like, with Crowfeather, it’s in character that he will choose rather feathertail or leafpool. (I definitely won’t open that wound). But with Graystripe, he can just…. Choose both!? Like, he loves Silverstream and Millie equally. It makes sense he would just be in a polyamory relationship with them. Silverstream would probably be effy about it, but ALITM was full of character inconsistencies, so that one jealous silverstream scene I am not counting because it just goes against everything she said in Graystripes Adventure. Graystripe loves them both, and will “choose” both.

3: Everything about Thistleclaw and Spottedleafs Heart.

4: Pinestar….is the same age as Leopardfoot’s grandma. And don’t you dare say “buuuut the are just cats lol” a ~50-60 year old had a crush on a 15 year old. Pinestar is DISGUSTING AND HORRIBLE.

5: Bluestar and Oakheart are an underdeveloped one night stand with no chemistry. Bluestar had better chemistry with Crookedstar in that one gathering scene that Bluestar and Oakhearts whole “relationship”. (I don’t ship crookedxblue, crookedxbreeze is amazing.)

6: When someone says “I hate Millie”, most people think that person is talking about how she treated blossomfall. But, she treated Briarlight WAY worse that she treated her not-disabled-ivypaw-bully-adult-complain-machine of a daughter. Hear is a quote from

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  • Great Article however I would have liked to see more proof in each topic, Frecklewish page 41 mapleshade vengeance : “Get rid of them!” Screeched Frecklewish ” Drive them out!” Page 73, Mapleshade : You prefer watching helpless kits drown don’t you? ” […] Frecklewish :” I never ment for them to die! […] Mapleshade: I don’t believe you! ” Your a fox hearted coward.”! ” I bet you’re glad they are dead.” [..] Frecklewish :” I wish you were dead! She spat” you betrayed my brothers name! As you can see here for Frecklewish this is all about mapleshade who had kits with the cat who killed her brother. The very fact that you assume Frecklewish didn’t deserve the DF is a little biased. We simply don’t know if she watched the kits drown in horror or watched them drown with pleasure. The fact that she was put in the dark forest awnser the question itself.

    • You’re missing a step. We don’t know if Frecklewish saw the kits in the first place. That’s something Mapleshade makes up due to her desperation to shift the blame to someone else. The [flooding] river was at least 20 feet wide, it was raining, and dark from the storm clouds. There is no logical way she saw several tiny two-moon-old kits fall into the raging, foaming. and likely dark water.

      Mapleshade, on the other hand, who is much larger, would be much easier to see. Additionally, you’re positing that Frecklewish went to the Dark Forest for watching the kits, but what would she have done? She can’t swim, and under no circumstances should you dive in to save someone if you can’t swim, for several reasons:

      1] You can’t swim, so you might start drowning too and subvert the lifeguard’s attention.

      2] It’s likely you’ll get in the way of a lifeguard. [the riverclan cats]

      3] You might lessen their chances of surviving if you can’t swim either.

      There is no logical reason why Frecklewish should have tried to save the kits. Whether she had malicious intent or not is irrelevant. Cats like Ashfur and Mudclaw who tried to outright murder cats [several attempted murder charges in mudclaw’s case, and 4 in ashfur’s] still went to StarClan, but why not Frecklewish, who didn’t do anything intentionally malicious?

      The Story Team [not the erins] retroactively putting her into the Dark Forest and lying to our faces has nothing to do with the canon of Mapleshade’s Vengance. It’s a retcon, and a badly thought-out one. [that is putting the only female victim of mapleshade’s into the dark forest]

      quick addendum: freckle has every right to be upset that mapleshade allowed her to believe that she had birchface’s kits. that’s messed up. her reaction was a bit too harsh, but it’s understandable.

      • Good points but we do know Frecklewish saw the kits. Page 58, Nettlepaw: “Frecklewish saw what happened in the river, but I hoped you made it to the other side. ” So what does Nettlepaw mean by “, but I hoped you made it to the other side” but is another way of saying however so ” Frecklewish saw what happened in the river, however I hoped you made it to the other side.” Frecklewish wanted to make sure the kits left, this sentence shows that Frecklewish didn’t want the kits and Mapleshade to make it to the other side and Needtlepaw did. Also evidence proves Needtlepaw was not watching the kits and mapleshade since he heard what happens from Frecklewish. The BIGGEST and most massive mistake is people think that this statement is true. Mapleshade : ” How could she watch them drown?” Needtlepaw started to back away. ” I don’t know. She must have thought they were ok.” As you can see here Needtlepaw awnsers for Frecklewish saying that she must have thought they would be ok. Like I said we don’t know how frecklewish felt for this. I advise you to turn to the page due to that entire paragraph had some info agesnt your clames

        • “What happened in the river” refers to Mapleshade falling into the water. Nettlepaw doesn’t mention kits until Mapleshade brings them up. No one knows.

          Nettlepaw is suggesting an unreadable/apathetic reaction from Frecklewish by saying “but I hoped you’d make it” as a juxtaposition. “But” and “However” aren’t the same word. They’re synonyms, yes, but aren’t interchangeable in this context.

          Definition of however:

          “used to introduce a statement that contrasts with or seems to contradict something that has been said.”

          Definition of But:

          “used to introduce a phrase or clause contrasting with what has already been mentioned.”

          Contradiction does not equal contrast.

          You’re changing the conjunctions to fit your narrative. There’s a difference between the feeling of apathy and a feeling of satisfaction of vindication.

          Again, Nettlepaw is describing an alleged apathetic reaction from Frecklewish. Not even that she saw them drown, but that she watched Mapleshade fall off the rocks in speculative apathy.

          Mind, Nettlepaw was neither at the scene nor had firsthand proof of Frecklewish’s reaction.

          Nettlepaw saying “I don’t know. I guess she thought they were okay.” suggests that Frecklewish saw only Mapleshade fall in. She thought the kits would be saved by the RiverClan cats. Even in this scene, Nettlepaw is likely scraping together an answer, as Mapleshade is making him nervous, evidenced by him backing up.

          • Again frecklewish told Nettlepaw that Mapleshade fell of the rocks, in fact Frecklewish was lying or giving shortage of detail proving my point, us readers do not know what Frecklewish is truly thinking and what emotions she is feeling and how she deals with it inside. Like I said before she might have watched the kits drown like her brother was being brought to justice, maybe she is to terrified to move? We won’t ever know. Nettlepaw doesn’tknow ether, and mapleshade assumed she was somewhat guilty for it.

              • Mapleshade sat up with a hiss. ” Frecklewish was watching?” The apprentice looked scared Y-yes. ” “She… She said you fell of the stepping stones. If Frecklewish can’t even see 3 kits and a queen on the closest stepping stone to Thunderclan territory Frecklewish most certainly cannot see Riverclan cats across the 30 feet river ( as you say)

                • So you’re agreeing with me that Frecklewish only saw Mapleshade fall. Frecklewish still can’t swim, and whether or not she saw the RiverClan cats is irrelevant in the long run.

                  She shouldn’t have been thrown into enteral suffering for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even then we don’t know if Frecklewish left before the kits fell off, as again she only saw Mapleshade. You can’t assume with no evidence that Frecklewish is lying. You also can’t change a quote to fit your narrative. (substituting ‘but’ for ‘however’ makes the quote have a completely different meaning, and I think you knew this, which is why you conveniently left that out in your response)

                  Mapleshade is the one who forced her three small children to cross a flooding river. Their deaths are her fault. Frecklewish shouldn’t be condemned for another cat’s bad decisions. There would have no kits to watch drown if Mapleshade had made a better choice.

    • Just the same, we don’t know if Frecklewish watched them drown at all. She could have went to see if Mapleshade and the kits left, maybe saw them crossing the river, and assumed they were fine, and turned back. Anyways, lookin from the logical point of view, she’s ThunderClan. ThunderClan cats are the second least likely to go swimming, especially during a flood. If you say she saw the kits drowned, she must have also saw the RiverClan cats coming to help. RiverClan can actually swim, so she would have known that they would have helped more than she would be able to.
      Frecklewish cared for her brother a lot, so Mapleshade using her grief and hopefulness (by somewhat agreeing that Birchface was the father) was like an insult to her and Birchface. This makes sense why she ‘wishes [Mapleshade] was dead’ and she doesn’t say anything about the kits. It isn’t entirely because Mapleshade had kits with her brother’s murderer. It was using Frecklewish to keep Mapleshade in ThunderClan, which was very wrong (Everything Mapleshade does is very wrong, but since it’s from her point of view, we don’t really realize it).
      Also – her brother died by drowning. Why wouldn’t she be afraid of the river then? It makes sense that she wouldn’t want to come near it, let alone swim, during a flood. Just looking from a logical point of view, you can see you don’t need much bias here.
      There are several Frecklewish addendums on Youtube which explains them better than me, like Moonkitti’s and kirikerise’s.

      • Above I have shown reason, If Frecklewish cannot see the kits in the river she cant see the Riverclan cats on the opposite side of the bank it makes no sense whatsoever if she can see them but not 4 cats swimming in the middle of the river

          • Page 43, The tops of the stepping stones were just visible among the wind stirred waves. “We don’t have to swim all the way,” ” Do you see those rocks?” ” We just half to swim from one to the next until we get to the other side.” Page 44, The ginger and white Tom stepped bravely into the waves. Almost at once water rushed over his head but he fought his way up, sputtering . […] Mapleshade watched the three small heads Bob up to the first stepping stone. They scrambled and stood belly deap in water shivering. There are multiple stepping stones in the river the kits are viable when they are on top of the first stepping stone that is very close to the Thunderclan shore. My comment was not about if Frecklewish could have saved the kits. It was about being oppend minded about the possibility of Frecklewish feeling a different emotion instead of being terrified. As I said, what if Frecklewish watched the kits and Mpleshade get washed away with happiness as in wishing for there death.

        • I meant that IF you say that she can see the kits in the river, she would have obviously seen the grown RiverClan cats swimming as well. Using logic, addressing the other possible theory.

          • Yeah that’s kind of what I was trying to say, sometimes. I’m not the best at describing things, after all we might never know what Frecklewish was thinking or seeing.

  • Quailpaw( fur/star) , she-cat |ThunderClan|Avatar: The Last Airbender and warrior cats fan( UkraineSupporter) says:

    Did it get cut off? Amazing Article, and I agree that Pinestar ( the 50-60 year old who had a crush on a 15 year old) is both disgusting and horrible

  • Agree with all except oak x blue. For some reason I just really love the love-at-first-sight ships!

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