20 Warrior names taken literally By Icemist

Icemist takes some names from the series literally.

Art by M.Jay Warrior Art! on Tumblr (URL: marymsjay-warriors-art)

Hi, it’s Icemist, and I’m going to take some of the warrior names and take them seriously, and literally. I love all the names so if some of the jokes are a bit negative, it’s not because I hate the name. So, let’s begin!!


Bluestar: Wow, what a pretty star that must be! Blue stars look very cool. It’s like blue moons! Except blue moons only come once a month. WAIT. GATHERINGS ARE ONCE A MOON, AND A MOON IS ALMOST A MONTH!! (Shocking discoveries happen)
Darkstar: Hmm, this cat seems a bit dark. I mean, the RiverClan leader was kinda mean, but not really. Nevermind.
Silverstream: So beautiful, the stream. Silvery… No wonder Graystripe likes her!!
Icecloud: Looks like the cloud is made of ice, I see. Snow maybe? You see, Icecloud’s not very hot.. She’s very cold. (No offense I love Icecloud)
Twigbranch: WOW! A TWIG! ON A BRANCH!! AMAZING!!! We need a zoo everyone, we found a twig on a branch!!! SO EXCITING!
Ashfur: Imagine having a fur made of ash.. Why would Squirrelflight want to be mates with him? (This time I really hate Ashfur)
Foxleap: I.. I feel bad for him. He didn’t achieve his dream of catching a fox, at least he leaped over one! Good job!
Clear Sky: WOW!! The sky is clear!! OUTSTANDING!! WE NEVER SEE CLEAR SKIES.
Feathertail: Her tail is made of feathers, I wonder if anyone ever sneezed around her. OR, WAIT. What if Feathertail sneezed herself off the mountain. Wow, so that’s how she died. (RIP)
Berrynose: So berries have noses now. (squashes a berry) Nice! I never liked him anyways.
Sandstorm: What a pelt that must be! It must be very beautiful, since she was caught in a sand storm.
Whitewing: I see you have white wings.. So should I push you off a cliff? Because you can fly, RIGHT?
Barkface: Imagine having a face made of bark! OUCH! No wonder he doesn’t have a mate!
Onestar: I GIVE YOU A ONE STAR RATING ON YOUR LIFE. Onestar looks down in shame and regrets mating with Smoke & producing Darktail.
Flametail: His tail is on fire! HELP!! Splash! He went into the lake to cure his tail, but instead DROWED! (RIP)
Princess: (bows) my lady (bows)
Breezepelt: Breezepelt, you’re so annoying, please just breeze your pelt away. Thank you.
Squirrelflight: You know how people say “and squirrels can fly” when they don’t believe something? Well you have your flying squirrel right here.
Needletail: You should learn how to sow, YOUR TAIL.
Stonetooth: OUCH! Imagine when you’re eating prey. That must hurt.

There’s a lot more, but that’s it for now. Comment down below what type of article I should do next! Adios!

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