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Giving Warriors Alternate Names! Pt1 by Emberkit

Emberkit gives characters from the series different names.

Art by Ospreysplash

Hi, I’m Emberkit! This is my first article on BlogClan! I hope you enjoy it! So, as you have read the title, I am going to create alternate names for warriors, and maybe some names for cats who never got warrior names. This’ll be a series lasting 4 or 5 parts, leave your suggestions for warriors in the comments!

1. Firestar
We’re starting with an easy one, Firestar! We’ll make an alternate warrior name for him, if it’s based on his personality, I think Fireblaze. It fits pretty well with “fire”, and blaze sort of means passionate. Another option, for looks is Firestripes! He has fiery stripes, and that’s all i’m going for in that name. But the best one of all, Wildfire! Why? It has an entirely different prefix, so why Wildfire? Well, remember in the first book, Lionheart told Rusty, “you cannot live with a paw in each world”, or something like that. Well, I’d understand that if I were Bluestar, what would I name a cat, who let go of his kittypet roots? Well, I’d name him Wildpaw, as he is now free from his twolegs and will learn how to respect clan ways. Fire is because, well you know, “Fire alone can save our clan”.

2. Cinderpelt
Firestar’s first apprentice, who he actually failed to train to become a warrior. I don’t really love the name “Cinderpelt”, not that I hate it, it’s just because it’s kinda describes a pelt that has the color of cinder, and isn’t special to a medicine cat, unlike Spottedleaf, because leaf is commonly used with medicine cats. So, I’ll just do Cinderpine, because it fits well and like an evergreen tree in the leaf-bare, she didn’t let her broken leg stop her from helping her clan, whether being a medicine cat or warrior. Pine is also a tree, so it fits well with the plant theme that most medicine cat names have.

3. Ravenpaw
So, we know that Ravenpaw lived with Barley for most of his life, because Firestar and Graystripe were afraid that Tigerstar would kill him if he told that he killed Redtail(I don’t know if it was literally or figuratively). If Bluestar let him back into ThunderClan in Rising Storm and he accepted, he could be Ravenflight, for he ran to Barley when he was in danger with Tigerclaw. This would kind of be mean, if he knew what it meant, though he would probably not, and it also fits well with raven. He could also be Ravenheart, because ravens are smart, and Bluestar would think he would be smart to know Tigerstar killed Redtail.

And that’s it for my 1st article! Hope you enjoyed!

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