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My 5 Favorite and Least Favorite Warrior Cats + a Bonus! by Onyxkit

Onyxkit lists their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead
Hi, I’m Onyxkit, or Onyx that Glitters in Moonlight, and this is my first article. I am going to talk about my favorite and least favorite cats.
First I am going to talk about my favorite cats. (Note: these cats are not being ranked.)
Squirrelflight(ThunderClan, Warrior)
Squirrelflight is a cheery cat. I really liked her as an apprentice: mischievous and independent, with a retort almost always behind her tongue, ready to be spoken. She is very protective of her sister, Leafpool, and sets Leafpool in front of herself while they are trying to persuade StarClan to let them in. Even though she does a few bad things, like not stopping Ashfur from trying to kill Hollyleaf, Lionblaze and Jayfeather. Later, though, Squirrelflight makes up for it by talking to Ashfur when he kidnapped her in the Dark Forest and she leads the rebels in the Battle for ShadowClan. Squirrelflight is a loyal warrior, but in Squirrelflight’s Hope she sets the needs of the Sisters before her Clan, and the border conflict happens and the Sisters are forced to go to the caverns, and then the rockslide comes and kills Leafpool, and Squirrelflight was kind of in the middle of this, torn between helping SkyClan and the other Clans resolve the border conflict and helping the Sisters and delaying the Clan invasion so that Moonlight can give birth to her kits. She kind of broke the Warrior Code doing these things, but I still like her.
Snow(Sister, Leader)
Snow is a Sister. I’m sure I’ve mentioned the Sisters before. But to clarify: the Sisters are a traveling group of all-female cats, bigger and stronger than normal Clan cats. Snow served under Moonlight. During a border fight Sunrise is badly injured and Snow brings Sunrise to the ThunderClan camp for treatment with Tempest and Hawk. Later she fought, even outnumbered, for her leader in the Driving out the Sisters battle. Sadly Moonlight dies and Snow becomes the leader of the sisters. Moonlight kits before her death, though, and Snow stays with SkyClan until the kits are weaned. She is very protective and cares for her friends. Later she is persuaded by Moonlight’s ghost to help the Clans find Bramblestar’s ghost.
Sorreltail(StarClan*ThunderClan*, Warrior)
I don’t have much to say for Sorreltail, but I’ll just say I like her because she never really broke the Warrior Code. She was a bit involved with some of the mischief, but never seriously. Sorreltail died from her wounds in the nursery because she chose not to reveal them so that she could take care of her kits. When Jayfeather explains the Stick of the Fallen, he says that Sorreltail was the “bravest of them all.”
Talon of Swooping Eagle(The Tribe of Rushing Water, Elder)
I admire Talon of Swooping Eagle because he was brave to try and kill Sharptooth. He, Bird and Rock were able to survive, but the three others died. Talon was also brave to try again, to go and face his tribe even though he had failed before. When Brook and Stormfur are banished by Stoneteller because their plan to drive out the rouges didn’t work, Talon and Night go to bring them back. The main reason I like Talon of Swooping Eagle is because he is brave.
Feathertail(StarClan*RiverClan*, Warrior
Last but not least, I like Feathertail. She does have another of those awkward dramatic Cross-Clan ships, but I think that it is expected that Crowfeather grows to like the only cat that defends him. She is very brave to risk her life to kill Sharptooth. I mean, I wouldn’t. I also think she is cool because she is in StarClan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting.
Now for my least favorite cats.
Naturally I don’t like him! He kills Redtail, threatens to kill Ravenpaw, conspires with Brokenstar and his rogues to attack the ThunderClan camp and murder Bluestar, orders Stonefur’s death, and lures the dogs that kill Brindleface and Swiftpaw and maim Brightheart. I’m glad that Scourge killed Tigerstar, but his crimes weren’t over yet. In the Dark Forest he trains many cats to prepare for the Great Battle. Finally Firestar snaps his neck, killing Tigerstar a second time, and Tigerstar is only a legend.
One of Tigerstar’s Dark Forest Trainees and his son, Hawkfrost is almost as bad as his father. First of all, he encouraged Mudclaw to rebel against Onestar’s leadership, under the condition that he became WindClan’s deputy. He was so hungry for power that he decided to become another Clan’s deputy! Second, Hawkfrost tries to kill Firestar by luring him into a fox trap for Bramble(star)claw to kill him. Instead Brambleclaw kills Hawkfrost. Obviously Hawkfrost ascends to the Dark Forest, where he joins his father and trains Ivypool as they prepare for the Great Battle. Ivypool betrays him in the end, siding with the Clans in the Great Battle. Hawkfrost then decides to murder Hollyleaf. Afterwards he proceeds to kill Dapplenose. When he tries to get rid of Bramblestar, too, Bramblestar kills Hawkfrost a second time.
Obviously I am including Scourge. Scourge: ‘But I killed Tigerstar!’ So what. You’re still an evil cat…Tiny. Scourge: ‘Don’t call me Tiny!’ So it started when he was born, and named Tiny because he was so small. Here is a picture of him compared to Tigerstar: https://www.google.com/search?q=scourge+and+tigerstar&rlz=1CADTIH_enUS971&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjb3_KTnLj2AhXjkIkEHfXqCqYQ_AUoAXoECAEQAw&safe=active&ssui=on#imgrc=3119IJgKjJu37M. So anyways, the other kittypets make fun of him because he is so small. Scourge wants to prove himself and decides to boast he had killed a dog when a dog tooth gets stuck on his collar. The cats decide to join him. Then Scourge meets Tigerstar, who wants Scourge to help him. Scourge agrees, but later he kills Tigerstar(thank you but who cares) and tries to defeat the other Clans. He fails and Firestar kills Scourge.
The Second Stoneteller(Teller of the Pointed Stones)
I have very little to say about Stoneteller, but I might as well start. Stoneteller sent six cats out to kill Sharptooth, and three of them died trying. The others, for some reason, weren’t welcome back to the camp. Later, when they do come back, everything is fine because Feathertail killed Sharptooth. And later on Stoneteller banishes Stormfur and Brook because their plan to drive out the rouges didn’t work. I mean, why would he do that? That is why I dislike Stoneteller.
First, Mapleshade is in the Dark Forest. Which means she could not have done good things. But what are some of the bad things that she did? Well, first, she mated a RiverClan warrior, which is against the Warrior Code. Then she killed Ravenwing, Frecklewish and Appledusk. Thank you, Perchpaw, for wounding Mapleshade and sending her to the Dark Forest, but even there she did bad things, like trying to ruin Crooked(star)kit’s life, helping Tigerstar become ShadowClan leader and training Goosefeather. In the Great Battle she attempts to kill Sandstorm but instead kills Spottedleaf and then flees back to the Dark Forest, where she starts working for Ashfur(another bad guy.)
Bonus: Ashfur
Ashfur is totally bad. He turned bad after Squirrelflight turned him down. During a fire, he threatens Squirrelflight to kill her fake kits. Squirrelflight reveals they are not her kits, and Ashfur decides to reveal the truth at a Gathering. But then Hollyleaf kills him! Ashfur goes to StarClan but he continues to do bad things. He makes Bramblestar sick and then forces Bramblestar’s spirit out while he takes the body. As ‘Bramblestar’ he starts punishing every codebreaker in ThunderClan. After the Battle for ShadowClan Squirrelflight is able to find out that Ashfur is not the real Bramblestar. Then Ashfur escapes and kidnaps Squirrelflight, going to the Dark Forest. Squirrelflight is able to escape with Bramblestar, though. Ashfur uses his power over the Dark Forest to inflict another battle but he is defeated and drowned in the Dark Forest waters by Bristlefrost, who also drowns. The warrior code was changed after his death.
Bye! May StarClan light your path!✨
~ Onyx(Rouge)/Onyxkit/Onyxpaw/Onyxglade/Onyx that Glitters in Moonlight💎🌙

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  • Great article however it’s wrong to hate villains because they are villains, your least favorited cats list seems to be a bit biased to hating evil cats,. It seems you’ve not yet read Mapleshade vengeance and more or less went to some spoilers. You’ve also not read the manga about tigerstar and Sasha, Hawkfrost brother dies saving him and his sister at a very young age but old enough to remember. This started his life off very negatively. I myself am a fair person who looks at everything and back the evidence on each side before choosing a side. Tadpole. Hawkfrost brother drowned in front of his eyes and they could not bury the body or grvie properly, this causes the young child to be exposed to the harsh world to early and can affect them. For example a villian I dislike for a very good reason is Sleekwhisker for being such a fox heart bee brain. Shadowclan! This is why you teach your children the warrior code!

    • Mapleshade displays an almost sadistic sense of vengeance, taking enjoyment in tormenting her victims (digging up Ravenwing’s body so the hawks can eat his corpse, letting Frecklewish die in agony after being blinded by an adder, planning to kill an innocent party, Reedshine) Not to mention planning revenge on Appledusk’s ENTIRE bloodline just for kicks and manipulating cats (Tigerstar, Thistleclaw, Crookedjaw, DF trainees) into becoming tortured murderers like her.

      There is no way Mapleshade is or ever was a good person. She planned to use her half-clan kits as leverage to get closer to Appledusk, forced said kits to cross a river, resulting in their deaths, and blamed everyone but herself when the inevitable happened.

      People can like whatever characters they want, but making assumptions and substituting facts won’t make people agree with you.

      • I’m not trying to make people agree with me. However 5 out of 6 cats hated are evil. And why bring Mapleshade up? She was a great warrior before her all her kits drowned and everything she’s ever loved and cared for is all gone forever. Think about it, Bluestar would have done the same. You seemed to ignore the purpose of my comment, the fact that it seems they hate cats who killed fav characters, not to mention stone teller had to do it. It was ether one cat dies or and an entire group of cats. Please consider the comments purpose before jumping straight into Mapleshade

        • You brought Mapleshade up by saying that you don’t think this person read her novella, implying their opinion is invalid. You also are continuing to make assumptions about the books the author of this article has read because you don’t agree with them.

          Also it’s unlikely that Bluestar would have done the same thing as Mapleshade, because she didn’t have a desire to harm Thistleclaw (her rival) or anyone else when Mosskit died in the snow.

          • TansyBranch (She\her, An Tough,Friendly and Skilled She-Cat, Happy Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈!!) says:

            Mapleshade was not technically ‘evil’ she was just severely heartbroken. She was exiled from her clan, her mates clan rejected her as well. Then her mate dumped her and her kits died (which could have been prevented frecklewish!!)

          • There is a very large difference between what bluestar and mapleshade lost. As I said bluestar was lucky and lost oy one of her kits while Mapleshade lost all. Bluestar still had her clan, Mapleshade did not. Why exactly did you comment on me when 3 other blogclaners commented the exact same thing. As I said before stop directing tgis towards Mapleshade, If I was her I would do the same. Can you please move on and accept it was harshly bad luck Mapleshade ended up like this?

          • No one but herself was to blame for Mosskit dying, so there’s no sense in going after someone who didn’t cause the death. Frecklewish, Ravenwing, and Appledusk were to blame for the kits’ deaths, so naturally she wanted revenge. When cats get nine lives and get one from a mother, they know that a mother’s love for her kits is stronger than StarClan, an Mapleshade obviously felt a kind of fury we couldn’t imagine. That drove her to kill the cats who caused the deaths.

              • She of course can’t cross the two leg bridge, two legs could be on it, her kits would be in even more danger. Also, we all make mistakes, some more then others and some just got unlucky. You don’t know what Mapleshade, she lost everything! Let me tell you a story the night I read Mapleshade vengeance. 5 days a week I have lucid or vivid dreams. It was the plot of Mapleshades vengeance, while dreaming I forgot the plot completely like I’ve never read it before. That dream shook me terribly, all the agony Mapleshade felt I felt, it was like being stabbed over. I was Mapleshade going through all of this. The dream endnd when my mom woke me up. She told I was crying, I don’t cry easily from emotions Ithat is. She endnd up this way because everyone and everything she ever loved and cared for turned on her, even starclan turned on her. It took an entire day to recover from that dream. There’s no doubt about it, you clearly have not suffered as much as Mapleshade, for this is somthing you must see eye to eye.

      • Guys, don’t forget, we’re all allowed to our own opinion, and make sure to still be kind when speaking to each other. Instead of conversing with each other, make your own article explaining what you think of this type of topic, that way you don’t end up accidentally hurting someone’s feelings 🙂

          • I don’t change the facts I just hold back most of the facts due to you can only make around a max of 100- 200 word comment. In the situation Mapleshade is in and having your entire life ruined is something that can definitely drive someone to insanity. Mapleshade made a mistake trying to get across the river but that doesn’t mean it was entirely her fault, Raven wing and Oakstar and Appledusk are to blame for this. We don’t know if Frecklewish wanted the kits to drown or just stood there like a rock. Getting killed by a cat who had suffered so much that they aren’t themselves anymore. The point is Mapleshade killed all those cats because losing everything you care about does extreme harm to mental health. A lot of people like Mapleshade for being a girl boss or feel sorry for her, I like her because she is being realistic in terms of losing everything. Instead of getting extreme depression she became insane and moved forward to have revenge
            instead of sit, cry and morn like most would. You don’t know if she is trying to move the blame, all you know is that she is too far insane to even
            stop and think. She was truly a victim to begin with

  • Quailpaw( fur/star) , she-cat |ThunderClan|Avatar: The Last Airbender and warrior cats fan( UkraineSupporter) says:

    Amazing Article!!!! My top 3 least favourite warriors are: Ashfur, Tigerstar 1, Onestar

  • I think that Mapleshade gets a bad reputation. Ashfur was allowed into StarClan despite trying to kill his former lover’s false kits out of cold blooded anger, but Mapleshade’s kits DIE because of the carelessness of someone who hares them anyways, so she kills Frecklewish and Ravening and Appledusk. On the inside, I think she needs a second chance.

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