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My favorite and non-favorite Thunderclan cats! by Sootsplash

Sootsplash lists their favourite and least favourite characters from ThunderClan.

Ello, sootsplash here and This is about my favorite and least favorite cats. I have just finished The 5th book of power of three, Lost shadows. So these are cats from then.

1.) Firestar, I love him. He is amazing and absolutely my favorite!

2.) Tigerstar, no, no, no, and no, he is the worst and I despise him.

3.) Darkstripe, I hated him from the start so nope.

4.) Bluestar, she’s great. I don’t know what else to say about her. She’s just great.

5.) Cinderpelt, she is an absolute yes, she is a favorite, I was so sad when she died I cried.

6.) Redtail, we never really knew Redtail so I can’t say but from what I hear, I say Favorite.

7.) Sandstorm, she is amazing, she’s an amazing hunter and I love her.

8.) Spottedleaf, writing this is making me cry, she is one of my favorites when she died and I threw the book across the room.

9.) Graystripe, he is amazing. I love him, he is definitely one of my favorites.

10.) Ravenpaw, he is another favorite, like why did tigerstar have to want to kill him aghh.

11.) Dustpelt, like he can be grumpy but he’s still a great cat.

13.) Ashfur, no he is my non-favorite, he tried to KILL Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf, I hate him.

13.) Brambleclaw, he’s a great guy. I love him. He’s a favorite.

14.) Yellowfang, favorite, I don’t have much to say about her

15.) Leafpool, she’s definitely a favorite. She is just so nice and absolutely one of the best cats ever.

16.) Squirrelflight, she’s definitely a favorite just like her sister.(But like why, why would you lie.)

17.) Hollyleaf, she’s great, when I saw she wasn’t good at herbs but excellent at fighting I knew she was meant to be a warrior not a medicine cat.

18.) Jayfeather, he’s a favorite but he’s so grumpy and stubborn most of the time.

19.) Lionblaze, as of the three I gotta say Lionblaze is my favorite(mostly cause I love lions and the suffix blaze, but he’s also a great personality.) He is my favorite.

Welp, hope you enjoyed, The other clans will come out probably not soon but some time and also this is my first article so hope its good.

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