When Will We Get A Warrior Cats Movie? by Mistypool

Mistypool discusses when the fandom will get a warrior cats movie.

Hello, good people! I’m Mistypool, and today I will be talking about when we get a movie about our warrior cats! We were told we would have one by, 2019 I think? Well, anyway, I’m pretty sure I saw something on the internet that showed there was going to be a warrior cat movie in 2023, which is a entire YEAR away, but lets pass that time with ‘A Starless Clan’ shall we?

Anyways, people have wanted a movie about warrior cats for a while now, and people basically demand it. I think this should happen, definitely, but you might have seen a youtuber, specifically TennelleFlowers, talk about how you shouldn’t want a warrior cats movie, and says it would have to be PG-13, and to be honest, there are many brutal cat deaths. Feathertail, Bluestar, Cinderpelt, Badgerfang, Bristlefrost, Tigerstar 1, Hawkfrost, Mudclaw, Firestar.

All these cats have fairly brutal death, mainly Hawkfrost, Tigerstar 1, and Badgerfang, have awfully brutal deaths, including Feathertail. Despite this, people still want a movie, or maybe even a TV show. The need to see violent cat books on screen is just to strong. I also saw somewhere that some people listed famous actors as voices. And, I vote YES for Tom Holland as Ravenpaw. Now off of the actors, would these movies be live action, or animated. I would prefer to see it in live action, which they might be doing, since its coming in 2023, and its 2022. But animation also takes a long time, so either could work. I think it would be way, WAY worse, for them to make it a cartoon. Make something very violent into a silly cartoon, can’t happen, and it won’t happen!

Now, I’ll talk about how much money a movie would cost. If it were animated, then I would guess maybe 50 million dollars? Because lets say that they are stuffing the first three books into this, and its… and hour and 20 minuetes. Then, for a live action, oooooh boy. This would be VERY expensie, unless you know how to capture really realistic CGI, you have money pouring out of your pockets. At the lowest, 70 million, and tthe highest, 100 million dollars. So, yeah, budgets of the movie are going to be skyrocketing.

Also, I just say something on google that it would be up in 2026?!?! Heck no! This is the date I saw: August 29, 2026, which is near my birthday atleast.

This is what I think of what and when we will get a warrior cats movie! I’m Mistypool, and I’ll see you, next time! Bye!

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  • I might actually have some valuable input. Believe it or not, one of the Erins visited my elementary school (when I was still in elementary school). This may or may not true but I remember her saying the movie was “picked up by a studio and lost somewhere like lots of other movies”. Again, I have no idea how true this is so take everything I said with a grain of salt

  • Hmm.. if there WAS going to be a Warrior’s movie (the picture above shows it will be in Chinese..) I honestly would prefer it to be traditionally animated instead of ‘live action’ (tbh how can you get a live action movie of cats?). It would be easier to triggering subjects than realistic things in the gore/violence section.
    I wouldn’t wish for it really. Its always best to keep books the way they are so your imagination of the concepts aren’t broken down – did I phrase that right?

  • READ THIS COMMENT! ITS LONG BUT IMPORTANT! I love this post Mistypool! Heres my opinion: I wouldn’t want the movie to be live action because when the animals talk its gonna look weird even if they use CGI on the mouth to make it move like a normal mouth. And its going to to be hard and time consuming to make a movie that is entirely acted by cats. Making the movie in realistic 3d like the new version of The Lion King wouldn’t be too bad but it would cost a LOT of money. I think the best version would be an animated series. Each book could be one season. I know a lot of people will say, “Oh, it’s going to be too silly and not serious enough since its a cartoon. ” But I believe they could make an APPROPRIATE but SERIOUS series for Warrior Cats. There are many serious tv shows for kids like; Batman the Animated Series, we all know that Batman can be VERY INAPROPRIATE at times but the show is just fine. I think Harry Potter is another example of a scary-ish book turned into a movie. When I was little I got really creeped out by the scene where Voldemort’s face was on the back of Professor Quill’s head but I got over it but now i’m fie about that part. If they make a Warrior Cats movie little kids like 7- shouldn’t watch it.

    • It’s a good idea for it to be fully animated, but animation costs a lot since it is very time consuming. There are some animators on YouTube, but they animate for fun, not a full time job. (They do get paid though, since views = cash for them) it would definetly cost a lot of money to have it animated, and idk if they have that kind of money laying around.

    • Yes! We’ve seen very adult themed 2D movies (not to even mention the vast amounts of anime out there depicting violent scenes). There are a few adult oriented animal movies that depict violence I can think of. Watership Down (the original, the Netflix series really cut back on the violence and death, it’s about bunnies and their search for a new warren after their home is destroyed by humans) and Felidae (very R rated, gory, and has a cat *ahem* scene, I do not recommend this movie to ANYONE who is underage) is about a cat moving into a new neighborhood that is riddled with gruesome murders. I’d honestly be more concerned they’d cut out a lot of the violence to make it more kid friendly. The books are violent. At this point it looks like the movie ideas were probably scrapped, I just hope another company can pick up on the rights and can produce a series, each series being based on the respective book series, with the possibility of movies based on some of the special editions.

      I’m 23, adults watch cartoon. Adults would probably be fine watching a series involving the drama between a bunch of clans of cats.

  • Honestly I’d love to see the warriors brought to life in CGI but I do agree with some of the other comments. The Lion King (animated original) is one of the best movies, but when they brought it into 3D with new actors and changed it- it ruined the movie and rated badly. I think warriors could still be amazing as an animated movie/series.

    • I agree with an anime set up, and it would cost less for 2 d animated rather than the go-to 3d CGI version. plus it would take less time for 2d than years to figure out legistics and proportions in a 3d movie.

  • There is a less likely chance we will have a movie. You know how when people make movies that are based off of books, they will always change some or many things, that might frustrate people who have read Warriors. Imagine someone making a Warrior movie and change FireStar’s name to FlameStar and even change settings in the most important events.

  • I do think the 2023 july 21 date is correct. but according to my research ( im just guessing ) you saw the IMDb version of the cast. that one was admitted to being fake but if you found a different one please reply.

  • I really hope there will be a warrior cats movie, I feel that movie will capture the awe and action-adventure in whole new way fans might enjoy, although I understand there is slight gore and bloody battles, for younger or more sensitive audiences, there could be toning down and less blood in a possible movie. I personally love a bit of thrill and action but isn’t very keen on horror and lots of blood, but I think some fans might agree on a less bloody movie that will still keep the thrill and mystery of the series that Erin Hunter has created for millions to enjoy.

  • I saw on this fake IMDb warrior cats movie listing that Joe Biden would be voice acting one of the cats 😭 also Jimmy Fallon and LOGAN PAUL as Firestar and I laughed for a solid ten minutes

  • TBH i rather not have them make a rush up job by throwing in as many books as possible, it’s stressfful and reminds me of how the guardians of ga’hoole flopped, i would like a show like WCAnimated.

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