Giving Wings of Fire Characters Warrior Names by Violetfrost

Violetfrost gives warrior names to characters from Wings of Fire.

Art by Biohazardia

Hey BlogClanners,Violetpaw/frost here with another article and today I’m going to be giving some Wings of Fire characters warrior names. Let’s begin!

Clay: Clay’s warrior name would be Clayheart because of how kind he is.
Tsunami: Tsunami’s warrior name would be Splashclaw. Splash because she’s a SeaWing and claw because she’s a good fighter.
Glory: I think her name would be Brightfang. Bright because she’s a RainWing and they have color changing scales and fang because RainWings can shoot venom.
Starflight: I would name him Nightflame because he’s a NightWing and NightWings can breathe fire.
Sunny: Sunny would be Sunnyheart because of how sweet and kind she is.
Moon: Her warrior name would be Moonsight because sight is kind of like watcher.
Winter: He would be Froststrike because he’s mean and a IceWing
Icicle: Iceclaw because she’s a IceWing and a good fighter
Peril: Flameclaw, because her claws can burn dragons.
Turtle: Probably something like Turtlestep because he doesn’t like exercise.
Qibli: I have no idea. Maybe something like Sandflight because he’s a SandWing.
Blue: He would be Blueflame because he’s a flamesilk
Cricket: Probably something like Cricketsong,mostly just because I think it fits her.
Sundew: Sunleaf,because of her leafspeak.
Snowfall: Her name is already a warrior name, but I think Snowstorm fits her better.
Lynx: I think Lynxheart because of how brave she is
Luna: Mothblaze,because Luna means moth and she’s a flamesilk.
Wasp: She would be Waspsting because she’s evil.
Kinkajou: Brightflame because of how energetic she is.
Fatespeaker: Moonsong because she’s a NightWing and song was the closest thing to speaker I could think of.
Willow: Probably something like Willowheart
Swordtail: Sharptail because it’s basically his name and cats don’t know what swords are.
Hazel: I think her warrior name would be Hazelshine
Anemone: Shellshine. Shell because she’s a SeaWing and shine because she’s an animus
Bumblebee: Bumbleheart because of how small and adorable she is
Scarlet: Blazescar because she’s a SkyWing and she has scars from venom
Indigo: Blueclaw because Blue is like indigo and she’s a good fighter

That’s all I can think of, I hope you enjoyed this article. Bye!

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  • I love all of these – this is an amazing article!!
    Hmm. Although I think saying ‘he’s mean’ and ‘she’s evil’ is not much of a reasoning for their names.. plus, they’re pretty controversial statements, at least to me.
    Swordtail is actually a type of butterfly, so instead how about Flutterstrike? Flutter is more of a humorous prefix, and I think being a strong fighter with that name really does convey Swordtail’s hilarious and usually indignant personality. He would probably be more accepting with the suffix ‘strike’. Flutterstrike also *looks* good to me, and isn’t that hard to pronounce either.

  • I do agree that winter is kind of mean but he is loyal too. Even after he had been exiled he still fought the Nightwings that Darkstalker had prepared. And he isn’t that mean like he freed Foeslayer even if that meant that many Icewings would be mad at him, and he saved his friends by freezing the arrow that was going torwards them even if he thinks that they are annoying so I think grumpy fits better.

  • Great article! WoF is awesome. What about the three sisters? (Burn/Blaze/Blister) Does anyone have an idea for what their names would be?

  • I feel like Starflight’s name (Nightflame) Is a bit stereotypical for NightWings. I’d say something like Blackluck because well wasn’t he lucky to have hatched in a cave during a brightest night (NightWings get powers from hatching under the light of the moons, See Moon Rising for more detail if you don’t know that) Also black is the color of NightWings scales. Nightreader is viable too, Since Night, Nightwing. And reader to stand for how he loves reading and studying, He’s also meant to have those Nightwing powers.

    Great article apart from that,

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