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The Effects of Different Ranks by Fernpaw

Fernpaw takes a look at the different ranks in the clans.

Hi my name is Fernpaw! This is my second article. The first one was published under the name of Mistpaw. So today i will be talking about how different cats effected the clans.

First of all, the permanent queens. I think it really depends on how much they add to the clan they live in. Some queens can be caring cats who have greatly affected the kits they raised. Permanent queens are useful cats to have around because sometimes things go wrong and not the way it was expected to go so they are like backup. If for any reason a kit can not be raised by their birth parents permanent queens are really helpful and they make sure the clan runs smoothly.

Warriors are the backbone of the clan and the reason that they can function. They mentor apprentices, hunt and fight when necessary. Different clans have different uses for warriors and required skills. For example the RiverClan warriors need to swim and fish but no other clans do. I believe the most interesting thing about warriors is that temperament and personality don’t really matter. With medicine cats the kinder ones are the most liked but strict warriors can be seen as only doing their duty.

Leaders are well… leaders. They direct and help the clan. They are the public face of the clan. They have the most control over the clan. Leaders are interesting figures though because with the recent ridding of the warrior code rule that says they basically have complete control they don’t do much. Deputies do the planning of a clan. Leaders are no longer seen as people who get prophecies. I think the value of a leader is really a person who can bring the clan together and oversee everyone’s jobs

Deputies as previously mentioned are the ones who plan patrols. They are the second in commands and the ones everyone turns to when they lose their leaders. Deputies are hand picked which means there is some issues in the process. It would be far better to vote. Evil leaders pick evil deputies. Being a deputy gives a lot of experience to leaders too.

Medicine cats are healers and religious figures who are very connected to StarClan. They keep the clan healthy and safe. Often they are seen as really important. Medicine cats come in smaller numbers than warriors. Originally medicine cats were basically merged with Starclan. Later they became more disconnected. In Into The Wild Spottedleaf says “StarClan is restless”. Later medicine cats could not do that.

Elders are the wise roots of the clan and cats who greatly affect how people see history. They chose to bring on stories and which stories to not show. They have power over what the clan believes.

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