Underrated Cats: Stormfur by Mistheart

Mistheart analyses Stormfur’s story and character.

Official illustration by Wayne McLoughlin

Hello, Mistheart here, but you can call me Cloudy. In this article, I’ll be discussing why Stormfur is underrated, and why he shouldn’t be overlooked as much.

A) The Realism of his Personality

This point is the most overlooked in the Warriors fandom. It’s actually quite frustrating to see decent characters like Stormfur and Spottedleaf to be tossed aside as boring and generic.

Stormfur had both positive and negative traits. For example, he was committed to RiverClan, a dedicated warrior, felt strong and certain about his purpose, is considerate of other cats, and is deeply loyal and feels a sense of kinship with Feathertail.

First, he was committed to RiverClan and was certain about his purpose. He knew his undying loyalty was to RiverClan, and that his duty was to use his courage and strength in the service of his Clan. Despite having a ThunderClan father, he had a sense of purpose and kinship with RiverClan.

He doesn’t make a fuss about his parentage, but wants the best for his Clanmates, especially his sister, Feathertail. He cares about her voice, and though he disagrees with her some of her opinions, he respects and honors her.

Feathertail relates to Stormfur so much to the point where she is willing to share her dream with him. Stormfur feels kinship with Feathertail and respects her to the point where he is willing to come with her in the sun-drown-place journey.

Stormfur and Feathertail have a strong, healthy friendship. Both are sure of their purpose and feel a healthy sense of kinship with each other. They don’t push their personal problems onto the other, and they don’t take out their anger on each other. Despite their disagreements (ex. Feathertail holding affection for Crowpaw), they still remain close, deeply care about each other, and trust each other. This already shows their strong and healthy friendship.

However, both had their flaws. Both were stubborn and stuck to their opinion. Stormfur was wary and overprotective, while Feathertail could be fierce and sharp when Stormfur expressed his doubt about her affection for Crowpaw.

I deeply enjoy reading about the realism of Stormfur’s personality, from his kinship with Feathertail, his strong sense of purpose, his dedication as a warrior, and his undying loyalty to do what he thinks is right. He is also flawed, due to his stubborn nature, overprotective personality, and wariness to believe what is right.

B) His Friendship with Brambleclaw

Who else loves his realistic with Brambleclaw? Not only are they in a strong and healthy relationship

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